Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 147: He must be a Monster

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Chapter 147: He must be a Monster

2:30 in the morning!

Inside the Haicheng police station, Xia Mo was sorting out the case when suddenly, the office door opened and Xiao Liu walked in.

"Team Xia."  Seeing this, Xia Mo put down the pen in her hand and said, "How's the interrogation going?"

"Some progress has been made." Xiao Liu said, "The five of them are interrogated separately, and the situation is basically clear."

"Four of the five men were in the same group. They were here to kidnap Chu Tian."

"But the person behind them isn't Luo Piao. Ah Wei was the one who was killed by Chu Tian, and Ah Wei was the one who found them. The four of them have never seen Luo Piao, and they do not know her."

Xia Mo frowned and nodded. "So, isn't the evidence sufficient to target Luo Piao?"

"Yes. But in this simple kidnapping, Luo Piao is relatively easy to get away; after all, Ah Wei has died, and if there is no Ah Wei's testimony, if Luo Piao blames Ah Wei for all this, and Ah Wei is already dead, even if she said that she is also a victim, she is forced to go by Ah Wei," Xiao Liu said.

Xia Mo took a deep breath and said, "Tell me the details."

"All right," Xiao Liu said, sitting down, "The four of them came from Guangxi, and they all have criminal records. They've all been in prison before, and they met in prison."

"According to their testimony, Ah Wei found them on Tuesday. They said that he wanted them to come to Haicheng to kidnap a person, namely Chu Tian. The reward was 10 million yuan. He paid a deposit of 2 million yuan first, and the remaining 8 million yuan will be given after the matter is completed."

Then they came to Haicheng this morning. After preparing, they began to guard Chu Tian and find an opportunity to kidnap him.

"I didn't expect it to be so smooth. They just came here today and found an opportunity. At that time, it was around 8:30 p.m., and they saw Chu Tian and Sun Nana. There was no one else, so they acted decisively."

"They first fainted Chu Tian and Sun Nana, then they hid the unconscious Sun Nana in the roadside green belt and kidnapped Chu Tian alone."

"Because they agreed on the location of the delivery point after the four of them tied Chu Tian up, they directly brought him to the abandoned factory. Then they called Ah Wei and asked him to bring the remaining 8 million in cash in exchange.”

"This matches the money we found in the workshop. The cash in the workshop, including those infected with blood, has been counted. It's 8 million yuan."

"However, as for what will happen to Chu Tian after he falls into Ah Wei's hands, these four people don't know about it, and they didn't inquire about it."

"Originally, after they received the money, they planned to leave, but at this time, Chu Tian suddenly woke up, and they started fighting. They didn't expect Chu Tian to be so good at fighting, and he knocked the four of them unconscious. This was the entire process, and the four of them had the same confession."

Xia Mo frowned and was silent for a while.  "O, there are no charges against Luo Piao?"

"No." Xiao Liu said, "They really didn't know about Luo Piao, and now that Chu Tian has killed Ah Wei, he's missing a point. Although we know that Luo Piao is the one behind this, there's no evidence we have to handle this case."

"Hey, it's really hard to say this time, Luo Piao is really likely to go out in a big way."

"What about Luo Piao?" Xia Mo asked, "Didn't she explain anything?"

"Don't say anything." Xiao Liu said, "Luo Piao just said one word, that where is my lawyer, and if she wants to see a lawyer, there is nothing else."

Xia Mo rubbed her forehead with a headache and sighed. "Chu Tian too. Why did he kill Ah Wei? This is really hard to deal with.  Without  Ah Wei, if Luo Piao's lawyer comes and teaches her what to say, she can use her identity as a victim and directly get rid of her crime."

"Yeah." Xiao Liu agreed, "He should just kill those four people. There was no need to kill Ah Wei. With Ah Wei's death, Luo Piao would have a chance to escape. Captain Xia, what should we do next?"

"Continue to interrogate." Xia Mo frowned, "While there is still time in the evening, we must try to get the words out of Luo Piaopiao's mouth. After the director comes tomorrow, I will report to the director and try to buy as much time as possible to delay the interrogations so that Luo Piao couldn’t contact the lawyer early, otherwise in the current situation, once her lawyer came, she would basically get away."

Xiao Liu nodded. Just as he was about to continue interrogating Luo Piao, the office door opened, and another policeman entered.

"Team Xia, it's a big discovery. It really opened my eyes tonight."

Looking at the excited policeman, Xia Mo asked curiously, "What is it? tell us."

"The identity of Ah Wei has been confirmed. This guy, Ah Wei, full name Zhang Wei, 33 years old, has graduated from the Henan Songshan school of martial arts, where he had been learning martial arts since childhood," Exclaimed the male cop.

"At the age of 23, Zhang Wei disappeared after he went abroad. However, according to the reliable information just investigated, he has been working as a mercenary abroad, and he is a mercenary in a war zone. Mercenaries, Captain Xia, do you know what this means?"

"This means that Zhang Wei alone wipes out all the members of our police station, Captain Xia. Is Chu Tian a monster?"


Xia Mo stared blankly at the policeman and suddenly frowned. "Are you sure this Zhang Wei's news is true?"

"100% Reliable." It wasn't until three years ago that Zhang Wei returned to the country. Then he became Luo Piao's bodyguard. His expenses are very high. His salary is $30 million a year."

Xiao Liu looked at Xia Mo and said, "Captain Xia, this… Tonight was a little exciting. Chu Tian actually killed such an awesome character. How did he do it?"

How did you do that?

Xia Mo tapped her fingers on the table and said, "Alright, don't worry about these useless things. Send me a copy of Zhang Wei's information, and then hurry up and interrogate Luo Piao."

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