Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

The Police Officers Are Here

In Class 6 of the nursing department in Haicheng University of Medicine, Sun Nana looked at the time on her phone again and again as she kept grumbling internally.

Why were they not here yet?!

The speed the police officers got dispatched was too slow, it was only 20 minutes left before class ended and it was not an outcome she wished to see.

That’s because once the class bell rang, all the students would leave the classroom very quickly. And if the classroom became empty, then no one else would be able to witness the scene.

It would be much more exciting if they had an audience!

Although Bai Xiaochun did not have much relation to Chu Tian’s theft of the diamond necklace, it was, after all, still on her neck. And when he was caught, she would evitable be involved so the police officers need to bring Bai Xiaochun away in front of all her classmates. This way, the whole class would know what was happening.

And at that time, she, Sun Nana, would be the hero.

She could even imagine what her classmate would say then.

“Wow, Nana, you’re so amazing! How did you find out about Bai Xiaochun’s boyfriend being a thief?”

“Nana, your eyes are so sharp! No wonder you can recognise that that was an insanely expensive diamond necklace.”

“Nana, you really are meticulous. It was all thanks to you reporting to the police in secret or  Chu Tian would have escaped.”

“Nana, you’re too outstanding! To think you’ve single-handedly solved a theft case that involves over ten million.”

And on the other hand, Bai Xiaochun would be discussed and judged by others.

For example,

“Look, that’s Bai Xiaochun, a superficial woman. Her boyfriend even stole to satisfy her vanity, he even ended up in jail.”

“He must have been really unlucky to be involved with a girlfriend like Bai Xiaochun.”

“I never would have thought that Bai Xiaochun would be such a vain woman. What use is there if she only has a pretty face? She still disgusts me with her ethics, I feel sorry for her boyfriend.”

Just by thinking about what would soon happen, Sun Nana felt so happy that she could not even keep a smile off her face.

They need to come soon!

Mr Police, you must come quickly!

Don’t you dare arrive only when the class is over!

It won’t be fun if the class is over!

Just as Sun Nana was anticipating what she had imagined in her heart, a knock came from the classroom door suddenly and two police officers, one male and one female, could be seen at the door. 

“As for a male’s physiology, it has a…”

The physiology teacher, who was still in the middle of his lecture, creased his brows at the sight of those two police officers. He then put down the chalk in his hand and walked towards them.

Seeing that, the students began whispering to each other in the classroom.

“Hm? Why are the officers here?”

“I wonder what happened, why did the police officers come to our class?”

“Don’t tell me someone has committed a crime, why are the officers here?”

A smile spread across Sun Nana’s face as she listened to chattering and whispers between the students, absolutely pleased with herself. She then fixed her hair and swept her hair to her back, making sure to look more energetic.

Hmph, no one knows what happened, right?

I do!

Just wait for a good show!

After a minute or so, the physiology teacher returned to the door and said, “Sun Nana, come out for a second.”

Sun Nana straightened herself and lifted her head, an indistinct smile on her face as she stepped out with her high heels.

“What’s the situation? Why are they looking for Sun Nana?”

“Did Sun Nana do something wrong?”

“Don’t tell me did Sun Nana do something against the law and was caught by the police?”

“Impossible, look at how rich her boyfriend is, she does not lack anything so there’s no reason for her to commit a crime.”

The classmates weren’t the only ones who were curious, even Bai Xiaochun looked at the girls beside her in curiosity as she tried to listen in to their conversation, “Why did they look for Nana, did she do something?”

“I don’t know either, I’ve not heard about her doing anything.”

The physiology teacher closed the classroom door straightaway once Sun Nana came out and asked, “Nana, did you call the police?”

“Yes, Teacher, it was indeed me.” Sun Nana nodded.

So it really was her, it wasn’t someone else trying to imitate her to play a prank on her.

The physiology teacher nodded, “They are the officers in charge of our university’s administrative region. Come over and explain what’s happening.”

The policewoman looked towards Sun Nana and said, “Miss Sun, you said you discovered a major theft case that involves a value of ten million. Did you witness it or do you have some other evidence?”

“I did not witness it.” Sun Nana said, “But, Miss Policewoman, I saw what was stolen, it’s currently on my classmate’s neck.”

The policewoman creased her brows, “Your classmate is currently wearing it?”

“Yeah, her name is Bai Xiaochun.” Sun Nana replied, “I happened to see it on her neck during our break just now. I could tell with just a glance that it’s a diamond necklace that cost at least ten million. She said it was a present from her boyfriend, but her boyfriend is extremely poor, there’s no way he could have afforded it so he must have stolen it from someone else.”

The male police officer on the side creased his brows and said, “Miss Sun, so you’re saying that this is actually your guess and that you are actually not sure whether or not the necklace on your classmate’s neck is stolen or not, right?”

“Er…” Sun Nana thought for a moment before she responded, “Mr Policeman, it must have been stolen, her boyfriend is really poor, almost the whole of our university knows. Where else could he have gotten that necklace from if he did not steal it? All you have to do is seize and investigate him, I’m sure the truth will be revealed straight away. He must have stolen it.”

The policewoman and the male police officer glanced at each other. The policewoman then shifted her gaze towards the physiology teacher and said, “Mr Liu, may I trouble you to call Miss Bai Xiaochun out? Since the case is reported, and it is indeed suspicious too, I think we need to treat this case seriously.”

“Yes.” The physiology teacher responded, “But I think we should continue this conversation in the office instead. It isn’t that appropriate to be having such a discussion in the corridor.”

“I understand.” The policewoman nodded, “Then Mr Liu, I’ll leave it to you to call for her, we’ll wait at the office.”


Mr Liu nodded before he opened the classroom door once again and said, “Bai Xiaochun, come out for a moment.”

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