Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 8: The 30 Million Big Job

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Chapter 8: The 30 Million Big Job

Although Wang Xiaofeng really does not wish to admit himself being so thoroughly defeated in computer hacking, the reality does not allow him to do so.

After lighting a cigarette, Wang Xiaofeng took a deep puff before typing, “I’ve never expected to encounter an expert like you, brother. I wholeheartedly accept my defeat. Oh, that’s right, how shall I address you?”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Shadow would do.”


Wang Xiaofeng thought about it for a bit and then shook his head.

He had never heard of this person before.

As a hacker, and the administrator for the Hacker’s Forum on top of that, Wang Xiaofeng had heard about practically all of the powerful hackers in the country. After all, they were all people of the same circle. But, Wang Xiaofeng had never heard of someone under the alias ‘Shadow.’

It would appear that a country as vast as China possessed countless hidden experts.

Having thought of this, Wang Xiaofeng continued to type, “Shadow bro, I’ve given up on tracking you. Apart from this, you should quickly delete your post before the people from the cyber police find out. At that time, they’ll shut down our Hacker's Forum.”

Inside his rental apartment. Chu Tian looked at the message sent to him by Wang Xiaofeng and narrowed his brows.

Delete the post?


His port was making money still!

The reason why Chu Tian was not deleting his post had nothing to do with Wang Xiaofeng’s wager. He kept it up to make money.

But, then again, what Wang Xiaofeng said was correct too.

Checking hotel registry records without permission was not something allowed by law. While Chu Tian believed that even if the people from the cyber police found out about his post, they would not be able to find him or delete his post. But, they possess the means to shut down the entire Hacker’s Forum.

If they shut down the forum’s servers, the Hacker’s Forum would go offline. At that time, no one would be able to reach it online. By natural extension, his post would also be dead.

What to do?

Chu Tian was absolutely unwilling to delete the post. After all, that post was still bringing him money nonstop.

But, Chu Tian does not wish to witness the Hacker’s Forum being shut down. After all, the Hacker’s Forum was the only place he knew that he could make money at right now. If the Hacker’s Forum ended up being shut down, he would no longer be able to find a place to make money.

At the time when Chu Tian was feeling tangled, another message from Wang Xiaofeng suddenly arrived.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Oh, that’s right. Brother Shadow, are you interested in taking on jobs at the forum?”


Chu Tian was confused. He messaged back: “What’d you mean?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “???”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Brother Shadow, could it be that you’ve never accepted a job before? Regarding jobs, they’re the sort of business our Hacker’s Forum is engaged in…”

Soon, Chu Tian grew stunned after reading the explanation sent over by Wang Xiaofeng.

During the three years he frequented the Hacker’s Forum, he had always thought the Hacker’s Forum to be a place where enthusiasts and hobbyists gathered to discuss computer knowledge. From time to time, interesting posts would appear to share to the crowd the programs written by the posters.

It was only after reading those messages from Wang Xiaofeng that Chu Tian learned the Hacker’s Forum actually possesses big jobs behind the scene for people to take on.

Those big jobs were not the request posts on the forum. Every one of those big jobs could easily net several hundred thousands or even millions.

But, those big jobs were all very secretive. Generally, they would not appear on the forum itself. Instead, they would all be discussed behind the scene through private messages. It could be said that those big jobs were exclusive to Wang Xiaofeng and other expert hackers of the forum. After all, they were the only people with the skills to take on those jobs.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Brother Shadow, if you want to take on any jobs, we can work together. It just so happens that our forum doesn’t have enough manpower. With your skills, there’s absolutely no issue at all for you to join us.”

Seeing the message Wang Xiaofeng sent over to him, Chu Tian laughed before typing in response: “That’s fine with me. It just so happens that I am bored and idle lately. That said, do you have any jobs on hand?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “We do. That one’s quite difficult. But, we can talk about it later. You should delete your post first. If the forum is forced to shut down, none of us will be able to make a living anymore. Those people all found us through the forum. I’ll tell you about that job in detail after you delete your post.”

Seeing that response, Chu Tian sucked in a mouthful of air helplessly before reluctantly deleting the post with his hotel registry software.

Nothing else could be done!

Checking hotel registries was not a method to make money in the long run.

It was better for him to seek something more sustainable. He couldn’t kill the chicken to get the eggs and end up shutting down the entire forum.

After deleting his post, Chu Tian sent another message to Wang Xiaofeng: “Done. I’ve deleted it. Go ahead and tell me about that problematic job of yours. The pay’s good?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The pay’s absolutely good. Their offer is 30 million. That’s the highest priced job I’ve encountered all my life. But, that job is not easy to handle. The request is too high. Me and the other bros on the forum are unable to take on that job at all. It might even be hard for brother shadow to take on that job.”

[1. 30 million rmb is roughly 4.3million usd.]

30 million?

Seeing the number given by Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian’s eyes immediately grew wide open in shock.


That much money?!

It’s not a job stealing classified national documents, right?

Chu Tian pondered for a bit before responding: “Tell me about it.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The client’s a married woman. Her husband is extremely wealthy. He’s one of our country’s top 100 wealthy individuals. But, recently, that woman encountered a black man at a nightclub and ended up having an one night stand with him.”

[2. Top 100 richest people in China means they’re guaranteed to be a billionaire.]

Wang Xiaofeng: “Normally, that’s not something of concern. But, the problem lies in the fact that the black man she met secretly recorded their encounter. Furthermore, he uploaded that video onto the internet.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The video being uploaded online made that woman extremely worried, nearly driven insane. The reason for that was because she had signed a premarital agreement with her husband. If her husband discovers that video, he will most definitely divorce her, leaving her with nothing, not even a single cent.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Because of that, she made an extremely high request. That is, her extramarital affair video must be deleted from the internet and not be allowed to be reuploaded onto the net.”

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