Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

A Present That Cost At Least 10 Million

Like the previous two days, Chu Tian left the kitchen after making another 200 grams of milk tea powder and entered the office.

“Hm?” Chu Tian was initially surprised when he saw Li Sisi in the office, followed by his laughter, “Sisi-Jie, how come you’re here?”

“It’s obviously because I miss our Young Master.”

“Er…” Seeing Li Sisi’s sour tone and expression, Chu Tian asked, “What’s wrong? Who dared to irritate my Sisi-Jie?”

“It’s related to the bar.” Li Niannian replied, “Sister realised that this batch of workers was being crafty, they didn’t install the soundproof facilities according to standard.”

Chu Tian creased his brows and looked towards Li Sisi, “Sisi-Jie, what exactly is the situation now?”

“That bastard.” Li Sisi was enraged, “I only realised today that the soundproof facilities of all the private rooms on the second floor aren’t up to standard, the quality is only half of what they should be. They’re nowhere near the standards I wanted them to be.”

“He said that he had made a mistake and ordered the wrong soundproof materials. There is such a huge difference in price, why didn’t he see the wrong price then?”

“It was initially scheduled to open for business on Saturday so that it coincides with the weekend so there will be more people, but look at this mess now. The soundproof facilities on the whole of the second floor need to be changed now. With this, we’ll only be able to open for business earliest on Monday.”

Looking at Li Sisi's furious expression, Chu Tian chuckled, gave her a hug and said, “Aiya, it’s not that much of a big deal. It’s only a two-day delay, it isn’t that bad. Don’t be angry, it’ll become a big deal if you get sick from being too angry. Go and chill out, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll give you all I’ve got to improve your mood.”

Seeing Chu Tian winking at her, Li Sisi broke into a giggle. In response, Chu Tian broke into laughter as well, “Is it because he spent all the money and needs more?”

“Needs more?” Li Sisi rolled her eyes, “He can continue to dream. He better change everything for me free of charge, or he’s not receiving a single cent from me.”

“That’s fine then, isn’t it?” Chu Tian said, “They didn’t ask for an extra fee so there’s no need for you to be angry. It’s only two days late, it won’t be too big of an influence.”

“Not to you, of course.” Li Sisi replied, “I own 10% of the shares, right? I’ll never understand how this lousy milk tea shop got so popular, you earned at least a few tens of thousands today. Honestly speaking, Young Master, why don’t we ditch this bar and change it to a milk tea shop? Even a bar does not earn that much.”

Since Li Niannian was the one who bought the ingredients, she had a general idea of the base cost for the milk tea even if she did not know the recipe.

“The milk tea shop has already brought in 270 thousand pure profit since the business started yesterday. And this is only the beginning!”

“It’s already 270 thousand now and this is only the beginning? What will happen when it reaches its peak? The bar can’t even do that much in a day. Of course, there are exceptions.”

“That’s different.” Chu Tian smiled, “The bar is the bar. Besides, how would I get to know Sisi-Jie if the bar didn’t exist, right?”

“What a sweet talker.” Li Sisi grinned.

“Alright, big sis, don’t be angry.” Li Sisi said, “Let’s have our lunch quickly, they’re going to become cold soon.”

When the three finally settled down for lunch, Li Sisi asked, “Ah right, Young Master, when are you going to tell your darling about this?”

“Huh?” Chu Tian laughed and replied, “Sisi-Jie, have I ever told you that I would reveal this to her?”

“Tsk, that goes without saying.” Li Sisi responded with a laugh, “Bai Bai Milk Tea, Chun Chun Bar, aren’t these all part of the surprise? If you’re not going to surprise her with these surprises, what use do they have?”

Chu Tian grinned as he nodded, “I’ll do it on Monday. We’ll have to at least wait till the bar is opened for business, I’ll tell Xiao-Bai then. I hope she won’t be too shocked.”

“That’s hard to say.” Li Niannian laughed, “To think that your own boyfriend, who you thought was poor, became a rich Young Master all of a sudden? She’ll be shocked, without a doubt.”

“You guys have been going out for a while now, have you prepared any other gifts for her?” Li Sisi asked.

“Yeah.” Chu Tian said, “It has been so long, and I have not even given her a single flower. Which is why I have decided to prepare her a better present.”

“At what price point?” Li Sisi asked, “You can always consult me.”

“At least 10 million.” Chu Tian answered, “It can’t be below 10 million.”

“Huh?” Both Li Sisi and Li Niannian stopped in their tracks after hearing Chu Tian’s answer. The pair of siblings stared at Chu Tian blankly. 

Li Sisi’s eyes widened, “At least 10 million, damn. Young Master, you don’t mind having a few more women, do you? Why do I want to be your mistress so much now?”

“What?” Chu Tian laughed, “Sisi-Jie, stop joking and give me some suggestions. I have no idea what to buy as a present since I’ve never bought any presents for a female before.”

“Just give her cash directly.” Li Niannian suggested, “10 million is a lot of cash, how impactful is that?”

“Just shut up, you.” Li Sisi looked at Chu Tian and said, “Young Master, will you consider a house or a car?”

“No.” Chu Tian replied, “How can that be considered a present?”

“Accessories, then.” Li Sisi advised, “If you want it to be at least 10 million, it can only be accessories. How about this, I’ll set aside some time and look around jewellery shops in the city district. I’ll pick out a few and let you choose afterwards.”

“That works.” Chu Tian said, “Then, I’m thanking you in advance, Sisi-Jie.”

“Hai, what is there to thank me for? We’re so close that we’ve even slept in the same bed before.”


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