Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

Buying at 19 million

Only after she took out a pair of white gloves from her pocket and put it on, did Manager Cheng take out a key to unlock the glass case.

She took the mannequin together with the necklace cautiously, handing it over to Chu Tian with both hands.

It felt heavy!

Chu Tian had a feel of the ice-cold texture and looked towards Li Sisi with a smile, “Come, darling, try it on.”

Li Sisi pursed her lips and smiled in return. She walked towards him and stopped directly in front of him. She then used both her hands to gather and grab all her hair, lifting her long hair up.

Chu Tian’s hands went around Li Sisi’s neck, only walking backwards a few steps after he had placed the necklace around her neck as he nodded in satisfaction.

It really was beautiful!

Li Sisi and Bai Xiaochun were the same, both of them have fair and clear skin. There was a sense of nobility surrounding her when the sparkling necklace decorated her neck, making the wearer even prettier and more dazzling.

“Oh my god, so beautiful.” The sales representative said with envy, “It literally seems like it was made for you. It really suits your temperament and it makes you look even prettier.”

Manager Cheng stood at the side and added with a smile, “It really does suit you. Here, please have a look at the mirror over here.”

Wearing the necklace, Li Sisi walked directly towards a full-length mirror and looked at her own reflection. Li Sisi bit her lips and beamed, “It really is very pretty.”

“Do you like it, darling?” Chu Tian chuckled, “Let’s buy it if you like it.”

Li Sisi glanced at Chu Tian and could not help but laugh.

He was saying it as if he was going to buy it for her. She was merely a “tool”, alright?

Was he going to not buy it if she said she did not like it?

He had to buy the necklace today no matter what!

Because it was supposed to be a present to Bai Xiaochun.

Li Sisi shook her head and pouted, “Although it’s beautiful, I don’t like it.”


Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi, speechless. He really wanted to slap her butt right now.

She really did not care for his pride!

Chu Tian pointed at Li Sisi with a smile on his face, “What a bad woman who doesn’t mean what she said. She’s saying that she doesn’t like it, but she’s actually so happy that even flowers are blooming in her heart. Don’t think I don’t know you’ll definitely want to buy it. Manager Cheng, I’m buying this necklace, are there any discounts?”

He could not let Li Sisi speak again, she was always trying to undermine him.

“This…” Manager Cheng seemed to be in a difficult situation, “Mister, if you really want this, let me take 100,000 off the price.”

“Don’t joke with me.” Chu Tian said, “A 19 million necklace and you’re only giving me 100,000 off? This is not appropriate, is it?”

“But this necklace, really can’t make much of a profit…”

Chu Tian waved his hand to interrupt. “Manager Cheng, I’m not a child, there’s no way I can believe that. I’m sure you know more than I do whether it’s profitable or not. How about this? I'll not argue with you about this discount. I’ll pay 19 million, not a single cent short, but you need to give me another accessory.”

“This…” Manager Cheng hesitated for a second before she asked, “Which one? I have to look at the price first.”

“This way.”

He led the group directly to the gems and jade section as he spoke.

Chu Tian pointed at the pair of dark green coloured dangling jade earrings in the glass sales counter.

“Huh?” Manager Cheng creased her brows and said, “T-this is not appropriate. This is a pair of imperial jade and there are even diamonds embedded around it. This pair of earrings cost 850,000, it is too expensive. We really can not give this away like that.”

“That’s not even enough for a 5% discount.” Chu Tian said, “A 5% discount of a 19 million necklace is 950,000 and this is only 850,000. Don’t tell me you can’t even give me a bit of a discount?”

“Let’s forget it.” Li Sisi interrupted, “It’s so expensive and I don’t really like it anyway. I guess they’re not sincere in wanting to sell it since they aren’t willing even though it is only a small discount. I don’t want it anymore.”

“Alright, alright.”

Hearing Li Sisi words, Manager Cheng quickly smiled apologetically, “Since I can tell that both of you do indeed like it, I will sell both of these at 19 million.”

The sales representative quickly went behind the counter to retrieve the pair of earrings and said happily, “Allow me to help you.”

As she was talking, the sales representative helped Li Sisi take out the platinum earrings that she was wearing initially. She then used alcohol to clean the earrings before helping Li Sisi put on the new pair of jade earrings.

The two dark green jades the size of a nail were surrounded by sparkling small diamonds. They looked like the bright-coloured emerald green leaves that accompany a red flower.

When Li Sisi went in front of the mirror once again, she could not help but smile when she saw her own reflection.

“How beautiful.” The sales representative moved closer to look at Li Sisi’s reflection in the mirror. She spoke in a low voice, “Your husband must love you a lot. Let’s not cheat on him anymore. Seeing how much he pampers you, you need to cherish him properly, right?”

Li Sisi nearly could not hold back her laughter. She nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll not cheat on him anymore.”

Manager Cheng stood beside Chu Tian and said with a smile, “It is too beautiful, it really is a perfect fit. Mister, you have a very good taste not only in accessories but also in your lover. Your lover is very stunning. It is really rare to see anyone who has your lover’s good appearance and temperament in the whole of Haicheng.”

Chu Tian nodded and smiled, “Let’s settle the bills.”

“Yes, please come with me, Mister.”

Ten minutes later, Li Sisi hugged Chu Tian’s arm and walked out of the shop together with Manager Cheng and the sales representative.

The necklace on her neck was gone, but she was still wearing the pair of jade dangling earrings.

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