Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 194

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Sun WooHyun’s body was as thin as a bamboo tree, barely reaching 165 centimeters in height. While the reeds of mainland Asia were 80 centimeters, Indian reeds grew up to two meters.

Sun WooHyun could run around and clear a path through the thickest parts of the cotton field without having to duck. On top of that, it was nighttime. The night battle in the thick cotton field was absolutely advantageous for Sun WooHyun.

Besides, Black Mamba had remodeled a four-cylinder 1,500 cubic centimeters into a six-cylinder 3,600 cubic centimeters. Sun WooHyun, who was equipped with a greater engine for his small figure, overflowed with power. His sight and senses had similarly increased with the soul-returning pain administration, so there was nothing to fear.

They’re scarecrows.

While he was completely concealed, the enemy had to comb through the cotton field. The cotton stalks shook every time they moved. They were b*stards who didn’t know the concept of silent movements.

It was an unfair battle where he had hidden, and the enemy was in plain sight. Having gained enough confidence, Sun WooHyun focused his attention on joining the hunt. The tubilis appeared silently like a cotton rat whenever the cotton stalks shook.

Blood spurted and screams rang through the night sky. Even the searchlights on the roofs had helped him. They were basically pointing out the targets for him.

Rustle rustle—

It was the sound of clothes brushing against the cotton stalks. Sun WooHyun immediately moved forward and hid his body ahead of time.

“Hey, bring the lantern over. There are traces of a rat.”

Bare feet passed before Sun WooHyun’s eyes, who was lying down on the ground.


A knife slit through the man’s ankle.


A tortured scream rang. The armed man, who had his ankle sliced, rolled around the ground like mad. Sun WooHyun felt satisfied. He’d accomplished slicing off a thick ankle bone in an uncomfortable position. That showed great progress. He became grateful to his Wakil, once more.



The guards sprinted forward, pushing the stalks aside violently.



The ankles of the guards who had advanced without a plan were cut mercilessly.


“Aaagh! Below! The b*stard’s cutting out ankles!”

Chaos spread across the cotton field immediately.

Hehe, there’s nothing else like lower body attack. This is addictive.

Sun WooHyun dissolved into a smile.


“No, there are people on our side!”

“I can’t find the target.”

“Do you want to die? Just shoot!”

Bullets started pouring in. It was as though they didn’t care whether their people were hit.

Sun WooHyun had long escaped the scene. Bullets had entered the bodies of those who were suffering in pain.

Try your best.


Sun WooHyun’s body flapped from head to toe like a swimming seal. It was a silent moving technique that the scouting units had exaggeratingly named, flashing steps. When used, it would push the ground back by using the knees and big toes to increase speed.

It was the devil’s technique of gaining two rabbits with one stone. In this case, it was both speed and silence. However, as a result, many warriors suffered joint dislocations, which led to dischargement. Sun WooHyun instantly rounded the guards’ rear.

Sun WooHyun followed the guards like a shadow, living up to his name, tubilis. A massacre that combined strangulation and assassination occurred.


The piano string wrapped itself around the rear guard’s neck. The guard was dragged to the bottom of the cotton tree without a chance to speak until the string flung back.


Blood spurted out of his neck. The unfortunate soul left its body without a chance to scream.

“The rear! The b*stard’s behind us!”

The shout spread throughout the night sky after five names had been wiped off the Azrael’s list. A dart pierced through the back of the shouting man’s neck.


The tortured scream pushed the guards and vigilantes into a sea of chaos and fear.

Bang bang bang—

Terrified, the guards started pulling the trigger at random. Remains of the cotton trees sprang all over the place.

“The b*stard’s a professional killer. Search in groups of two. Anyone who falls back will be killed!” Enduma shouted.

“F***, groups of two!”

Sun WooHyun took off the dead guard’s t-shirt. He shoved the rifle in the t-shirt and threw it far away. It was an ancient method that was good at luring enemies who were frightened out of their wits.



“Catch him!”

Guns started to crack. The vigilantes relentlessly pulled their triggers.

“The b*stard doesn’t have a gun! Vigilantes, attack!”

The vigilantes armed with axes and sticks gathered around the place where the gun had fallen. Sun WooHyun, who was positioned behind them, threw darts continuously.



“Kill him!”

Aggressive shouting combined with screams were heard.


A shadow had collapsed after being shot in close range with a Glock. He was a vigilante who had whipped the cotton stalks around violently with his stick, in fear.

“These f****** b*stards, I didn’t shoot you because it’ll be a waste of bullets.”

Sun WooHyun was excited. He could catch every movement and sound of the enemy. His strength, speed, and senses had all been enhanced. The killing techniques he’d learned in the scouting unit was displayed to its best ability.

In the past, he used to pull the string with both hands after wrapping it around the neck. However, now, he could easily pull. Even the darts he had thrown, embedded itself deeply until he couldn’t see its handle. His shooting had also become more refined as his Wakil had promised.

“I am Azrael’s warrior. You f****** s****. I’ll crack your skulls open and pull out your spines,” Sun WooHyun’s voice growled across the field.


“The Kanma has appeared!”

Shouts riddled in fear echoed. The bloody fight’s focus had shifted. Now, the chasers went into hiding while Sun WooHyun sought them out to end their lives. The cat chasing the rat had their positions reversed.

Sun WooHyun used the wire, darts, and Glock at the right moments to continue the massacre. He killed those in hiding and those who had run away.

The shouts, gunfire, and chaos died down. A heavy silence descended. Only the cotton field glowed in blue under the moonlight.

“Hey, you rats, I’m over here!”

Sun WooHyun’s overconfident scream rang across the night sky. The ripple across the silence died down once more. Only the moon, which leaned towards the west, shone its light.

“Hm, there’s no answer.”

There was strength in Sun WooHyun’s shoulders as he left the cotton field. His chin was raised slightly.

“What are all those things?”

There was a mass of people gathering in front of the personnel building. All of them were simply standing as though they were mute. They threw several glances and rushed back inside the building. The longer the night passed, there were bound to be several dreams.

Sun WooHyun closed his right eye and leaped over the fence. The searchlight came on without exception.



Bullets started pouring in from the roof.



The searchlight had shattered with a single shot.

“Hehe, I’m Namir now, not tubilis.”

Sun WooHyun was completely enamored with himself. It was possible. Shooting a target within 40 centimeters outdoors with an 80 meters range gun was impossible.

Bullets continued pouring in randomly from the roof.

“Those newbies are shooting when they can barely get their stance right.”

Sun WooHyun lowered his body and ran in zig-zags. Bullets kept pouring in from the roof, but it was impossible to shoot the shadow that ran like the wind.

Sun WooHyun crossed the field and entered the house in three breaths. He grabbed the water pipe and crawled up like a squirrel. He grabbed the edge of the roof, and shot up, just like that.

“Ah! What the hell?”

The guard hurriedly aimed his rifle at the black shadow.

Bang bang—

Sparks beamed out of the shadow that had jumped into the air. He had deflected the bullets, faster than the eye could catch. Two bullets had entered the guard’s forehead as he attempted to shoot the rifle.


An African with a bat ran at him. He was at least two times bigger than Sun WooHyun in physicality. Sun WooHyun leaned back as though he was doing a limbo.


The bat skimmed over his chest.

Sun WooHyun’s foot came up as his balance tilted to the back.


A strange impact was delivered. Even before the man could scream, Sun WooHyun had flipped back up like a spring.


His ankle landed on the collapsed man’s neck like an ax.


The tall man fell to the floor with his neck bone broken.

“Aren’t you thankful? What’s the point of living without your d***? Just die.”

Sun WooHyun acted like Black Mamba as he exhaled muddled breaths.

“47 and I’ve lost about 16. Well, there’s tomorrow and the next day.”

Sun WooHyun jumped off the roof without hesitation. Sun WooHyun had come to disregard the height of seven to eight meters.



The main door was locked. He took out a long piece of metal from his pocket and shoved it around. It was unlocked.

“Hehehe, Wakil would have shattered it with force. I’m technical.”

Sun WooHyun entered the house like it was his own. A strong African man jumped out from behind the door as soon as he stepped a foot indoors. With unstable eyes, his mentality had appeared unstable.

Sun WooHyun looked at the man with pitiful eyes.

“Do you want to die?”

The man hesitated at his sharp gaze before studying Sun WooHyun’s frame.


A kitchen knife came at his chest.

“Haha!” Sun WooHyun laughed.

The idiot must have gained confidence from his small frame.


The man’s eyes grew wide.


It was the sound of bones breaking. The arm with the knife was twisted the other way.


Blood splattered. The man’s mouth dropped open. Bloodshot eyes looked down at the knife that had embedded his chest. The hands around the knife were definitely his own.


“F****** like you need to experience this to know what’s right and wrong.”

Sun WooHyun’s arm made a semicircle.


Blood started oozing out of the middle-aged African man’s mouth.


Red blood spilled over the light green carpet.

Cold eyes glared at the pale-faced men and women who were there. There were two middle-aged women, an old man, and two girls.

“Who are you?”

The old man stepped up.

“Please, save us. I’m the butler Barongo. The two women are chefs, and the two children are our delivery girls.”

“Do you know what happened?”

The butler shook his head.

“We don’t know anything. We simply woke because of the loud gunshots.”

“Those who carried guns and knives were all killed by my hands. 47 had died, and the rest fled.”


“My God!”

The butler and women couldn’t speak with their jaws hanging open.

“I’m the warrior of Azrael. I am also the representative of Miss Rudrey Edel.”

The butler’s face grew bright after several blinks.

“Really? Where is our miss?”

“She’s in a safe place.”

“Ohh! Our lady was alive.”

“Oh, God! Our young lady is alive! Ahh!”

The butler’s face grew bright while the two middle-aged women held each other and cried. They had found it unbelievable that the guards and vigilantes were massacred, but had believed that their young lady was still alive.

“Is there a b*stard called Nick upstairs?”

“Yes, but there are guards…”

“Let me say this again. I’ve killed all of those who were armed.”

“Are…are you speaking the truth?”

“The warrior of Azrael doesn’t lie. If you doubt me one more time, I’ll kill you.”

The words filled with the stench of blood made everyone close their mouths. Their eyes were still filled with mistrust.

“Who’s that b*stard?”

Sun WooHyun pointed at the African man who was still breathing.

“He’s the small master’s secretary.”


Sun WooHyun had pulled the trigger and made a hole in the man’s head before the butler could finish his sentence. Blood and brain fluid ascended into the air before dirtying the carpet.


The women screamed.

“Shush. That’s the last one. Lead the way.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll guide you.”

Butler Barongo’s arms and legs were shivering. Sun WooHyun looked at the women. They were shivering miserably.

“Azrael’s warrior doesn’t harm the innocent.”

Sun WooHyun straightened his shoulders and raised his chin. Even then, his small height didn’t live up to his aura. The middle-aged women’s faces relaxed.

“Young master, there’s a guest.”

Barongo opened the door without knocking. He was a butler who could read the situation faster than anyone, a skill he had gained from his long life experiences. Master had soon been replaced with a young master.

“What the hell? Why are you opening the door without my permission?” a shout rang from within.

Sun WooHyun’s face crumpled the moment he entered the room. There was a sour smell, and a woman crouched on the bed. He could almost imagine the picture.

“You dirty swine, that’s because this isn’t your room.”

Sun WooHyun was proud of himself for saying such a cool comment. If he hadn’t served his master, he wouldn’t have dreamt of saying it. He couldn’t imagine Wakil being beaten up, even in his dreams.

The thin man sitting on the sofa leaped up.

“What…what the hell is this b*stard?”

Eyes accessorized with a monocle rapidly assessed the intruder. He was wearing clothes drenched heavily in blood. It was impossible to see the colors underneath, coupled with a frightening face and awkward French skills. Nick had been waiting for Enduma’s report. His brain struggled to make the calculations.

“Butler, who the hell is this b*stard?”

There was a saying that those who were kind didn’t find someone themselves, and those who did weren’t kind. The moment Nick’s brain had come to its senses, it rang an alarm. He sneakily opened the tea table’s drawer and grabbed a gun.

“He’s a guest.”

“Guest? You crazy b*stard.”

Nick raised the gun. Sun WooHyun’s hand twitched. The dart, which had flown without a sound, skewered Nick’s wrist.


A painful shout echoed.

“I thought you were a dirty piece of work since you killed your own brother, but it turns out you’re an impatient b*stard.”


Sun WooHyun slapped the man’s face, closing the distance instantly.


Nick fell to the ground along with the tea table. Nick’s soul wandered the boundary of life and death with a single hit.
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