Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 162: Letter of understanding for high price

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Chapter 162: Letter of understanding for high price

At the same time,

In the investigation room of the police station, Luo Dawei was sitting inside with handcuffs on, and opposite Luo Dawei was that lawyer Xing.

Lawyer Xing frowned and said, "Boss Luo, how did things turn out like this? I explained it clearly to Miss yesterday. The police in Haicheng have no evidence that can be used to accuse her. They only have suspicions. As long as she doesn’t admit it and pushes everything onto Ah Wei, I guarantee that she will come out today. It’s been just one night, how did it become like this?"

Luo Dawei frowned and shook his head, "I don’t know either. They won’t let me see Piao, but it’s useless now. Luo Piao has already confessed everything. Her signed and fingerprinted record, as well as her recorded confession, are ironclad evidence."

"Damn it, I just realized it now. This guy Chu Tian already knew I was going to be arrested yesterday. What kind of metaphysics, Feng Shui, and metaphysics is he talking about? He’s just playing me like a monkey."

"It seems like Chu Tian has some inside information. The police should have some information that we don't know about, so they broke through Luo Piao."

At this point, Luo Dawei looked at Xing Lawyer’s eyes and said, “Lawyer Xing, tell me, how bad is the situation now?”

Lawyer Xing took a deep breath and said, "This is very bad. Kidnapping, forcibly extracting someone's secret formula, and attempted murder, even though the latter two did not happen, the nature of the crime is already very serious."

"Furthermore, in this case, there was a person who died, which will also increase the severity of the entire case's judgment. My preliminary prediction is that the sentence will be around 10 years or so. If Chu Tian's side can find another powerful lawyer and focus on charges such as murder, kidnapping, etc., I estimate that the sentence will be even longer than 10 years."

"Absolutely not!"

Upon hearing lawyer Xing say this, Luo Dawei frowned and said, “I’m already at this age, I don’t care anymore, but Luo Piao can’t do it. She hasn’t gotten married yet, she hasn’t had children yet. If she stays in prison for so long, her life will be completely over!”

"Lawyer Xing, no matter what method you use, you must never let Piao be sentenced for so long.”

“But the evidence is conclusive.” Lawyer Xing was embarrassed, “Luo boss, I can only do my best to defend, but I am not sure that I can help Miss reduce her sentence. I don’t need to think about it. Chu Tian will definitely find a very powerful lawyer on this side, after all, he is not short of money.”

Luo Dawei said, “That won’t work! Think of a way. We absolutely cannot let this case drag on for so long. Can we secretly bribe the judge? Give the judge some money?”

“It’s too dangerous.” Lawyer Xing shook his head. “It is likely that the crime will be increased by one degree, moreover, Chu Tian’s side must have a very powerful lawyer. If the judge dares to openly reduce the sentence, he will know what happened and will definitely continue to appeal.”

"Boss Luo, this case is really different. You have money, but Chu Tian also doesn’t lack money. Two rich people fighting, judges dare not do anything wrong, especially now that the network is so developed. If Chu Tian puts it online again, spends some money, finds some water army, and makes a few hot searches, then…the judge won’t dare to take money."

"That also has to be figured out!" Luo Dawei whispered, "You know, Luo Piao can’t stay in jail for so long. She hasn’t gotten married yet!"

Lawyer Xing was silent for a while and said, "Boss Luo, there is only one way now."

"What way?” Luo Dawei asked quickly.

"Go find Chu Tian." Lawyer Xing said, "If we can win Chu Tian’s letter of understanding, then the judge will give a light sentence."

"Chu Tian's understanding?"

"That's correct. According to you, as the victim, the judge is primarily responsible for Chu Tian's justice. His attitude is important. A letter of understanding from him is worth more than any gift."

"Under normal circumstances, after such a case occurs, they will take the initiative to find the victim, make an apology, and make active compensation to obtain the victim's understanding."

"As long as Chu Tian is willing to let go, the effect will be very obvious."

Luo Dawei was silent for a while, and said, "How obvious will it be?"

"It's very obvious." Lawyer Xing said, "If we can get Chu Tian's letter of understanding, I think the judge will only sentence six or seven years."

"Then, as long as you reform in the prison and try to reduce your sentence, it's easy. Do some good deeds, donate some money, and be active. I estimate that in three or four years, you and the Miss will be released from prison."

"Can you get out of prison in three years?" Luo Dawei suddenly regained his energy.

"It's not impossible." Lawyer Xing said, "The probability is still relatively high, three or four years, but Chu Tian will definitely not let go easily. I guess, if you want him to write a letter of understanding, no matter what, you have to lose a piece of meat."

"That's fine too!" Luo Dawei said "Go talk to Chu Tian and see what he means."

"Then Boss Luo, what do you mean by…?"

Luo Dawei thought for a while, and said, "I don't have much cash flow. If I ask my family to take out some of the investment money as soon as possible, I can probably make up 800 million yuan. The rest of the money won't be available for a while. "

"Alright, I know what to do.” Lawyer Xing looked at the wrist watch on his wrist and said, "In that case, Boss Luo, after I return to the hotel, I'll tidy up. I'll go find this Chu Tian in the afternoon and have a good talk with him to see if he's willing to let go."

"That's good." Luo Dawei said, "Lawyer Xing, no matter what happens this time, don't worry, I will definitely not treat you badly."

"Understood." Lawyer Xing said, "Boss Luo, then I will leave first, and I will come to you again if there is a situation."

After speaking, lawyer Xing stood up, and then left the police station with the briefcase in his hand.


"According to the current evidence and testimony, if Mr. Chu needs me to appear in court, I am sure that Luo Dawei and Luo Piao will be sentenced to more than 12 years."

Two in the afternoon!

In Zhu Cheng's law firm, Zhu Cheng looked at Chu Tian and Li Sisi sitting opposite him, and gave a specific sentence.

Twelve years?

Chu Tian thought for a while and said, "Actually, if we strive for several commutations, 12 years is a lot of water, right?"

Zhu Cheng smiled and said: "Yes, but no matter how much moisture there is, at least you have to spend six or seven years in prison before you can get out."

"Next, Luo Dawei will definitely try to get your letter of understanding, because this is very important to them and can greatly reduce their trial."

Chu Tian chuckled and said, "Actually, I'm just waiting for them to contact me now. It's not that I can't write a letter of understanding, but I can't write with a pen if the value of it is less than worth one billion or eight hundred million."

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