Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 21: SWAT Team Dispatched

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Chapter 21: SWAT Team Dispatched

Chu Tian did not wait for Wang Xiaofeng’s reply. After he sent that message and attachment to Wang Xiaofeng, he turned off his computer and went to wash up.

At the same time!

Yunnan. Inside a courtyard district’s two story villa, Wang Xiaofeng returned to his computer after going to his living room to drink a cup of milk.

Wang Xiaofeng sat down before his three computers and planned to continue writing his program. Suddenly, he seemed to discover something. He opened the minimized Hacker’s Forum page.



He tracked down Granddaddy 50M?

Wang Xiaofeng was shocked to see the message Chu Tian sent him. But, he soon accepted the attachment Chu Tian sent him. Once downloaded, he unzipped the attachment.

Seeing the various meticulous tracking records, one connecting to another, and how they eventually led to a person by the name of Zhang Zhenhao, Wang Xiaofeng was shocked speechless.

Even though the great majority of the contents in the attachment Chu Tian sent over were ip addresses, it was so much that ordinary people simply wouldn’t be able to make out what it is, expert hackers like Wang Xiaofeng would be able to tell from a single glance that they were a series of tracking records!

Every single ip represented a location where Granddaddy 50M had been to.

Holy cow!

He actually really managed to track down Granddaddy 50M!

He had been wanted by the government for all these years without anyone being able to track him down. Yet, in less than four hours, he was tracked down by Chu Tian.

After looking at the tracking records in astonishment, especially after seeing Zhang Zhenhao’s recent interactions, Wang Xiaofeng remembered what must be done and immediately picked up his phone.

He must report this to the government at once!

From the relationship this Zhang Zhenhao had with foreign individuals, this fellow was most definitely not a simple black hat. It was very possible that he’s a traitor to the country.

[1. Black hats are the bad hackers. White hats are the good ones.]

It was no wonder the government was offering such a huge reward for his arrest. He must’ve sold the confidential research data he stole from the government to some other country.

Outgoing ringing sounded for seven or eight times. When the phone call was about to automatically go to voicemail, it was picked up.

An half-asleep male voice sounded, “Hello, who’s this?”

“Cough,” Wang Xiaofeng coughed, “Hello, it’s me, Wang Xiaofeng. Sir, I called you a couple hours ago.”

“Oh, I remember,” the male’s voice grew much more awake, “Wang Xiaofeng, the administrator of the Hacker’s Forum. We’ve met before.”

“Right, right, right,” Wang Xiaofeng laughed, “You’ve been to my house last year.”

“Mn, wait a bit.”

After a dozen or so minutes passed, the male’s voice sounded again. His voice was completely awake now, “Haha. Citizen Wang Xiaofeng, for you to still be awake this late at night, what’s the deal?”

“Sir, there’s one thing that I believe to be very important and should report to you at once,” said Wang Xiaofeng.

“Oh? What is it? Speak away. Did some foreign hacking groups attack us?”

“No, that’s not it,” said Wang Xiaofeng, “I wouldn’t interrupt your sleep for something as small as that. It’s about ‘Come Catch Granddaddy.’ We’ve found him.”


That male’s voice immediately increased an octave the instant he heard those words. He immediately asked, “You’re talking about that ‘Come Catch Granddaddy?’ He’s been found?”

“That’s right,” said Wang Xiaofeng, “It’s that powerful hacker that just came to our Hacker’s Forum recently I mentioned to you in the phone call several hours ago. He’s the one who tracked down ‘Come Catch Granddaddy.’ He had made a list of all the tracking records in detail. If his tracking records are real, then ‘Come Catch Granddaddy’ has indeed been found.”

“Send them over at once!”

“Yes, I’ll send them over to you right now.”


Half an hour later.

Beijing. The Cyber Police’s headquarters. A 40 some year old middle-aged man took out his cellphone.

“Hello, is this Captain Luo of the Special Police Unit? I am…”

Five minutes later!

Beijing. At the operations base of the Special Police Unit. Multiple fully armed SWAT officers hurriedly entered three SWAT vehicles. Then, the three SWAT vehicles quickly left the base.

Forty minutes later!

Without making any scene, the three SWAT vehicles arrived before a villa district and stopped in front of a two-story villa.

The doors to the three SWAT vehicles opened up and the fully armed SWAT officers all jumped out. They immediately surrounded the entire villa.

Their captain-commander was the last person to emerge from the vehicles. With a hostile glint in his eyes, he stared at the villa. He pressed the intercom on his shoulder, “Completely surround it! Not even a single fly is allowed to escape from it!”

After he finished giving that order, he shouted, “Squad 1 Captain!”

A fully armed SWAT officer stepped forward and made a respectful gesture.

“Remember, capture him alive!”

That SWAT officer nodded his head. He pressed his shoulder intercom and shouted, “Squad 1! Remember, capture him alive! Attack!”

Eight or nine fully-armed SWAT members placed their submachine guns behind their backs and all jumped up and over the villa’s fence walls to the front garden.

Soon, the door to the villa was opened from the inside. The captain-commander and four SWAT members holding submachine guns walked inside. Then, they stopped in the middle of the garden.

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