Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 156: Fate and White Milk Tea Compatibility

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Chapter 156: Fate and White Milk Tea Compatibility

Chu Tian did not understand the difference in price between the 880,000 and 580,000 set meals. Each one of them was delicious.

There were shark's-fin bird nests, abalone, and sea cucumbers. However, the liquor seemed to have changed.

Chu Tian was unaware, but Li Sisi knew that 88 million packages containing three bottles of red wine, according to Li Sisi, were equivalent to over 100,000 superb wines.

For this reason, she drank at least a bottle and did not care about their cars.

Finally, until 9 p.m. and the end of the meal, Luo Dawei said, "Mr. Chu, aren't you curious about my second matter?"

After Luo Dawei completed the first topic, they began conversing about another topic. In the end, Chu Tian never asked him what the second thing was, and Luo Dawei never mentioned it again, as if he had forgotten.

"Oh, yes."

Chu Tian appeared to have just remembered after Luo Dawei had mentioned it, he said, "What is your second matter, Boss Luo? Check out my mind. When we started talking, I forgot about this topic."

Luo Dawei chuckled and said, "Actually, the second thing I did when I came to Haicheng was mainly about your White Milk Tea, Mr. Chu."

"Oh." Chu Tian nodded slowly and said, "It is still because of the white milk tea. Boss Luo, how much do you plan to pay this time?"

"No, no, no." Luo Dawei shook his head and said, "I'm different from Luo Piao. She was a bit of a fool last time. I want to have a serious talk with you. I am not here to buy your White Milk Tea. The concern is to buy shares."

"Share?" Chu Tian was silent for a moment and said, "It means you want to invest in my White Milk Tea Shop?"

"Yes." Luo Dawei said, "I want to join your national chain store plan. Do not worry; I only have a certain number of shares. I won't interfere in any management matters."

Chu Tian stared into Luo Dawei's eyes for two or three seconds, then suddenly smiled and said, "Boss Luo, it's interesting. How did you know that I have a national chain store plan?"

It's exposed!

Only Li Niannian knew about the national chain store plan. How did Luo Dawei know about it?

Obviously, the man who planned to instigate Li Niannian last time was one of them.

Luo Dawei was taken aback for a moment, and said with a smile: "This is obvious. Your White Milk Tea is so popular that it must be necessary to develop national chain stores. Our Xiang Piao Milk Tea also came from this stage. After all, we are colleagues, and I can definitely guess Mr. Chu's next move."

"Oh, so that's how it is." Chu Tian thought for a while and said, "However, I'm afraid it's a bit early to answer your question. Indeed, I have such a plan in mind, but at present, I don't know what to do. It’s not going on; it’s just a simple idea. If we talk about it now, it’s really impossible to discuss this topic.”

"Understood." Luo Dawei smiled, "It's just that if you plan to officially promote this national chain store plan later, I hope you can tell me as I am really interested in becoming a shareholder, and we can discuss it in detail at that time."

"That's no problem." Chu Tian said, "But isn't Boss Luo afraid?"

Luo Dawei was stunned for a moment and said, "What do you mean, what are you afraid of?"

"It's nothing." Chu Tian smiled, "I'm a person who believes in the theory of fortune telling. If it were me, I wouldn't do it. Really, such a thing happened, it shows that , White Milk Tea and my fate are incompatible; there is no such fate."

"Same as Miss Luo Piao, I suspect that the White Milk Tea overwhelmed her. She was fine, but nothing happened. It's so frustrating to be dragged into such big trouble suddenly."

"If I were you, Boss Luo, I really wouldn't buy shares. Otherwise, maybe I'll be beaten by White Milk Tea for nothing, and I might be caught too."

Seeing Chu Tian's serious expression, Luo Dawei laughed and said, "You are quite interesting, you are a university student, what kind of fortune-telling theory do you still believe in?"

"I really believe it." Chu Tian said with a serious face, "When my bar opened and the White Milk Tea Shop opened, I had looked for an expert before. For the two stores, just looking at Feng Shui or something like that, I spent more than $2 million."

Li Sisi was speechless as she looked at Chu Tian; she wanted to kick him.

He really could talk nonsense!

Li Sisi had said that she wanted to look for an expert, but Chu Tian rejected it at that time. He said that he didn't believe this.

Now, with a change of tone, he turned around and became a believer.

He didn't even spend 20 cents, right?

"I can understand this." Luo Dawei smiled, "Actually, it's not just you; out of 10 of our businessmen, eight half-believe in this. Unfortunately, I just don't believe in this. "

Chu Tian frowned and said, "Boss Luo, you're too obstinate, this is not good. Miss Piao has already entered; don't turn your head and enter."

"Hahaha." Luo Dawei laughed and said, "It's absolutely impossible; I'll go in? What do I expect to get in? Who will let me in?"

"Metaphysics." Chu Tian said, "Maybe it's really a thing. Metaphysics is unreasonable. Really, Boss Luo, you'd better believe it. Otherwise, you may go in tonight or tomorrow. Well, it can’t be nonsense.”

Luo Dawei said with a smile: "Okay, when I have time to study, I’ll learn about this; by the way, Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu, are you satisfied with what you ate tonight?"

Chu Tian said, "This is an 880,000 set meal; this is very delicious. I'm very satisfied."

"Yes, Boss Luo." Li Sisi smiled, "I really enjoyed eating tonight."

"Well, as long as you are satisfied." Luo Dawei smiled, "So, after Luo Piao comes out tomorrow, let's find time to get together again."

"Of course." Chu Tian said, "I'll invite you to the next meal, and I'll treat it as a welcome for Miss Luo Piao."

"Let's talk about it." Luo Dawei smiled and said, "It's fine if you have this intention. It's just a meal, and it doesn't matter who pays for it. Then, what is your plan next?"

"I really have something to do tonight." Chu Tian thought for a while and said, "My wife and I have to go back to the bar."

"Then I'll have someone send you there."

"No need." Chu Tian said, "We just took a stroll, and we just had a full meal, so it's good to go for a walk."

"Then I'll ask someone to drive the car back for you. Mrs. Chu drank a lot, so you must not be able to drive."

"No need." Chu Tian waved his hand and said, "Tomorrow we will drop by and drive away. We won't lose it all night. Boss Luo, then we will leave first."

"Well, I'll see you off then."

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