Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 43: Already Yours

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Chapter 43: Already Yours

After hearing the middle-aged man’s analysis, the female agent couldn’t help but slowly nod her head.

What he said seemed to be correct.

Seemingly recalling something, the woman looked to her male companion. She made a meaningful glance at him before saying, “Mouse.”

Chewing on gum, the man smiled, “Got it. Big sis, you all can continue talking, I’ll go and report the situation.”

After saying that, the man turned around and left the room.

It was only now that the woman looked at Wang Xiaofeng, “Citizen Wang Xiaofeng, my sincere apologies. I’m afraid that we would likely have to disturb you for some more time. But, you don’t have to concern yourself with us. You can pretend that we don’t exist and live life normally. We will also try to not disturb you as much as possible.”

“Oh, no no, you’re no disturbance at all,” Wang Xiaofeng immediately started smiling, “You’re being too modest here. It is my duty to cooperate with the government. I only hope that you all wouldn’t mind my lousy place.”

“How could we?” laughed the woman, “Your place is great. Well then, you can continue on with your own stuff. Just inform us should that Shadow contact you again. We won’t disturb you anymore for the time being.”

“Yes, of course. You all go and rest yourselves.”

After seeing the woman and the middle-aged man leave his computer room, Wang Xiaofeng heaved a light sigh of relief. Only then did he sit his butt on his computer chair.

Shadow was in his fifties and almost sixty?

That shouldn’t be!

He shouldn’t be that old.

Could it be… when he said he went to the washroom, he didn’t actually use the washroom but had instead hacked into his home?

If that was the case, then… with his hacking skills…


When he thought of that, Wang Xiaofeng suddenly laughed, “Shadow bro, you’re a fucking troll.”


Early next morning.

Before the bell stroke signaling the beginning of class, Chu Tian walked into the classroom with a cup of Xiang Piao Milk Tea.

Seeing Chu Tian with the milk tea, Yang Rong immediately started smiling, “Dang! Deskmate, you actually really ended up buying me a milk tea.”

“Of course,” said Chu Tian, “My deskmate had nearly given her life for my sake. This little cup of milk tea is nothing in comparison. Isn’t that right?”

“At least you’re conscientious,” Yang Rong did not show any courtesy. Still smiling, she inserted the straw into the milk tea and took a sip.

“Hey, deskmate, let me tell you this,” said Yang Rong with a quiet voice, “After we returned to the dorm last night, I helped you probe Xiaochun again. She really does quite like you.”

“Really?” Chu Tian smiled, “Oh, that’s right, how did you find out about her feelings for me?”

“She’s my roommate in the dorm,” said Yang Rong, “After you helped us fix our computers, she started acting strange. She kept questioning me about you. While she was pretending to not care too much about it, I’m a girl too. How could I fail to see through what she was thinking? It was obvious that she’s interested in you.”

“Then…” Chu Tian pondered for a bit, “Does she know about my circumstances?”

“She does,” said Yang Rong, “I’ve told her all about your circumstances. It gained you bonus points. Not only did she not think you to be poor, she even felt that you’re very responsible, strong and a true man.”

“I’m serious with you, Xiaochun is a very good girl. Let’s be realistic, we’re all adults here. We’re not young and confused anymore. There’s not many people in the entire school that’s not materialistic.”

“They’re all fond of boys with well-off family circumstances. But, Xiaochun is not one such girl. Among the people pursuing her are a lot of wealthy individuals. But, she wouldn’t even bother to talk with them. She is truly a girl who cares about the person and not materialistic wealth.”

Hearing Yang Rong’s praises, Chu Tian couldn’t help but smile and nod.

Seeing that, Yang Rong elbowed Chu Tian, “Don’t just smile like an idiot. Give me a response, what’s your opinion?”

“Ah?” Chu Tian was slightly startled, “What’d you mean?”

“Gawd!” Yang Rong spoke in defeat, “I’m asking if you want to be together with Xiaochun? She’s into you.”

“This…” Chu Tian smiled, “I can give it a try.”

“Okay,” Yang Rong smiled, “Leave it to me. If you’re free afterschool, I will make an appointment with her. The three of us can go eat together. The two of you are, more or less, still unfamiliar with each other. If the three of us are together, things wouldn’t be that awkward. Once the two of you become familiar, you can have dates by yourselves.”

“Sure thing,” said Chu Tian, “I’m free this afternoon.”

“I’ll go ahead and invite her now.”

Smiling, Yang Rong took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Bai Xiaochun.

“Xiaochun, let’s go eat together this afternoon. My deskmate’s coming too.”

Soon, a message from Bai Xiaochun arrived.

Bai Xiaochun: “Sure! Let’s eat together later.”

“See this?” Yang Rong smiled as she showed her phone to Chu Tian, “See how quick and direct she is in agreeing to join us? Deskmate, do you know what this means? She’s practically already yours. She can’t escape.”

“What are you talking about?” Chu Tian laughed, “You’re exaggerating things. Bai Xiaochun is not that casual of a person, okay?”

“That depends on who it is,” said Yang Rong, “Casual or not would depend on who it is. I’m serious, that’s how it is. If things all go as expected, the two of you will definitely end up… you know… in two months or less.”

Seeing Yang Rong winking at him, Chu Tian suddenly burst out laughing. Quietly, he said, “Deskmate, I only now discover that you’re quite dirty.”


Yang Rong was startled. Immediately after, she pinched Chu Tian’s arm.

“Dirty? You dared call me dirty?! I dare you say it again!”

“Ouch! It hurts! Deskmate, don’t pinch so hard…!”

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