Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 38: Waited All Night For This

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Chapter 38: Waited All Night For This

Sure enough!

After a three round losing streak, Yang Rong finally won the fourth round. But, Chu Tian didn’t lose either.

The reason for that was because Bai Xiaochun was the Landlord this round. She was the person who lost.

“What’s going on?” Bai Xiaochun spoke with a forced smile, “No Landlord has ever won tonight.”

Yang Rong smiled mischievously, “Stop trying to explain your way out of this. You’ve lost. Lil Chunchun, have you finished preparing yourself? I’ll make sure to mess you up real good.”

Bai Xiaochun curled her lip and laughed, “I’m not scared of you. Come at me.”

“Cough, listen carefully then,” Yang Rong stared into Bai Xiaochun’s eyes, “Tell me all about the boyfriends you’ve had, why you broke up with them and how far you’ve gone with them. Everything, in full details!”

“Ah?” Bai Xiaochun was left dumbfounded, “Damn Rongrong, how can you consider that a single question?”

“That’s a single question alright. I asked it as a single question,” Yang Rong argued shamelessly, “You two can ask me that way too. But, you didn’t. It’s not my fault you didn’t.”

“You…” Bai Xiaochun smiled before saying, “Fine. Seeing how miserable you’ve lost, I won’t argue with you.”

“Hey! Quickly answer the question!”

Seeing Yang Rong’s look of anticipation, Bai Xiaochun put on a display of carefully pondering over the question. Then, she laughed, “Never had one. I never had a boyfriend.”


Yang Rong was surprised, “Lies. How could you not have any boyfriend? Hey, damn Lil Chun, we’ve sworn on this matter. You can’t act so shameless.”

“That’s right, student Lil Bai,” said Chu Tian, “You mustn’t act shameless and refuse to acknowledge the promise. If you do that, this game would no longer be interesting.”

“I didn’t lie,” said Bai Xiaochun with a forced smile, “I swear what I said to be the truth and the truth only. I’ve never had a boyfriend. Did the two of you both take me as someone who had a lot of boyfriends? The other classmates also think that way. They all think that I’ve had countless boyfriends. But, the truth is, I’ve never had any relationship before.”


Seeing that Bai Xiaochun doesn’t seem to be lying, Chu Tian was momentarily lost for words.

He had always thought Bai Xiaochun to be someone with a boyfriend.

How could someone with a figure and beauty of a goddess not have a boyfriend? There’s most definitely countless people going after her.

Unwilling to give up, Yang Rong said, “That’s impossible. Even someone like me has had boyfriends before. How could you never have a relationship before?”

“I swear. I’ve never had a relationship,” said Bai Xiaochun helplessly, “While it is true that there were many people that asked me out, so much that I’ve had an entire desk drawer full of love letters in high school, I’ve really never been in any relationship.”

“My god! You’ve received an entire desk drawer full of love letters in highschool?!” Yang Rong spoke in despair, “I’ve only ever received two love letters my entire life. And, I even accepted both of them. An entire drawer of love letters, you’re telling me you rejected all of them?”


Bai Xiaochun burst out laughing after seeing how Yang Rong despaired, “Nothing I can do about that. That’s how the truth is. I’ve answered truthfully.”

“Then, then. What about the other questions?” asked Yang Rong, she was unwilling to give up.

“I wouldn’t be able to answer them since I’ve never been in a relationship,” laughed Bai Xiaochun, “In fact, I’ve never even held a boy’s hand before. My apologies student Rongrong, I’m unable to provide you with the answers you wanted to hear.”


Yang Rong started rolling back and forth on the sofa. It was like she had gone mad.

Suddenly, Yang Rong sat back up. Pitifully, she said, “Lil Chun, let’s consider the question I asked earlier invalid, okay? Let me ask another question.”

“Of course not,” refused Bai Xiaochun with a smile, “I’ve already answered your question. Chu Tian, it’s your turn to ask.”

So it’s like that!

Who would’ve expected for Bai Xiaochun to never have a relationship. Chu Tian pondered for a bit before asking, “Then, tell me about the people that were going after you. Did any of them leave a deep impression on you?”

“Regarding this…” Bai Xiaochun began to carefully think about it, “That has been. But, I don’t quite remember who they were. All I remember was that I’ve received a love letter written in blood. You know, like they’ve cut their finger and wrote me a love letter using that bloodied finger. That love letter didn’t manage to touch my heart in the slightest. Honestly, it only made me feel that person had some sort of mental issue. To write someone a blood letter at the drop of a hat, that’s simply too extreme, too terrifying. Who knows what that person might end up doing in the future.”

“There’s also someone who gifted me a phone. That person saved up several months worth of living expenses to buy me that phone. Of course, I didn’t accept the phone.”

“Then there’s a guy who gifted me flowers. It’s during the school break after we finished our college entrance exam earlier this year. That fellow is quite well-off. He gifted me 999 roses. It’s an enormous bunch. Two people were required to lift it. But, I refused it. After being refused, he threw the roses into the garbage. Honestly, it was quite a waste. Because of that, I secretly came back to the roses and pulled out a couple. I brought those roses and placed them inside our flower vase.”

[1. famous song about 999 roses.]

“I guess that’s pretty much it. Nothing about the other people going after me is that special.”

“Damn!” Yang Rong spoke with envy, “999 roses! My boyfriend didn’t even gift me 99 roses! If someone gifted me 999 roses, I will go with them on the spot.”

Bai Xiaochun laughed, “Enough with it, oh you. So, my answer should satisfy you two, no? C’mon, let’s continue with the next round.”


Time passed in a flash. It was now 9:10PM!

Finally, the Landlord won.

Regardless of who was the Landlord tonight, they’ve all been losing. At least, the losing streak ended. As for the Landlord this time around, it was Yang Rong.

With a mischievous smile on her face, Yang Rong looked to Bai Xiaochun and Chu Tian. Infatuated with power, Yang Rong closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “It’s finally here. Hahaha… This lady here has been waiting for this outcome all night long. Finally, it’s here!”

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