Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 117: The Difference between Wealthy Classes

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Chapter 117: The Difference between Wealthy Classes

Seeing Sun Nana's serious expression, Chu Tian frowned and said, "Nana, why didn't you explain this situation to me earlier?"

"Yeah, Nana." Bai Xiaochun agreed, "You've encountered this before. Why didn't you tell Chu Tian and me earlier?"

"There was no chance." Sun Nana bitterly smiled and said, "Besides, this matter has ended up, and even I had made Chu Tian feel embarrassed. Guys, I'm sorry."

"Hey, don't say that." Chu Tian said, "Nana, this thought of yours is good. However, I must treat you to this meal today."

"No, no." Sun Nana said, "I agreed to apologise…"

"Okay." Chu Tian interrupted, "Nana; you said this like you have slapped me in the face. No need for an apology; we are just friends; let it go. It’s like you don’t consider us as friends."

"This…" Sun Nana looked at Bai Xiaochun helplessly. "Xiaochun, look at your boyfriend. Hurry up and persuade him."

"Oh, that's enough, Nana." Bai Xiaochun said, "Don't argue anymore. Let him treat you to today's meal. This matter is different. It's worth it if the university can make you a friend."

"Alright then." Sun Nana smiled bitterly, "Next time, I'll invite you. We agreed that I'd invite you next time. We can't argue anymore."


"Bye-bye, Chu Tian, ​​bye-bye, Xiaochun, see you tomorrow."

"All right, see you tomorrow. Be safe on the road."

Seven-thirty at night!

At the entrance of the western restaurant, Sun Nana waved at Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun with a smile. Then she sat in a taxi.

Seeing Sun Nana leave in the car, Bai Xiaochun looked at Chu Tian and said with a smile, "My God, Sun Nana is such a powerful woman. It's true. If I did not know what kind of person she was, I would have become a sister to her. I almost said I was grateful today."

Chu Tian chuckled and said, "It's like what Sisi said. She isn't a good person. If she was an ordinary person, she could play around."

"What about next?" Bai Xiaochun smiled. "What should we do next?"

"Let's go back to the bar." Chu Tian smiled and said, "Let's go talk to Sisi. This girl, I don't think I can play with her, baby; go back to the bar."


"Giggle Giggle ……"


At 8:30 pm, in the room on the second floor of the bar, Li Sisi giggled at Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun and said, "How about it? Did I say it right? Sun Nana isn't simple, right?"

"Isn't simple." Chu Tian took a sip of beer and said, "Even the black can be washed white. The problem is, what you say is reasonable. I feel like she is the person who silently pays her back and doesn't ask for anything back."

Chu Tian put down the beer and said, "But, Sisi, there's something I still don't understand. What do you think this Sun Nana wants?"

"Her boyfriend's condition is not bad. The Ferrari is on, and the villa. There's no need to think about it. The family has money. Why would she want to seduce me? What does she want? I might not be richer than her boyfriend."

Li Sisi smiled and shook the red wine into her glass. "My dear young master, you don't even know why she seduced you. It's really… Hey, big baby, come, you tell me."

"Well….." Bai Xiaochun thought about it and chuckled, "Sister Sisi, I don't know. Her boyfriend is already wealthy. Why did she seduce Chu Tian? I don't understand either."

Seeing that Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun knew nothing, Li Sisi couldn't help but say helplessly, "Hey, Both of you are dumb. Both of you really can’t understand what she wants."

Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun shook their heads.

"It's simple." Li Sisi put down her glass and said, "Sun Nana's boyfriend is very rich. With his condition, the family doesn't lack money."

"But, do you know how difficult it is for Sun Nana to become a rich young lady?"

"It's not that easy to enter a rich family's door. It's a great cause for everyone. You can't just look for a daughter-in-law."

"They won't object if her boyfriend talks about her girlfriend. After all, their son is already old. It's good that he likes someone. But they must pass the parental test if they want to marry."

"Sun Nana is so dishonest. She has almost no hope of entering his door."

"Let's talk about the Pure Star. 19 million. Young master, you can buy it as you, please. As long as it's suitable for your love, you don't care how much it costs."

"But Sun Nana's boyfriend can't do it. Doesn't his family have 19 million? He'll be able to bring it out. But his parents will have to stop him even if it's only 9 million."

"What kind of woman is she? She's just a freshman, yet she dares to ask for a gift worth nine million. What qualifications does she have to ask for it?"

"If Sun Nana dares to say this, she will be directly blocklisted by her boyfriend's parents, never wanting to become the family's daughter-in-law in this life. No way, such a woman, people will not want. She will never be a daughter-in-law in her life. She doesn't even have a family background. She won't want such a woman."

"But, Young Master, you're different as you're alone. She can become the lady of a rich family if you take care of her. On the other hand, it's very difficult to take care of her boyfriend and his parents."

"In short, Young Master, it's easy to enter the family on your side, while it's hard to enter the mansion on that side. That's the difference. Do you understand?"

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