Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 168: Mysterious Good Samaritan

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Chapter 168: Mysterious Good Samaritan

Seeing this, Chu Tian couldn't help but smile. He approached and said, "Baby, are you tired? Why don't you go home and sleep with your husband?"


Bai Xiaochun pouted and hugged Xia Mo's arm, saying, "I want to play with sister Xia."

"Alright, why go back home?" Xia Mo smiled and ruffled Bai Xiaochun's hair. "You just came here. Let's hang out for a while. What's the rush to go back so early?"

"Sure." Chu Tian smiled and sat down next to Bai Xiaochun, saying, "It looks like someone wants to have a tipsy moment. Come here, darling, let hubby give you a hug."

"Okay, give me a hug." Bai Xiaochun let go of Xia Mo's arm, turned her face towards  Chu Tian, and opened her arms.

Seeing this, Chu Tian hugged Bai Xiaochun onto his lap and embraced her, saying, "Baby, let's play a game. Close your eyes, and whoever opens their eyes first loses, okay?"

"Okay." Bai Xiaochun leaned her head against Chu Tian's chest, and soon her breathing evened out. Xia Mo couldn't help but laugh and said, "She fell asleep."

"She's just drunk." Chu Tian smiled and kissed Bai Xiaochun's forehead, saying, "Let her sleep. When she falls asleep, I'll take her home."

"I was just drunk," Chu Tian smiled and kissed Bai Xiaochun's head, saying, "Wait until she's asleep, and then I'll carry her back."

"No need." Xia Mo said, "Sister has a room here, I'll tidy it up, and you two can sleep here tonight. Don't keep going back and forth. I'll go tidy up."

"Don't." Chu Tian hurriedly said, "Sister, don't bother. I'll take her home later. I have to bath her together. She needs to take a bath every day. Otherwise, she'll feel uncomfortable and wake up in the middle of the night."

"That's right, then let him sleep." Xia Mo smiled and said, "Here, have some water."

Chu Tian took the water and drank a couple of sips, "Gulp, gulp."

Xia Mo looked at the peacefully sleeping Bai Xiaochun in Chu Tian's arms and said with a smile, "Xiao Tian, didn't I tell you before? Look at how adorable and clingy your sweetheart is. Try to restrain yourself in the future, and don't keep getting in bed with other women. Can't you see that your sweetheart is the best? It's like having a feast in front of you, but you're still envious of someone else's pickled vegetables and steamed buns. Are you silly or what?"

"Okay." Chu Tian said with a smile, "I'll listen to my sister Xia."

"Hey, sis." As if remembering something. "Wasn't Luo Piao acquitted by the court? How did she suddenly get charged again?" Chu Tian changed the topic.

"Oh, this matter." Xia Mo furrowed her brows and thought for a moment before saying, "I also feel that it's quite strange. I didn't have any evidence to convict Luo Piao, but someone sent me an anonymous email. There was no sender."

"Inside the email, there were secretly recorded phone call conversations between Luo Piao, Luo Dawei, and Ah Wei, discussing how to deal with me."

"Then, I used those secretly recorded audios to threaten Luo Piao, and after she listened to those recordings, her defense collapsed, and she confessed everything. She even implicated Luo Dawei. By the way, speaking of that, there's another thing." Xia Mo continued.

"Man, you're really lucky to have Xia Mo as your sister. Actually, Luo Piao had contacted her beforehand and offered her ten million to secretly install a pinhole camera and capture the entire process of you preparing the milk tea powder. But Xia Mo didn't agree. Ten million dollars, that's no small sum. With that kind of money, you could retire on the spot."

"Oh, so it was someone from Luo Piao's side." Chu Tian furrowed his brows and nodded.

Xia Mo squinted her eyes and asked, "Do you know about this?"

"Yeah, I know about that," Chu Tian replied. "Xia Mo told me about it from the beginning. But I don't know who sent this email. After all, there must be more than just Luo Piao trying to get their hands on my milk tea recipe. I haven't really considered Luo Piao as the sole culprit."

Xia Mo nodded and said, "Do you know anyone who could obtain such secretly recorded phone call conversations?"

"I don't know anyone," Chu Tian shook his head. "I don't have any friends. Hearing you say this, I think someone must have been planning to take down Luo Dawei for a long time and accidentally recorded these things, then sent them to you, using you as a tool to get rid of Luo Dawei."

"Yeah, you're thinking along the same lines as me," Xia Mo said. "That's what I believe too. But I just don't know who could have done it. I couldn't find any information on them."

"If we can't find out, then there's no need to bother." Chu Tian smiled. "You know, if we really find out who did it, should I send hima gift? Thanks to him, if I don't show some appreciation, it would seem like I don't have good manners, so let him be a mysterious do-gooder."

Xia Mo giggled and said, "That's true. But in fact, I didn't even bother investigating. This person is indeed very mysterious, and we couldn't find anything about him."

In the living room, after chatting with Xia Mo for a while, Chu Tian looked at the sleeping Bai Xiaochun in his arms and said, "Xia Mo, it's getting late, and you haven't had enough rest today. You should go to bed early. I'll take Bai Xiaochun back with me first."

"Are you really leaving?" Xia Mo said, "You two can sleep here with me. There's plenty of space,. Ifyou want to shower Xiao Bai, just close the door, and you can bath her here. After that, you can go to sleep directly, so you don't have to go back and forth."

"Alright then," Chu Tian smiled as he picked up Bai Xiaochun horizontally. "You go rest early, sis. We'll head back now."

"Are you sure you'll be okay alone? You still have to climb the stairsl. I can accompany you."

"Really, no need," Chu Tian said. "With Bai Xiaochun's weight, I can carry her back with just one hand. Alright, sis, no need to see us off,. Gorest early."

"Sure, I'll send you a message once I'm back home with Bai Xiaochun," Chu Tian replied.

"Goodbye, sis! Love you too!" Chu Tian said with a smile as he waved goodbye and left the living room with Bai Xiaochun in his arms.

"Haha… You're such a mess, I could kick you down with one foot!" Chu Tian replied with a playful grin as he walked away with Bai Xiaochun in his arms.

"Alright, I'm leaving, sis!" Chu Tian said with a wave as he walked away with Bai Xiaochun in his arms, leaving the living room and heading back home.

"Sure, take your time,"

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