Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 184

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He had the passionate eyes of someone who wished to give. Those weren’t the eyes of someone high on drugs. Drugs! He recalled the time when he had worked at the night BOSS as a newbie waiter.

The prostitute’s focus on the room sofa had been blurry after drinking bottles of Philopon. She was long gone and unaware that her skirt had flipped open, revealing her dark forest.

He’d slapped a crazy b*stard lost in dirty doings back to his senses and dragged him to Mt. Chung Saeng. He crossed paths with his teacher when he was digging a hole in the ground for a live burial.

Like a dog on its worst day, he’d cried after being beaten by his thin teacher. His teacher had turned a monster who had lost his will and self-control back into a human! She was an evil woman that he couldn’t forgive.

I only broke a few of her bones, so she should be living well. Yes, she should be.


The thought of Hwa Ja made him grit his teeth while releasing a sound dimensional energy. Bloodlust gathered in his sharp-edged eyes.

Philip misunderstood.

Wow, look at this b*stard. He’s conveying his words with a gaze. I should finish this up before he says anything troublesome.

Philip took out his last hidden card. It was the main explosive he’d prepared in consideration of Black Mamba’s personality.

“In fact, you’ll be a freelancer from today onwards. France has decided to give you freedom.”


What dog-s*** is this? Black Mamba repeated the question in surprise.

“Ah, it’s not a freelancer. We can’t humiliate Black Mamba by calling him a freelancer, can we? The title Mercenaire de la Justice[1] should be right.”

Black Mamba stared at Philip, who was drumming and beating the chimes all by himself. Freelancers were free lancers. A word originating from mid-century Europe, it referred to mercenaries who earned money by moving from one battlefield to another. It could be considered humiliating.

“I don’t care what it’s called. Are you saying that I don’t need to live in the barracks?”

“It is up to you whether you want to stay in South Korea or take a trip around the world. Your office will be prepared in the Special Integrated Command Post, but it’s for the public to blindside them. Who’d control Ange de la Mort? There’s no reason for you to live in the barracks,” Philip said refreshingly.

Jeeze, what is all this? It’s a shower of flowers.

Philip was basically telling him to play around in the flower field while leaving behind traces of his existence in the French military. He nearly hummed.

He could finally return to his hometown. He wanted to return quickly and get his bloodied heart washed off with his master’s help. Black Mamba tried his best to control his brightened expression and grin.

“France is truly a charitable country for rewarding me with an expensive salary when I’m playing around and eating,” he mocked, hiding his true feelings.

He was trying to control his expression.

“France is a truly democratic country. It can’t do anything demeaning, can it?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t expect less from a country that scrapes women’s wallets with pieces of rocks and brand names engraved into pieces of cloth.”

Black Mamba kept his sarcastic tone, but Philip laughed it over.

“Hahaha! All the money in the world is earned by men, and all the money in the world is spent by women. Of course, they target females. You should understand the notion of spending your retirement days in peace.”

Major general Philip started speaking nonsense after finding his peace. A strong warm breeze washed over the place. Armang, who had been crumpled in a corner, brought out additional tea.

“All you need to do is join a specially assigned mission as requested by the country. In a sense, you will receive the treatment of a colonel in the status of a major.”


“You will be given a special diplomatic status to act freely in Korea. Is that too many positions for you?”

Black Mamba’s expression grew softer. He was at a loss for words from the continuous flow of rewards. It had exceeded the benefits he was expecting to gain.

“A diplomat?”

“Yes. A missive will arrive soon from the Foreign Services Department. It seems like your position in Korea isn’t that good. All we have to do is prepare a loose position at the United States Embassy. A cultural counselor or military attaché position should do.”

“You’ve even dug through my past as a convict.”

“Of course. You’re a precious treasure to France. Your value is higher than the Clemenceau carriers. We even confirmed the fact that you were wrongly accused of a crime that had been crafted to defame you. In our case, we’d like to thank Korea since they’ve chased you out of the country. We’ve considered your circumstances. If you wish to continue living in Korea, the status of a diplomat is a solution.”

“Hm! To that degree…”

It was impressive. His own country had labeled him a convict by accusing him of a crime while France was doing all kinds of things, like making him a diplomat.

What about Korea?

They would have handed him a few coins emphasizing patriotism and used him for all kinds of dirty work.

What if he died during one of those missions?

They would have considered him less than a dog. The spies of North Korea was a representative example. On top of that, the United States Embassy meant the military department backed him up. That could easily take off a wife’s underwear. He gritted his teeth.

“I have one last small gift.”

“Another gift!”

Black Mamba’s head swirled.


Armang handed the envelope to Philip.

“It’s your vacation fee.”

Black Mamba’s eyes grew wide upon seeing the amount. 500,000 francs wasn’t an amount that a mere general could offer. He refused for the first time.

“This is too much for vacation money.”

“France has gained an unimaginable military and diplomatic advantage from the success of the Chad mission. If a king had been in rule, you would have been honored with lands and awarded the position of a noblesse d’épée. This is the money spun voluntarily by the promoted upper brass members and government officials.”

“It sounds like threats were involved there…”

“Including myself, we’re humans who eat fruits without doing anything. We’ve been playing and eating around thanks to you, so of course, we should offer you vacation money. I also struggled in the jungles of the Indochina peninsula during the first few years as an officer. The 44 days you spent in the Sahel must be beyond whatever I can imagine. I will no longer make childish excuses. Thank you, and I’m sorry. I hope you can rest well and shake off the dirt you’ve accumulated.”

Tears started welling up in Philip’s eyes.

“Thank you.”

Black Mamba expressed his gratitude with sincerity. General Philip’s brain waves were rough, not chaotic. He could feel the man’s sincerity. He was a man worthy of being a general. Black Mamba, who was pleased, opened his mouth to thank him once more.


Philip waved his hand. Experienced, he quickly wrapped up the situation.

“It’s fine. A little lacking but be understanding, won’t you? We should prepare a new contract. Hey, officer!”

When he finished signing the rushed contract, Philip handed him a sealed envelope.

“There’s a 10 digit passcode in the envelope. Make sure you memorize it before destroying. You will be connected to a DGSE member-in-charge if you press the code on any phone. What you’re lacking is experience. I’ll fill that space up. You can fall if you keep walking while looking behind you. Forget about the past, and let’s work together.”


“The head of Africa’s DGSE division is waiting for you. He should have prepared another gift for you, or should I say a net that binds you!” A sad smile landed on Philip’s face.


When Black Mamba disappeared, the charisma of a general disappeared like ice melting in the sun. Philip raised both of his hands and cried out.

“Hurrah! I’ve impressed him!”

Philip shook off all the nerves and fear which had been pressing on him like a rock. He had avoided a horrifying beating, and he no longer had to live with a tickling neck. On top of that, a strategic weapon whose value couldn’t be measured had embraced his hands. It also came cheap.

“General, about the special military advisor’s position, wouldn’t that be a problem?”

All the other clauses that were gifted to Black Mamba had already been negotiated with the following departments. However, a position like the special military advisor didn’t exist anywhere in the military, since Philip had made it up just now. The fact that only three people could order him around was even more astounding.

“Wouldn’t a special call name status be enough?” Armang similarly asked the commander.

“Do I look like an idiot? You guys still don’t understand Black Mamba. That friend wants to live his life as quietly as possible. He’s not a friend who’d abuse his power. Neither is he a small person who grows attached to his position. He’s an uncontrollable predator. Even the most ferocious predator is bound to follow a trainer who truly cares for him. The special military advisor is a soft chain that binds Black Mamba’s heart to France.”


Louis and Armang exclaimed a moment too late as they finally understood his intentions.

“Won’t there be a problem with the Department of Defense and the Department of Interior?”

“Black Mamba’s a warrior who had received the title of Grand Officier. I’ll have to wage a cold war for a while. I’m sure everyone would sign the paper. If they’re stubborn about it, all I need to do is scare them about buying Black Mamba’s hostility.”

Louis and Armang nodded. Unlike his gentleman-like aura, Philip was a quick thinker. A star wasn’t meant for everyone, after all.

Hehe, not even those Chin-duck, who’s known to be born as businessmen, would negotiate better than me.

Philip felt proud. Most importantly, he’d rid the knot in Black Mamba’s heart. The advantages he’d given Black Mamba was nothing compared to the national gains. It was like gaining 1,000,000 profits with a single dollar. He nearly hummed.

“Armang, send the French Korean embassy a bouquet. Write ‘Thank you for sending us a talent’ in big letters! Hahahaha!”

Black Mamba’s emotion was similarly buoyant to major general Philip’s.

“Well, they’re spoon-feeding me, so there’s no reason to refuse.”

Black Mamba grabbed his spinning head and left the tent.

A major was the greatest rank for warrant officers. There was a difference of six ranks between a corporal and a major. A call name didn’t have much meaning, but he’d skipped over six ranks. On top of that, he would be treated like a colonel.

A major was different compared to a Korean command sergeant major and warrant officers. It was the connecting pin between an officer and their subordinates. It also played on the same grounds as government officials and generals. It was a position created to give non-commissioned veteran officers a break since there was nothing to do.

It didn’t matter whether he was a commissioned officer or a non-commissioned officer. It was fine as long as he received his salary. He had approached many deaths. The weight of all those lives made him very tired. A loose major was far better than an officer who bore the weight of his subordinates.

Black Mamba wasn’t an idiot either. It wasn’t as though he didn’t know why France was giving him great favors.

Abilities were given by the heavens for us to use.

He didn’t mind. He was in a world where one used while others were being used. Each earned their keep by using their own skills, and it was a world where the talented obviously earned more money.

It was better to have more money than not. He could send enough money to maintain the temple and eat suffocatingly expensive dishes without any worries. He could also send educational fees to the Jin Soon siblings.

For someone who spoke of giving away a large amount like 50,000,000 francs for Africa’s refugee aid funds, Black Mamba was ungenerous towards himself. A person didn’t change easily.

Why couldn’t I give up my Korean nationality?

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out the reason. His country, which he loved but couldn’t seem to like! It was Black Mamba’s, no, Mu Ssang’s dilemma.

On the second day, Black Mamba took the Hercules and flew to the headquarters in Aubagne. He tilted his head upon receiving his ID at the Ministry of Personnel Management.

Conseiller de Militaire spécial[2] was written on his occupation line. Major general Philip had said there was an office in the Special Integrated Command Post, but he didn’t listen, nor had he heard of it.

“Adjudant[3], what is a special military advisor?”

“I don’t know either. The counterintelligence department will explain it to you.”

There was no way for the officers of the Ministry of Personnel Management to know about a position that Philip had made up.

“Corporal, assist the advisor to the counterintelligence department!”

The officer, around his mid-50s, shouted as though he was annoyed. It seemed as though he didn’t like the fact that such a young man had become a major.

Black Mamba frowned when he entered the counterintelligence department of Aubagne headquarters. The small room was filled with the smell of smoke. A man, who had been sitting cross-legged on the chair, stood up.

With a straight suit and ironed pants, a Cartier watch, Goyard handbag, and Gigliotti shoes, he was dressed like a stereotypical Bobo.

“Ange de la Mort, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Valvoue.”

Black Mamba only nodded.

“Ange de la Mort, you must first promise to sign the secrecy documents.”

Horrifying words filled every paper. There were clauses of confidentiality and a list of punishments that followed with the release of confidentiality. Mu Ssang glanced at the documents before tossing it aside.

“Why do I need to sign these? Also, don’t call me Ange de la Mort.”

Valvoue’s eyebrows moved.

“The intelligence department has registered your name as Ange de la Mort. You are a special case for the DGSE and Department of Defense. You’re a person of high security. On the surface, you are a lower-ranking officer of Deuxieme Rep sent to the Department of Defense. The special military advisor position is a cover for your existence as the call name, Black Mamba. To be specific, you’re a special agent under the Department of Defense who’s being cared for by the DGSE. You will be educated on confidentiality handling for the next three days.”

“So, on average, I’ll be receiving the salary of a major from Legion Etranger. I will also be receiving the salary of a special military advisor from the Department of Defense for just playing around. If the government requests, I’ll be a special agent with the call name Black Mamba. Am I right?”

Mu Ssang understood what Philip had said about receiving twice the salary of a major. Aside from the white-washing of his identity, the special military advisor position was made to balance out his salary.

“Ange de la Mort, you’re rather smart. Will you sign now?”

[1] Mercenary of Justice.

[2] Special military advisor.

[3] Chief executive officer.
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