Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Isn’t A Blood-related One More Worth It?

It was quick! Right after Chu Tian sent that message, he already received a reply from the other party.

Zhu Yitong: Er, hello. You are?

Chu Tian: Hello, Manager Zhu. I want to manufacture a piece of equipment, I’ve just gotten the blueprints. Is it convenient for you to have a look at it right now and give me a price?

Zhu Yitong: A manufacturing equipment? Yes yes, please send it to me now and let me have a look at what kind of equipment it is.

Seeing as it was a potential business opportunity, Zhu Yitong agreed immediately.

Chu Tian did not delay and sent all of his equipment blueprints to Zhu Yitong straight away in one go.

Zhu Yitong: Give me a moment, I will consult our technicians and give you an estimated price.

Chu Tian: That’s fine. How long will it take?

Zhu Yitong: It should not be too long. Your equipment isn’t too big, there are not too many parts either, so maybe about 10-20 minutes.

Chu Tian: Okay, sorry I’ll have to trouble you to be quick.

Zhu Yitong: I understand, I’ll get it done as soon as possible.

Chu Tian temporarily closed the chat window with Zhu Yitong before standing up and walking out of his bedroom.

In his living room, Bai Xianchun was lying on her stomach on the sofa, her feet raised as she watched the television and giggled.

It is an entertainment variety show.

Chu Tian turned his head and took a glance before sitting down next to Bai Xiaochun, “Is it good?”

“Yeah, it’s good.” Bai Xiaochun sat up and hugged Chu Tian’s arm. She leaned on his shoulder and continued to watch the show, smiling as she said, “They are playing ‘Who’s the spy?’. The person who got the blank card will become the spy while the other players each have a card with the same details on it. They need to describe what is on their cards. This guy is so sly, his card is obviously plain and yet he was able to endure till the third round. He must know the answer by now.”

Looking at Bai Xiaochun’s happy face, Chu Tian pinched her cheek with a smile and asked, “Then, are we still going out for a date?”

“Yes, of course we’re going.” Bai Xiaochun sat up properly in an instant and said mischievously, “Please give your darling a moment. Your darling needs to change, you’re not allowed to peek.”

Right after she said that, Bai Xiaochun immediately got off the sofa and ran straight to their bedrooms barefooted and closed the door behind her.

After five minutes, when Bai Xiaochun was out of the room once again, her pyjamas were already replaced by a light yellow loose short-sleeved top, a pair of tight high-waist jeans, and a pair of white sports shoes.

Not only that, but Bai Xiaochun had also tied up her hair into a high ponytail, making her appear much more spirited in an instant.

Seeing Chu Tian staring at her, Bao Xiaochun smiled and asked, “Do I look good?”

“Yes.” Chu Tian answered seriously, “This pair of long legs, this plump butt, and this tiny waist, as expected of my darling.”

Bai Xiaochun curled her lips and smiled, “Look at you, you shameless pervert. C’mon, let’s go out for our date.”

Chu Tian stood up with a smile. He followed Bai Xiaochun out of their rented apartment as he asked, “Is my table mate busy with self-study tonight?”

“Yeah, she said she hasn’t been to the night self-study session for a long time now, so she wants to go to the classroom and have some fun.”

Not long later, when the two left their apartment building and passed by Baibai Milk Tea once again, Chu Tian couldn’t help but crease his brows.

Baibai Milk Tea, which was still pretty empty in the afternoon, had a long queue that extended all the way outside of the shop now.

Furthermore, many of the customers were leaving the shop with two or three cups of milk tea in their hands.

What the hell! Their milk tea was indeed selling pretty damn well. Judging from the current situation, it seemed like what Lu Niannian predicted wasn’t too far from reality after all. 10,000 cups a day might really be not enough to meet the demand.

Upon seeing that, Bai Xiaochun hugged Chu Tian’s arm and said happily, “Hey, Chu Tian, look! This shop is too popular. If this goes on, aren’t they gonna earn so much that they can die happy…?”

Die happy?

Chu Tian smiled, “They are indeed making a good profit. Ah, right, darling. Shall I give you a big surprise a few days later?”

“Hm?” Bai Xiaochun looked at Chu Tian, all smiles, “What kind of surprise?”

“Hmm… I shall not tell you yet.” Chu Tian replied, “Because there are still some preparations that are not done yet. Of course, it may be a shock instead of a surprise, so you need to be mentally prepared.”

“A shock?” Bai Xiaochun thought for a moment and smirked, “Don’t tell me your past lover is going to reappear with your child, and you’re going to ask me to be a stepmother?”

What the hell? That imagination!

Chu Tian chuckled, “What, isn’t it good to get a child for free? It hurts for women to give birth.”

“Still, I won’t agree to it.” Bai Xiaochun pouted, “If I’m to love the child, I would rather have my own child. Isn’t a blood-related child more worth it?”

“Worth.” Chu Tian smiled, “But, you can’t be all talk. When are we gonna have our own child if you don’t even allow me to have a look?”

“Hehe……” Bai Xiaochun giggled and continued, “What’s the rush? We haven’t even graduated from university yet. Don’t you worry, I’ll definitely give birth to your child. Let’s go, let’s go play at the campus.”

Just as Bai Xiaochun was about to drag Chu Tian into the campus, Chu Tian felt the vibration of his phone in his pocket suddenly.

Chu Tian said, “Darling, give me a second. I’m a bit thirsty so can you go buy me a cup of milk tea?”


“Yeah, a little.”

“Alright then, I’ll get you one. With ice?”

“With ice.”

Bai Xiaochun nodded, and skipped happily towards the milk tea shop, joining the queue.

Upon seeing that, Chu Tian finally took out his handphone.

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