Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 183

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“To Pieff? That damned b*stard, it seems like he’s been possessed by a ghost as Paul has warned. We’ve prepared large meat, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Unlike his grand words, Pieff’s face had frozen hard. Legion Etranger had a strong military thanks to its freedom. There hadn’t been an incident where a mercenary attacked a direct regiment commander since its founding. The predator which couldn’t be leashed by proprieties was Black Mamba.

Pieff, especially, had jumped into the Sahel to save them. This meant that Black Mamba’s anger was beyond his imagination.

Louis panicked. He had clearly seen Pieff being carried out, covered in blood. He was a scary guy who bashed people right before one could present a gift. Nothing could prevent Philip from suffering the same thing.

“Look, Armang, where’s the colonel uniform that the major general wore before?”

“It’s in the storage room.”

“Good. Change him into that now.”

Armang immediately understood. He had been told that Black Mamba had strong attachments to his companions. There was a high possibility that the shining field of stars would make Black Mamba angrier.

The major general nameplate was immediately moved into the desk, and the major general flag was shoved to a corner. Philip took off his major general uniform with a rotten face and changed into the colonel uniform.

A duck would have laughed if it heard that a general feared a single mercenary, but the story took a different turn when the subject was the Angel of Death. The number “1,996” wasn’t that of duck or chicken heads but humans’.

He was the undefeatable nightmare of wars, the reincarnation of Kanma. Even a general was nothing but a weak, average person before a devil who ended people’s lives with ease.

“General, forget about Black Mamba’s age or rank. You can’t make any mistakes. You need to understand that this isn’t Black Mamba but the Ange de la Mort[1]. Bonipas, who’s known to be colder than a snake, shook in fear because of that monster. You need to think hard about why the DGSE had changed his nickname to Ange de la Mort.”

Philip was annoyed by lieutenant colonel Louis’ long-winded scolding. The sight of all the officers sweating in fear was ironic.

“I know, I get it. He’s the monster who chased lieutenant general Dimanche, the strategist advisor, and the Airborne Regiment to the Sahel. I should lower my head since I’m a foot lower than them. What else?”

Philip needed the cigar that he had abstained from, very desperately. He looked all over his desk but couldn’t find a pipe.

Tanshe and Miguel’s legendary deaths were the reason why the DGSE had changed his nickname to Ange de la Mort. There wasn’t any evidence that Black Mamba, who was hospitalized in Paris’ Val-de-Grâce hospital, had killed them. It was impossible considering the time and distance that were concluded.

The DGSE and those involved were certain that Black Mamba had planned the revenge kills based on circumstances. On paper, he was their subordinate, but in reality, he was a nightmare.

He wanted to flee if possible, but he couldn’t avoid a report from a war hero. However, as Paul had said, he didn’t want to live with a chill across his lower head either.

“There’s a Korean saying that went, if you’re going to get hit, it’s better to get it done and over with. You need to enjoy it, if you can’t avoid it,” Philip murmured listlessly.

Philip was nervous and clearly not enjoying the situation. He couldn’t even remember that he’d thrown away his pipe after declaring abstinence from smoking.

Knock knock knock—


Philip was startled by the knock on his door. It was a song that lured the soul of the devil.

I did all that I could. That guy’s my subordinate for goodness’ sake.

Philip gathered all the strength in his lower stomach and shouted from between his teeth.


Black Mamba, who saw him in the colonel uniform, smiled slightly.

He’s wrung scared. I should start shaking him.



The entire office shook at his salute. The commander’s stick fell out of Philip’s hand from the shock.

The b*stard’s giving a scare from the get-go.

The smell of blood came from a sharp, raised blade. Goosebumps traveled across his skin before a piercing, prickling feeling spread. His body was suppressed, and he even felt dizzy. Cold sweats broke out across Philip’s forehead.


Quick-witted, Armang placed a shield by setting down tea on the table.

“You’ve worked hard, Black Mamba.”

“Shut up, you weakling.”


At the fierce warning and gaze, Armang immediately closed his mouth. The position of a subordinate, who had to be kicked around by Paul and cursed at by mercenaries, wasn’t easy either.


Philip looked at Black Mamba carefully. A darkened face with a white cross scar engraved on his cheek gathered his attention. He was too scared to look at Black Mamba’s flashing eyes.

Philip tried his best to maintain his pride. His opponent was Black Mamba, but he was a mercenary. A duck would laugh its liver out if it heard a rumor about a general being squished, in fear of a mercenary.

“Have you recovered from your injuries?”

“I was able to clean out the trash without any problem.”

“That’s a relief. There were many concerns.”

“Concerns, huh?”

Eyes as cold as ice dug into Philip’s eyes. Philip suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.

“Come now, sit. I’ve heard enough of your achievements from Paul. I was inspired by your heroic actions.”

“It’s due to good support. I could only save four and had to bury six in the desert. It’s due to my lack of ability.”

Black Mamba accented the words support, six, and lack of ability.

Ugh, this b*stard’s coming on strong.

Philip grew nervous. The guy had a strong grudge just like Paul had said. He was talking in place of his dead comrades and had blamed the failure of providing support on Philip.

“You’ve saved four from hell because you’re Black Mamba. I find myself pathetic to simply apologize.”

Hmph, you want to get away with just an apology? No way. Black Mamba’s face hardened.

“I heard something from Captain Paul.”

Philip’s face froze.

“What? What did you hear?”

Black Mamba finished his tea and tightly held the teacup.


Philip and Armang’s eyes grew wide. The China bone had shattered. The pieces of chinaware scattered on the table. Philip flinched with every noise it made.

Can chinaware be shattered with a single grasp?

Philip’s gaze shook unstably.

“Eh, this is the problem with Chinese products,” Black Mamba raised his fist as he complained.

“The worth of my dead comrades and mine!”

Philip’s face grew yellow.

“Look, didn’t Pieff walk away with just one?” he gasped.

“Pieff is just a major. General, let’s end this like men. Seven hits!”

Damn b*stard, why is my rank an issue when I’m about to be beaten to death!

Philip found it unfair. His eyes went from Black Mamba’s fist to the pieces of chinaware scattered across the table.

“At this age, are you telling me to die from your beatings? Bonipas has walked away without any problem,” Philip complained, throwing all his pride aside.

“Bonipas has also gifted me many things.”

Ah, f*** it, that f****** bastard!

Armang, who had been listening, grabbed the back of his neck. The threat was like a gangster’s, demanding a gift upfront.

“I worked on Bonipas’ gift! I convinced the military and government officials until I lost my hair.”

“I don’t find that commendable. It’s weak compared to what the Ratel team had pulled off.”

This b*stard’s just like the mafia. Would I be able to reassure him with the gift that I prepared?

Philip fell into a conundrum. He kept thinking that the bag he had prepared was too small. A bomb dropped while he was hesitating.

“I’m going to retire and go back to Korea.”

Philip flew to his feet at the announcement.

“No! Why?”

“I saw too much blood. I don’t like blood anymore.”

Black Mamba also gave an ultimatum. He didn’t have a single thought of being discharged. There was no reason to give up such a good job.

“No, no, never a discharge!” Philip refused strongly.

He could never accept that. Black Mamba was a national treasure, a presence that was worth one military unit.

Leaving aside France’s internal problems, their international problems were causing them a headache. They were constantly pushing themselves to maintain the control that they previously had over Africa. The uses for Black Mamba were endless.

Additionally, Black Mamba’s presence alone had raised Legion Etranger’s position within the military. He was basically the goose that laid golden eggs, no, the cheat key of treatments for all diseases.

Philip looked at the golden goose that was trying to escape its cage. Retirement was never going to happen. However, he couldn’t forcibly stop his retirement either. All of his teeth would be pulled out if he offered a five-year mandatory service. The only solution was to give him an explosive gift.

“Black, why did you choose to be a mercenary?”

Philip slowly and craftily laid out a net.

“I was pushed out by modern society.”

“I don’t understand. Is Korea such an amazing country that a talented man like you is ignored?”

“An eagle’s chick without feathers can still be eaten by a crow.”

“Are you saying that you became a mercenary because of someone else? What are you planning to do from now on?”

“I’m going to live a free life that is undeterred by anything.”

“A free life! Let’s figure out a way. Wait outside for a moment while I negotiate with the associated countries.”


Mu Ssang saluted and left the office.

It was only then that Philip took a deep breath. He’d been suppressing his breath the entire time.

“Commander, the gift we’ve prepared is enough. What other gifts are you planning on giving?”

“Louis, that’s the reason why you couldn’t advance through the ranks. A gift that can’t move a person isn’t a gift. In Korea, they call that ‘polite skin.’ Do you think Black Mamba’s someone who wears polite skin?”

He was right. Black Mamba was someone who had to be impressed. Stars weren’t given for no reason. Louis’ rotten face crumpled without a word of complaint.

Hehe, his head should be aching since I started on strong.

Black Mamba leisurely enjoyed his coffee in the waiting room. The atmosphere was filled with fear after he had crushed Pieff’s chin. It was a method he had learned from the gang he had bashed up in Dae-gu’s Chilseong market. It was unfair but effective. He was rather expectant of Philip’s gift.

Armang called him 30 minutes later.

“I’m going to make an offer first. You can become an officer since you’ve gained a French nationality. Give up your Korean citizenship.”

“Give it up?”

“Yes. France has decided to give you a rank. According to the law, a dual-citizenship bearer can’t become an officer.”


He breathed out. A private could easily become a colonel with just a word of forfeit. There was a difference in treatment between the French and Korean colonels, even if they were of the same rank.

Give up my citizenship?

Korea had been a place that had brought him pain and tears, with nothing received in return. A Korean citizenship could be thrown to the dogs. France had been graceful since he was acknowledged! If he became a colonel, it could be of great help to the project that he was planning.

“I’m not going to give up my nationality.”

An opposite answer that differed completely from his thoughts leaped out of his mouth.

What did I just say?

Black Mamba wanted to punch his mouth. His mouth had moved on its own, rebelling against his brain’s control.

Dude, offer it again!

As he internally cried bloody tears, Armang began to whisper into Philip’s ears. Philip looked disappointed.

“General, Black Mamba is a mercenary with strong morals and loyalty. Asking him to give up his citizenship might turn his mood sour.”

“Right. Such a person would have a greater pride. This was my mistake.”

The whispers came to him like a stereo.

It’s not a mistake! That b*stard’s stating all the wrong facts. Offer it to me again! Black Mamba cried internally, but the bus had already left its station.

“Sorry. I was thinking from my perspective. I won’t mention a nationality change again. I have a second proposal, however.”

“A second proposal?”

“Well, I can explain after I get the necessary files.”

Armang handed Philip the typed out files.

Philip opened them and began reading.

1. Black Mamba’s call name would be readjusted to a special classification from the first class. He would be reassigned to the Department of Defense while maintaining his status and cover as a Deuxieme Rep associate. Black Mamba’s security and missions would be organized by the DGSE. Missions assigned would require the agreements of Legion Etranger’s highest-ranking commander, the head of the Strategy Division of the Department of Defense, and the director of the DGSE.

2. Black Mamba would be awarded the rank of a major, the highest rank attainable according to the law.

3. Black Mamba’s would be paid the highest salary that a major had received and twice as much as a military advisor’s salary.

4. Aside from the power given to call names, Black Mamba could mobilize a battalion of special forces in cases of emergency.

5. Legion Etranger would give the supplies that Black Mamba needs for free. This includes all firearms.

6. Black Mamba could use all methods of transportation, including the national planes for free. In addition, he could use government-owned vehicles during reacquisition.

7. Black Mamba’s freedom of activity would be guaranteed by a special position.

8. Black Mamba was appointed the special military advisor. The special military advisor was the advisor to the Special Integrated Command post and should not take orders from anyone aside from the president, director of the Department of Defense, or the director of the DGSE.

Words that made Black Mamba’s jaw hang open poured out of Philip’s mouth.

Did that man get high from the daylight?

Black Mamba looked at Philip with stilted eyes.

[1] Angel of Death.
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