Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 141: Chu Tian Awakened

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Chapter 141: Chu Tian Awakened

It was half past ten at night!

In a workshop, Chu Tian was lying on the ground, almost falling asleep.

Damn it!

What's the situation? Why has it yet to come over?

As for the other four men in masks, they were just chatting with one another. They seemed to be getting more and more impatient.

One of them stopped and said, "Big brother, it's been so long; why haven't they come yet?"

"Yeah, big brother." Another person said, "It's been more than an hour. They should be here now."

"That's impossible. I'm a little patient.” The man said, "Why don't we spend some time here? Besides, we've already received 2 million. What are they playing with us for? Do they want to play with us for 2 million?"

All of them looked at each other and nodded.

As if he had thought of something, the man said, "By the way, Fourth Brother, get some more medicine and get this guy more fainted. Don't wake him up to cause us any trouble."

"Hey." Fourth Brother chuckled and said, "Big Brother, how about we wake this kid up and ask him who he is?"

"Don't look for trouble." The man said, "If he awakes. What if he remembers our looks?"

"We're wearing a mask. His eyes are still not fully open." The man said, "Height and hair can be covered with a mask. Can't you be careful? Besides, the cooked duck will fly if this guy wakes up and runs away again."

"That's right, Fourth Brother." Another man said, "Don't cause trouble for nothing. We're already in this situation. We'll just wait for someone to bring the money and retreat."

"Hey, alright, then I'll go get some medicine."

Fourth Brother laughed and walked out of the ruined workshop.

Quickly, after Fourth Brother returned, he directly covered Chu Tian's mouth and nose with a wet towel for a while, then threw it to the side and said, "Just wait; if he doesn’t  move, then this kid might not even wake up tomorrow."

"Okay." The man said, "Wait patiently. They should be here soon."

Time passed bit by bit until 20 minutes had passed again when the sound of a high-heeled shoe suddenly clicked.

Hearing high heels, the four of them quickly stood together and looked over as if they were facing a great enemy.

Suddenly, the sound of high heels clicking became closer.

And Chu Tian, who was lying on the ground, also opened his eyes slightly and looked over.

the sound of high heels getting closer and closer. Finally, behind a worn-out machine, a man wearing light-colored sunglasses, wearing a suit, and carrying a large suitcase in one hand and a briefcase in the other appeared.

Seeing this man, Chu Tian couldn't help frowning.

The last time he ate with Luo Piao, the bodyguard standing at the door seemed to be similar to this guy.

After the guy named Ah Wei walked out, the sound of high heels continued, and a woman followed behind the machine.

She stopped near the Ah Wei.

She was wearing a set of women's casual clothes and a pair of short black heels. She wore a mask on her face, large glasses, and a hat on her head.

There was no way to see her face!

Nonetheless, Chu Tian recognized Luo Piao with a glance!

Holy shit!

Surprised! I didn't expect Luo Piao to come personally!

Seeing Luo Piao appear, Chu Tian almost didn't laugh. He did not waste such a long time pretending to be dead, but he actually waited for Luo Piao. This time, she was completely unable to escape.

Watching the two people getting closer and closer, suddenly, among the four, one of them whispered: "Big brother, be careful; they did not bring money."

"They brought it." Another person said, "Look, how big is the luggage?"

"Not. 8 million in cash. Do you know how heavy it is? The newly released "Big Red Ticket" will cost 184 pounds. If you include the effects of dampness, it will cost at least 200 pounds. Look at him. He's carrying over 200 pounds with one hand, yet he's so relaxed. How is that possible? Not to mention one hand, can you lift over 200 pounds with both hands?"

This ……

Hearing the man say so, the boss's leader could not help frowning.

That appeared to be the case!

Finally, when the two groups of people were four or five meters apart, Luo Piao and Ah Wei stopped.

Ah Wei stepped forward and placed the luggage in his hands on the ground. He pushed it over and said without any emotion, "8 million dollars in cash. It's all in the box."

The four of them looked suspiciously at the box in front of them. One of them stepped forward and opened it.

As the box was opened, the big red banknotes filled with boxes were stacked.

Seeing this, this person hurriedly looked at the other three.

The leader looked at Ah Wei and said, "Is there any fake money?"

"Don't worry, it's all real money." Ah Wei said, "Eight million, not a fraction of it. We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. Playing tricks on you is just playing tricks on us. Now you just need to bring money and leave Haicheng overnight. In the next five years; you are not allowed to come here again."

The boss nodded and said, "Hey, what do you have in your hand? Take it out and let us look."

Wei looked at the man quietly for a few seconds before opening his suitcase.

"Crack! "

The suitcase opened, and a black bag fell out. There was a dense pile of knives in the briefcase. spikes, a scalpel, a vice, forceps, scissors, a syringe, and a few bottles of liquid.

Seeing these things, the man unconsciously felt a chill behind his back.

It looked like this guy was a torture expert.

The man took a deep breath and gestured to the ground. "Then, what is that?"

Ah, Wei did not speak. He directly opened the black bag on the ground and calmly said, "Put the body bag. Don’t interfere with our work. It’s none of your business to know the stuff."

When they heard Ah Wei say this, the four of them glared at each other. The first boss coughed dryly and said, "Our transaction is over. Don't worry; we will leave tonight. In the next five years, we will never come to Haicheng again. Hey, Third Brother, let's go."

"Alright, big brother. "

Just as Third Brother was about to close the luggage and leave together, suddenly, behind the four of them, Chu Tian gave a muffled groan and stood up in a daze.

With both hands covering his head, Chu Tian frowned and said, "Damn, my head is so heavy!"

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