Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 158: The Truth of Passing by

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Chapter 158: The Truth of Passing by

Time passed by in a flash. In the blink of an eye, it was eleven o'clock at night.

Initially, Xia Mo only wanted to turn on random audio. However, after listening to the first one, she felt like she was addicted to it and could no longer stop. Only after listening to all the audio in one breath did she stop.

Xia Mo looked at the computer screen in shock. She was so shocked that she did not know what to say.

Because, just like the title of this email, the audio content was all about how to kidnap Chu Tian and make him say the formula for White Milk Tea, then destroy the body and make him disappear.

Behind the scenes, there were only two!

Luo Dawei, Luo Piao.

Ah Wei was also suspected as one of the main criminals, he was mainly responsible for contacting the kidnappers, then torturing Chu Tian. He was also suspected as one of the main criminals, forcing Chu Tian to tell the White Milk Tea formula, and finally killing him again and destroying the body.

But who was it that sent her this email?

How did he get the audio of these calls?

"Team Xia"

Xia Mo snapped back to her senses when she heard Xiao Liu call her. "Huh? What's wrong?"

"Team Xia, what's wrong?" Xiao Liu said, "I've already called you a few times. It's getting late, so stop researching. Go to the lounge and rest. You've already done your best."

Xia Mo took off the earpiece on her right ear and thought for a moment before saying, "Xiao Liu, make arrangements and interrogate Luo Piao immediately."

"Ah?" Xiao Liu said innocently, "Captain Xia, is there still a trial? It's useless. She already knows how to escape now. There would not be any results."

Xia Mo smiled and said, "Come here, I'll show you something."

Looking at Xia Mo's indescribable smile, Xiao Liu was first surprised. Then he came over and put an earpiece on his ear.

Soon, after Xia Mo played a few audio clips, Xiao Liu's eyes widened.

Xiao Liu stared blankly at the audio on Xia Mo's computer screen. He quickly looked at Xia Mo and said, "Captain Xia, how did you get these audios?"

"I don't know." Xia Mo shook his head and said, "Someone sent me an email. The strange thing is, I don't know if there is a bug in the mailbox, but there is no sender. However, it doesn't matter. With these audio contents, I See how she, Luo Piao, still argues, not only her, but also Luo Dawei. I didn't expect that he, the majestic chairman of Xiang Piao Group, is also one of the masterminds."

Seeing Xia Mo's eyes shining, Xiao Liu frowned and said, "But, Captain Xia, this kind of audio that is recorded secretly from unknown sources, or even clearly infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others, is illegal audio, and the court will not accept it. , these audios cannot be used as evidence."

"Of course, I know." Xia Mo curled her lips and said, "But does Luo Piao know?"

"If the audio can be used as evidence, why would I interrogate her? I’ll tell her that I took the audio and went to an appraisal agency to do an appraisal. Evidence."

"I know the audio can't be used as evidence, but her statement can be used as direct evidence, understand?"

Looking at the meaningful smile on Xia Mo's face, Xiao Liu immediately understood. He quickly took off his earpiece and said, "Captain Xia, I understand. Just you wait. I'll arrange it right away. Then we'll have a statement. Tonight, we have to let Luo Piao explain.”

After saying that, Xiao Liu excitedly ran out of the office.

Xia Mo smiled and looked at the computer screen in front of her.

Xia Mo furrowed her brows and muttered, "That's weird. Who sent this email to me?"

Xia Mo knew the benefits of this email too well, as long as he used it a little, he could convict Luo Piao and Luo Dawei.

However, she couldn't figure out who sent this important email to her.

Xia Mo was thinking, suddenly, a flash of light flashed in her mind, and a picture appeared.

It's Chu Tian!

This morning, after she worked the night shift, she went to the bar to look for Chu Tian. She went to speak with him about the case's progress and then said that she might not be able to convict Luo Piao.

But at that time, Chu Tian didn't seem to care at all and even jokingly said something.  He thought that there was a lot of evidence, and maybe some of it just showed up out of nowhere.

What's more, even Luo Dawei might not be able to escape.

When she heard Chu Tian's words, Xia Mo simply thought that she was just too addicted.

And now…

Looking at the audio on the computer screen, Xia Mo suddenly felt a chill coming from behind her!

The evidence came out of nowhere.

Even Luo Dawei can't escape…

Could it be that this email was sent by Chu Tian?

Could it be that the matter had always been in Chu Tian's hands and he always knew what would happen?


That's not right!

It's definitely not Chu Tian!

If Chu Tian did it, then how do you explain that he was kidnapped last night?

He was almost dead!

He inhaled a lot of ether!

If he hadn't woken up at the right time, he would have been cruelly tortured last night and put in a body bag and buried in an unknown place.

Last night, Chu Tian can be said to be lucky; he saved a life!

If he really knew what was going to happen was under control, would he gamble his life?

At that time, the situation was definitely not under his control!

It seemed like he was overthinking it!

It was a coincidence that Chu Tian's joke was right.

But, if not Chu Tian, who exactly sent this email?

Because she didn't know that Chu Tian possessed the abnormal recovery power like Deadpool, and he was not afraid of any powerful ether at all. In this way, Xia Mo, who had already deduced the truth, happened to miss the truth.

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