Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 65: Another 65 Million

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Chapter 65: Another 65 Million

Chu Tian’s bedroom.

Chu Tian sat down before his computer and turned it on.

After he signed into his Hacker’s Forum account, three private messages popped up on the screen.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow Bro, you’re a bit too blunt this time, no? You left after taking the money without saying anything?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Oh, that’s right. Shadow Bro, doesn’t it feel good to work with the government? Aren’t they extremely prompt with their delivery of the money?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow Bro, send me a message when you’re on. There’s a new job for you.”

The last message was sent half an hour ago. After Chu Tian finished reading it, he compiled a reply.

Chu Tian: “Hey, I’m on now. So, what’s up? What’s the new job?”

Chu Tian had only just sent the private message but he immediately received a response from Wang Xiaofeng.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Damn, Shadow Bro, you’re finally online. It’s so difficult to catch you online nowadays.”

Chu Tian: “Hahaha. Nothing I can do about it. My grandson’s just born so all our relatives and friends are here to see him. I have no choice but to entertain them.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Right, right, right. Gotta do what you gotta do. So, did your old military comrades show up?”

Chu Tian: “It’s not like I gave birth to a new son. Why would my military comrades come? I didn’t mention my grandson’s birth to them.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Oh, that’s right. Shadow Bro, I’m quite curious with your computer skills. Did you learn them in the military?”


They’re attempting to learn more about my identity?

Chu Tian smiled and started typing away: “How could that be? Back in the days when I was in the military, computers weren’t a thing yet. We’ll have to forward the time to the 1980s, thirty-some years ago.”

Chu Tian: “You’re still young so you haven’t experienced that era before. Back in the 1980s, much less computers, even TVs were extremely rare. Back then, it would be amazing if a village had two or three black and white TVs.”

Chu Tian: “Back then, even electricity wasn’t stable. We will have electricity one day and without the next. We were all lighting candles. Moreover, landline phones were even rarer than TVs. Back during the time of the black and white TVs, you wouldn’t be able to find a single phone in an entire village. We would all be writing letters to each other.”

Chu Tian: “It’s only later that we started having giant cell phones, pagers and color TVs. Even computers were gradually popularized throughout our country. Back then, we couldn’t even imagine something like the computers. It was simply too magical. It’s something we wouldn’t dare imagine.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Now that you mention it, if it’s during the 1980s, things were indeed like that. In that case, Shadow Bro, you’re quite up with the trends. You’re actually able to become this skilled with computers.”

Chu Tian: “I’m just keeping up with the flow. I’ve always been interested in these electronics. When I came in contact with computers, I was enchanted by it.”

Chu Tian: “Oh, that’s right. You mentioned something about a new job in your message? What’s the job?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Ah. The government verified all the system loopholes you found last time. It’s true, they were all present. But, an issue occurred.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The loopholes you found, some of them seemed to be difficult to fix. Because of that, the government wanted to ask you to fix those loopholes. If you’re up for it, they’ll like to hire you again.”

Sure enough!

Reading the message sent over by Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian started smiling.

It was exactly as he predicted yesterday!

He suspected that the job would not end with only finding the loopholes. After all, it was one thing to find a loophole and a completely separate thing to fix the loopholes.

‘It would seem that I’ll be able to make a big sum of money again!’

Thinking that, Chu Tian immediately replied: “Tsk… fixing loopholes? Sigh, that’s not going to be easy. As we’re both in this trade, you should know that fixing loopholes aren’t like patching clothes. It’s going to be very difficult and labor intensive.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Completely understand. I obviously know that fixing loopholes isn't that easy. If one was to make some careless mistake while fixing a loophole, one might introduce new loopholes into the system. That being said, the government is willing to pay quite a bit. It’ll be 5 million per loophole.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Say, Shadow Bro, don’t you want to earn some more baby formula money for your grandson?”

Chu Tian: “Hahaha. Kid, you know how to incite me. Indeed, I cherish this fat grandson of mine. Very well, send over the loopholes that needed to be fixed. I’ll go and make myself a cup of coffee to freshen up my concentration. Even if I must work overtime tonight, I’ll get this done.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Got it. I’m sending them over now.”


Wang Xiaofeng: “……”

Wang Xiaofeng: “A total of thirteen loopholes. At a price of 5 million a loophole, they’ll be enough to pay for not only your grandson’s baby formulas, they’ll be enough to pay for your second grandson’s baby formulas too.”

As Chu Tian saw the thirteen loopholes Wang Xiaofeng sent over, he couldn’t help himself from licking his lower lip and smiling.

13 loopholes at a price of 5 million each. In other words, 65 million!

The government was truly generous!

After the smile disappeared, Chu Tian started typing away on his computer.


Time flashed past. It was already 11PM.

Inside Chu Tian’s bedroom. Typing rapidly on his keyboard, Chu Tian seemed to have discovered something all of a sudden and stopped typing.

He slowly turned his head around to look at his bedroom’s door that was being opened. He pressed a couple keys on his keyboard and his computer screen changed to a file folder.

It was the folder of the web-novels he was ghostwriting before.

Finally, as the door of his bedroom was slowly pushed open, Bai Xiaochun, with a smile on her face and her long hair in a free fall, appeared.

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