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Chapter 36: Fight The Landlord: Truth Edition

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Chapter 36: Fight The Landlord: Truth Edition

[1. Fight the Landlord is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, poker card game in China. You can play this game with 3 or more players. But, generally, the maximum would be 4 since it’ll be too difficult otherwise. 1 player acts as the landlord. They get extra cards. The other players would have to work together to beat the landlord.]

“Now that you mention it, it’s true. There’s nothing womanly in this room. If my deskmate is living together with a woman, his room wouldn’t possibly be like this.”

Yang Rong then looked to Bai Xiaochun, “But, these are most definitely two strands of hair from a woman. Furthermore, they were on his pillow. This meant that a woman had slept there.”

Bai Xiaochun pursed up her lips and smiled, “I think… he must’ve some fun with some girl.”

“Oh, you mean to say…”

Bai Xiaochun smiled and nodded her head, “A man like your deskmate is most definitely a chick-magnet. Take that girl on the basketball court for example, she had no resistance to his charm at all. So… you know what I’m saying.”

“Damn,” Yang Rong laughed. She bit her lower lip, “He’s quite promiscuous.”

“Aren’t all men like this?” laughed Bai Xiaochun, “No is not a word in their dictionary.”

“Then, should we ask him whose hair that belonged to later?” said Yang Rong cunningly.

“Let’s forget about that. It’s best to not ask,” Bai Xiaochun shook her head, “A question like that would be extremely awkward. How was he supposed to answer something like that? We already know what’s going on, why bother trying to bring it up to him?”

“That’s true.”

Yang Rong nodded her head. Then, she tossed the two strands of long hair into the trash bin.


Twenty minutes later. Chu Tian exited the washroom with a new pair of shorts and a new short sleeve t-shirt.

Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun were making food in the kitchen.

They were preparing fish soup and sweet and sour pork chops. There were two vegetable dishes they’ve yet to begin cooking too.

“Woah, this smells great!” said Chu Tian happily after coming to the kitchen, “Schoolmate Lil Bai is quite a chef.”

Chu Tian did not think too much when Bai Xiaochun said her cooking skills were pretty good.

But, after smelling the food, he realized Bai Xiaochun was not boasting about her cooking skills. She was really an excellent cook.

Bai Xiaochun smiled, “It’s mainly because I’ve been cooking with my mother from a young age. Also, I like to cook myself. Well, enough of that, you should go out the kitchen and wait outside. We’ll be done soon.”

“Ouch! I’ll really be inconveniencing the two of you then,” laughed Chu Tian, “I’m the one who invited you two over. Yet, you’re cooking for me. I think it’s better that I cook instead.”

“Save it,” Yang Rong snorted. She laughed, “We’re about done. Besides, are you certain that your food would be edible?”

“Tsk. Deskmate, you’re looking at me too much, no?” Chu TIan clicked his tongue. With confidence and seriousness, he said, “If my food weren't edible, I would’ve been dead already. Honest to god, my noodles are pretty good.”


Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun burst out laughing, “You call boiling noodles cooking? Enough of that, stop causing trouble for us in the kitchen. Go out and wait for the food to be ready.”

“Okay then,” Chu Tian laughed, “I’ll go and cut some fruit. I’ll put them in the fridge after. We can enjoy some cool fruit as refreshments after eating.”



After they finished eating and cleaning up the dishes, Chu Tian, Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun all sat on the living room’s sofa.

Completely satisfied, Yang Rong patted her stomach and laughed, “Lil Chun, your cooking is amazing. Look at me, you’ve filled me up with food. If I was a man, I would most definitely take you as my wife. Seriously.”

Bai Xiaochun laughed and curled her lip, “Quite delusional, aren’t we? What makes you think that I will settle for you? Nope, I’m not going to marry you.”

“Heh…” Yang Rong laughed, “Who do you want to marry then? What about a man like my deskmate?”


Bai Xiaochun’s face turned red. She punched Yang Rong, “Don’t mess around! I’ll hit you.”

As she said that, Bai Xiaochun looked at Chu Tian, “Oh, Chu Tian, we’re not bothering your work, right?”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Chu Tian leaned on the couch and shook his head, “It’s been idle lately. I don’t have to write so much.”

“What?” Yang Rong said, “You’ve been fired?”

“Oh no,” Chu Tian said,” It’s just that there hasn’t been a lot of work lately. I can finish my writing in an hour’s time. It’s been relaxing.”

“Then what about your income?” asked Yang Rong.

“The income is the same,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “My price increased. Thus, the overall income didn’t change.”

“Oh, that’s pretty good,” Yang Rong nodded, “In that case, you wouldn’t have to be so busy everyday.”

After saying that, Yang Rong seemed to suddenly recall something. She immediately grew spirited, “Hey, deskmate, you got cards here? Let’s play Fight the Landlord. I don’t want to go back so quickly, let’s play Fight the Landlord together.”

“Sure,” Chu Tian stood up, “I do have a set of cards. Wait a bit, I’ll go get it.”

Soon, Chu Tian came back from his bedroom with a deck of poker cards, “Are we going to play an ordinary Fighting the Landlord? Should we put some fun into the game?”

“Hmmm… then let’s make it Fight the Landlord: Truth Edition,” said Yang Rong, “The person who loses will have to answer a question. Come, let’s swear on it first.”

“Ah?” Bai Xiaochun said with concern, “we have to swear on it?”

“Of course,” said Yang Rong, “We’re going to be telling the truth here. No lies. Thus, we must swear on it. Do it quickly, this game is going to be very interesting.”

As she said, Yang Rong raised her hand up in a serious manner, “I, Yang Rong, swear that if I lie while playing Fighting the Landlord: Truth Edition, then… then… I wouldn’t be able to get married for the rest of my life.”

“Damn. Deskmate, was there a need to be that ruthless with yourself?” Laughed Chu Tian. Then, he also raised his hand and swore, “I, Chu Tian, swear that if I ever lie in Fighting the Landlord: Truth Edition, I will not be able to find a wife for the rest of my life.”

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