Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 137: Looking for Some Excitement Tonight

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Chapter 137: Looking for Some Excitement Tonight

Chapter 137: Looking for Some Excitement Tonight

Five o'clock in the afternoon!

Near the entrance of Haicheng Medical University, Chu Tian was playing with his phone while waiting for Sun Nana.

And at the school entrance, which was only about two hundred meters away, there was a parked van on the roadside. It was on the passenger's side. A man in his 30s was staring at Chu Tian.

"Big Brother, is this him?"

In the driver's seat, a smoking man suddenly asked.

"That's right; it's him." The man sitting in the passenger seat put down his binoculars and said, "He's quite damn tall. To be safe, it's best if two people do it together."

"This is no problem."

In the back seat, there were two people, four in all.

One of them said, "As for the four of us, we'll leave the Third Brother behind to drive. How could the three of us not be able to take care of him?"

"Let's see what happens." The man in the passenger seat lit a cigarette and said, "You might not be able to find an opportunity today. If you don't have the chance, be patient. Do not beat the grass to scare the snake. Ten million is worth it."

"Yeah." One of them said, "Brother, what is this kid's background? Why is he so damn valuable? 10 million? This is enough to buy over ten lives.”

"No matter where he comes from, just remember he's worth 10 million."


"Hey, Chu Tian. "

Another ten minutes passed. Suddenly, a smiling voice rang out. Sun Nana was wearing a sexy short skirt and a pair of pink high heels as she came to Chu Tian’s side.

Chu Tian turned around and smiled, saying, "Wow, Nana, you are so sexy; your little skirt is so short that your back is almost exposed."

Sun Nana smiled and hit Chu Tian's arm, saying, "This is just style, don’t you like it?"

"No, no." Chu Tian smiled and said, "It's good-looking; you better know how to wear it. It highlights all the advantages of your body."

Sun Nana smiled as she lifted her hair and said, "Did you wait a long time? I accidentally spread my face with makeup after class. After all, I can't come in front of you without makeup."

"Oh, my God." Chu Tian smiled and said, "If you say this, you really don’t need to put on makeup. You're so beautiful, even without makeup on your face."

Hearing Chu Tian's words, Sun Nana giggled and said, "Oh right, did you quarrel with Xiaochun? Why didn't you bring Xiaochun with you today?"

"She's busy." Chu Tian said, "Let's go. I just searched for it. There's a western restaurant over there. It's a little farther away. It's fine anyway, let's do it; let's go over there."

"Are you tired of wearing high heels?"

"I'm not tired. I'm used to wearing high-heeled shoes every day. I'll be fine all day shopping in high-heeled shoes…"


Five in the afternoon!

In an ordinary western restaurant, Chu Tian and Sun Nana ordered a steak, a few dishes, and juice before handing the menu to the waiter.

It wasn't expensive either. They spent 610 yuan.

Sun Nana smiled and put her hair behind her ears. "Tell me, did you quarrel with Xiaochun because of something?"

"No." Chu Tian smiled and said, "What is there to argue with her? Even if we wanted to go out tonight, there weren't many good friends who thought like you."

Sun Nana teased and said again, "Then why didn't you bring Xiaochun with you? You're lying, right? What happened to the two of you? tell me."

Chu Tian said, "The main thing is, I can't bring her tonight."

"Ah?" Sun Nana smiled innocently and said, "That path is so dark, and there's no one around."

"It's just a casual stroll." Chu Tian said, "There's no place to go. Today, I really want to be alone with you and also want to talk with you all night."

"So you're not going to work at the bar tonight?"

"I'm not going." Chu Tian said, "It's not like you don't know. I'm just playing there. I won't get it tonight."

"That's okay." Sun Nana said, "It just happens that I just ate enough. I'll walk you around, but you wouldn't do anything to me, right?"

"What if I can't hold it in anymore?" Chu Tian smirked.

"That's impossible. I trust you. You can endure it. Let's go."

As he spoke, Chu Tian left directly for Sun Nana.

At the same time, in a van not too far away, the man in the front passenger seat said, "Let's go, let's follow. It doesn't look like the two of them are returning to school. I'll have a chance tonight."

"I don't think so." The man driving the car started the car and said, "This little girl's body is damn good. Maybe the two of them are going to get a room."

"Then keep an eye on them." The man in the passenger seat said, "What if there's a chance that we lost them? What about 10 million? Do you have a grudge against money?"

"Hey, that's not what I meant. I'll follow him."

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