Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Indeed, She Doesn’t Know

… Was that all?

Chu Tian thought he’d be in deep trouble when Bai Xiaochun picked up a strand of Li Sisi’s hair on his clothes just now.

Who would have known Bai Xiaochun would let it go so easily.

“So…” Chu Tian asked, “That was all?”

“That’s all.” Bai Xiaochun rolled her eyes, “Guess it’s my fault for not being able to watch my boyfriend properly, what else can I do? I’ll forgive you just this one since you bought me the big roasted sausages. Remember, no more next time or I’ll beat you to death.”

TL/N: *facepalm* This girl isn’t this smart either.

PR/N *spits out blood* I have the torch, someone bring the pitchfork

Seeing Bai Xiaochun acting as if she was taking it very seriously, Chu Tian chuckled and gave her a smooch on her cheek.

Bai Xiaochun’s lips curl into a smile and said, “Just look at you, you stinky hoodlum. Ah right, is she pretty? Does she have a good body? Does she love you as much as I love you?”

“No.” Chu Tian shook his head, “My darling is the best in the universe, she loves me the most.”

“Hmph, glad that you know it. Don’t go messing around from now on, or I’ll really beat you up.”

At half-past nine at night, at the school’s sports field, Bai Xiaochun was hugging Chu Tian’s arm joyfully as she recounted her experience playing cards with her classmates in the dormitory.

“Ah, right, darling.”

As if she had just recalled something, Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked towards the black paper bag Chu Tian was carrying and asked, “What are you carrying in there?”

Chu Tian grinned mysteriously and answered, “Take a guess.”


Seeing Chu Tian’s secretive behaviour, as if she recalled something, Bai Xiaochun chuckled and asked, “Why are you being so mysterious? Don’t tell me it’s a surprise for me?”

TL/N: Why is she always “as if she recalled something?” Author, please.

PR/N: coming from someone who writes a novel, it works

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