Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 167: Bai Xiaochun Gets Drunk Again

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Chapter 167: Bai Xiaochun Gets Drunk Again

After a meal, Chu Tian and his group of five were chatting and laughed, creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

Even the sound of laughter didn't stop until nearly ten o'clock in the evening when Chu Tian and his group finally left the Rongwei Hotel.

And just like they were going shopping, they had large and small packages containing a lot of things.

Even though they had ordered a fixed menu with an emphasis on alcoholic beverages, the table was still brimming with dishes that Chu Tian and his group couldn't possibly finish.

Numerous dishes remained largely untouched, including six large abalones that could have weighed up to a kilogram each. Despite there being ten of these abalones on the menu, Chu Tian and Li Sisi couldn't possibly consume them all, so they decided to share them.

There were also large prawns that weighed over a kilogram each, and six or seven of them were left untouched, along with other items.

Although Xia Mo didn't say anything, Li Sisi could tell from her expression of regret at the waste. So Li Sisi took the opportunity to whisper in Chu Tian's ear, suggesting packing the leftovers.

As a result, the leftovers were packed like they were going grocery shopping, and they ended up with two large bags.


"Hey, Xia, our house really doesn't have any room left to store things. The fridge is completely full."

"10:30 PM at night!"

At the entrance of the community, Xia Mo looked at the two big bags that Chu Tian was carrying and smiled bitterly, saying, "This… This is really embarrassing. We ate so much, and now you're also carrying all these things."

"It's okay, sister Xia." Bai Xiaochun smiled with a blush on his face. "Our refrigerator at home is already full. There are a lot of people living there, including Nianjie and Sisi. Whenever we have some free time, we bring stuff home. The fridge is always full, and we can't fit anything else. So, sister Xia, please take these bags. Otherwise, it would be such a waste."

"Alright then, if you insist."

Hearing Bai Xiaochun's insistence, Xia Mo smiled helplessly and said, "Okay, then just leave them at my place for now. If you guys want to eat them, just give me a call and come over to my place."

"Sure." Chu Tian smiled, "If we want to eat, we'll call you in advance, and if we don't, you can eat it yourself. Just don't let it go bad."

"Tsk." Xia Mo smiled, "If you say that, I guess I won't even receive a call by the time I finish eating all of it."

Chu Tian chuckled and said, "There's really no space at home to store them. It would be a waste. Besides, these haven't been touched. Come on, sister Xia, let me help you put them away."

Not long after, after arriving at Xia Mo's home, Chu Tian helped her put things into the freezer and asked, "Sister Xia, why do you only have frozen dumplings in your fridge? Don't you cook often?"

"Occasionally." Xia Mo said, "Mainly because I'm alone and I don't like to bother too much, so I just eat whatever."

"Alone? What about your boyfriend?" Chu Tian asked.

"Boyfriend?" Xia Mo smirked and said, "Do I look like someone who has a boyfriend?"

"Huh?" Chu Tian was speechless, "Come on, Sister Xia, with your figure and looks, you're definitely a beauty in the police circle of Haicheng. How could you not have a boyfriend?"

"Ah, no, I don't have one." Xia Mo sighed, "Boyfriend is not a rare species, but it seems like I'm not destined to have one. I've lived for twenty six years, and I still don't know what a boyfriend looks like."

"Then you must be too picky." Chu Tian laughed, "With my sister Xia’s conditions, if you want a boyfriend, you could easily find one to form a whole battalion. Even those who drool over your body could fill up your police station."


Hearing Chu Tian's words, Xia Mo chuckled and gave him a slap, saying, "Stop talking nonsense, drooling over my body? Who would do that to someone like me?"

"Sure thing," Chu Tian chuckled. "I'm already craving it."

"Tsk." Xia Mo clicked her tongue and said with a smile, "Don't talk nonsense, be careful Xiao Bai hears it and comes running over to give you a kick."

Xia Mo continued to put things into the fridge and said, "Look at these big prawns. One is enough for a meal, and so many abalones, how long will it take for me to finish eating them alone? If you have time, come over and eat them, I can't finish them all."

"If you can't finish them, just eat them slowly." Chu Tian said, "They're all in the freezer. They won't go bad even if you leave them for a week. When you want to eat, just microwave them, it's even more convenient than cooking."

Xia Mo chuckled and took a deep breath, saying helplessly, "I mooched this meal, sigh. I've used up a week's worth of rations."

"No choice," Chu Tian chuckled. "Who said your little brother has money?"

"Tsk." Xia Mo rolled her eyes and smiled, "Stop showing off here. Why don't you dare to do it at school?"

"Better not." Chu Tian said, "I was just kidnapped recently. I don't want to attract attention so soon."

Soon, after filling Xia Mo's refrigerator to the brim, Chu Tian and Xia Mo returned to the living room.

Seeing Bai Xiaochun sitting on the sofa, watching TV with a dazed look, her face blushing, Xia Mo couldn't help but approach and say with a smile, "Darling? Feeling tipsy?"

Red wine was mainly known for its delayed effect. It's fine when you drank it, but it hits you later.

Bai Xiaochun's eyes were not as hazy when they were at the entrance of the community just now. Now, she gave  feeling of restlessness with her dazed look.

"Hehe." Bai Xiaochun giggled foolishly and said, "Sister Xia, I'm fine."

"Well, you're fine for now." Xia Mo smiled and pinched Bai Xiaochun's cheek, saying, "Your face is all red. Here, drink some water. You didn't drink much. How did you get drunk?"

Although there were six bottles of wine, Chu Tian and his group only drank three bottles, and the remaining three bottles were all taken by Li Sisi to the bar.

"Xiao Bai can't handle alcohol." Chu Tian smiled and said, "She hasn't drunk much before."

Bai Xiaochun picked up the water glass and gulped it down before pouting her mouth twice. "Okay, Sister Xia, I promise I won't drink anymore," she said.

Xia Mo smiled and put the water glass on the coffee table, saying, "Darling, if you feel dizzy, go sleep on my bed for a while."

Bai Xiaochun shook her head,  and said, "Not dizzy, sister Xia. I love my husband very much."

"Is that so?" Xia Mo smiled and said, "How much do you love him?"

"Hehe… I love him very, very much. Sister Xia, let me tell you secretly, my husband is so fierce."


Chu Tian blinked and quickly said, "Hey, sweetheart, if you're tired, take a nap. Don't talk nonsense, or Xia Mo might give you a beating."

"Hehe." Bai Xiaochun giggled and said, "I meant you're strong. Did you misunderstand? You naughty hooligan."

Seeing Bai Xiaochun's silly and cute appearance at this moment, Xia Mo couldn't help but burst into laughter.

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