Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 195

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Nick was a man of noble blood. His brother might have been the one to receive the position, but he had lived his entire life ordering people around. His reputation as a noble would worsen if he had stepped up. Despite the chaos and gunshots outside, he didn’t care. Peasants were bound to personally take care of their own matters.

It was like lightning in broad daylight for him. Hanging out with those blackies was degrading enough but to be slapped by a yellow one?

When would Nick experience such humiliation as a noble? His mentality had crumbled at the oppressive violence. Nick blankly gazed at Sun WooHyun.

Sun WooHyun’s mind became complicated. According to Miss Edel, the greatest villain of all was Nick Edel. The loud battle had continued for over an hour.

He’d thought that the mastermind was very strong since he’d been staying put in his room. However, to lose his mind over a single slap, that wasn’t an evil mastermind but a half-a**ed prune. Sun WooHyun had even suspected that the real mastermind had already escaped, leaving behind a decoy.

“You’re Nick Wayneright Edel, right?”

There was absolute silence.

Nick couldn’t reply as his soul had escaped.

“You are Nick Wayneright Edel, am I right?”

The same question was repeated. He could sense Sun WooHyun’s bloodlust. Nick’s brain sent out warning signals, even in its haziness.

“I…I am.”

“I’m Miss Rudrey Edel’s representative and the Azrael’s warrior.”

“What! Edel? I see. Edel has sent you.”

The moment he had heard Edel’s name, Nick’s spirit returned. Blood started rushing to Sun WooHyun’s cheeks.

“This f****** b*stard’s digging his own grave.”

He barely managed to control the urge to bash the man’s head.

“You’re the intruder. What happened to the guards?”

“If you’re talking about those guys holding the knives and guns, they’ve all returned to Allah to seek their punishment.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Nick shook his head from side to side. The intruder could have led them astray to infiltrate his room.

“I don’t care whether you f****** s*** believe me or not. You’re the b*stard who killed his brother, Colton, to steal the farm. Right?”

“Still not replying? I’m starting to get pissed off.”

When Sun WooHyun’s face began to darken, Nick rapidly waved his hands.

“Wait, wait. Let’s negotiate.”


A mocking smile landed on Sun WooHyun’s face. Nick, who had misjudged and thought that he’d gained the man’s interest, began to talk rapidly.

“I don’t know what Rudrey promised you, but the only inheritance she has is a house in our country. I’ll make a counteroffer. If you kill Rudrey, I’ll give you 50,000,000 pounds. You’ll become a billionaire and live the rest of your life in peace.”

Nick narrowed his eyes and glared at Sun WooHyun. It was an expression that questioned his decision to turn down such an offer. Sun WooHyun suddenly felt dizzy.

50,000,000 pounds!

It was an immense amount that could pluck the underlord’s nostrils and more. It was a bet that would have shaken his mind, had he not met his Wakil. It was a large sum that could make him point his blade elsewhere and more about a month ago.

“Hehehe, it’s a bet that flips the eyes around.”

“I can even make you a British citizen if you need it.”

“Ho, 50,000,000 pounds and a British citizenship! Amazing but too bad, I’ve already been blinded by a human who doesn’t have greed. That human told me to live a proper life since it’s not going to last 100 years anyway. I’ve stupidly thrown away money and fell into the trap of loyalty, trust, and friendship. You know, those worthless things.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Nick shouted.

He heard first-rate killers had unstable minds, and the guy before him was exactly the case.

“Hm, if I take that money, neither would I be able to flee to Mars nor live in England. You want me to get beaten to death for 50,000,000 pounds? No, that can’t happen. You’ll know why I’m saying this once you experience your bones getting beaten. In conclusion, I don’t need money from a man who asks me to kill his own nephew. Let’s begin now.”

Sun WooHyun looked for a suitable object. A girl shivering in the corner of the bed caught his attention first. Her figure looked familiar.

“Raise your head.”

Her face was filled with fear, accompanied by tears and hair plastered to her cheeks. She was definitely someone he’d seen before.

“Huh! You’re Akra?”

She was the girl he’d met and helped at the farm’s outskirts. One side of the girl’s face had a blue bruise. It was a mark from Nick’s kick.


Sun WooHyun’s lid blew right off at the girl’s mumbled pronunciation. His eyes flamed in anger.

“Did that b*stard do this?”

“Hic, mister…”

The tears that had been welling in Akra’s eyes finally fell.

“So you touched and beat a girl who didn’t even bleed, is that it, you f****** son of a swine? You killed your brother, you requested the death of your nephew, and now you forced a child who hasn’t even developed yet! I’m going to settle things in black and white today.”

Sun WooHyun looked around the bedroom.

“Oho, a golf stick!”

About ten golf clubs were arranged neatly on the wall. Sun WooHyun looked at them and grabbed the second wood brush.



The golf club emitted strong air-trembling vibrations.

“This is the perfect fit.”

Sun WooHyun nodded. The length and weight were perfect. He didn’t realize he was copying Black Mamba’s words and actions.

Upon realizing the intruder’s intentions, Nick’s eyes grew wide. On the other hand, the butler’s jaw had dropped open.


“You f****** b*stard, it is very much possible. You tried to shove my life into hell with just 50,000,000 pounds. That’s enough of a sin to die. Moreover, I can never forgive a lolita b*stard.”


The fiberglass shaft bent and slapped itself onto Nick’s back.



A shout erupted. Nick contorted like an earthworm on salt.


A strange sound, indecipherable as to whether it was an exclamation or a shout, came out of the butler’s mouth. The world must have turned its back on the powerful farm owner-English nobleman for him to get whipped. He realized the short eastern man wasn’t an average man at all.


Sun WooHyun laughed eerily. Sad memories of sh**ting blood after being beaten up by his Wakil had filled his mind.

I always wanted to try it.

He tried his best to remember the spots and timing of Black Mamba’s beating.

His talent grew the more he hit. His haphazard beating slowly gained its structure.





“Ah, agh!”




“Ah, agh, argh!”

Sun WooHyun had lost himself in the small vibrations of the trembling muscles, the sensation of whipping right across the skin, the beats of the impact, and the screams that had followed after the impacts. It seemed as though there was nothing more enjoyable on earth.


Sun WooHyun’s eyes glinted. The butler slowly attached himself to the wall.



The interphone rang.


The golf club stopped moving midway. Sun WooHyun’s reason had returned from its walk. The clean, middle-aged white man was gone, and a lump of red meat was in his place.

“Butler, why is he like that?”

Sun WooHyun turned around to look at the butler. The butler’s face was white. Azrael’s warrior had reached another level of fear.

“You…you did that, Sir Warrior.”

“I did?”

Surprised, Sun WooHyun rapidly leaned down and placed his ears near Nick’s chest.

“Phew, I thought the f****** b*stard died.”

Sun WooHyun patted his chest down. Wakil had told him not to kill the man. He’d almost made a mistake on his first assignment.

“Dude, be relieved. If it hadn’t been for Wakil’s orders, I would have taken apart 400 pieces of your bones. You f****** b*stard, I didn’t have an ounce of sympathy until I was 35.”

The butler rolled his eyes. He didn’t know what those words had meant, but the last few sounded sad.


Sun WooHyun turned towards Akra. She was shivering with her face buried in the bed.

Damn it. I’m going to get beaten up by Wakil.

He’d shown an unsightly sight before a child. It was one of the many things that Wakil had hated.


“Ye…yes, Mr. Warrior!”

Akra’s eyes couldn’t meet Sun WooHyun’s eyes.

“Go downstairs and take a break.”

Akra went downstairs. It looked as though she was rolling.



The interphone rang again.

“Butler, take the phone. If it’s an outsider, tell the person the owner’s out, and if it’s an insider, tell the person to come here.”

The butler went to pick up the interphone with wobbly legs.

“Ah, commander! The master asks you to come to the office immediately. Report once you get here. He’s downstairs right now, yes.”

The butler lowered the phone and reported to Sun WooHyun.

“Sir Warrior, it’s the leader of the guards, Enduma. He’ll be coming here shortly.”

“Hm, good job. He should be one of the many who ran.”

Sun WooHyun placed the brush back in its place and grabbed the seventh iron.


His expression, which had been filled with disappointment, broke into glee. This was the chance to blow any of his regrets away. The butler plastered himself against the wall and looked like he was about to dig into it.

Enduma crossed the grass field with staggering steps.

“Tubilis, tubilis!” he muttered continuously.

A devil had come into the farm, not a rat. Over 50 of his subordinates had been killed meaninglessly. It was unbelievable but a reality.

He’d silently twisted or sliced their necks and ankles with knives. It was a butchering that no human could do. He didn’t want to cross paths with the devil again. He was determined to leave the farm once he had reported to the master.

Why are these s**** acting like this?

Enduma glared at the chefs and the girls with a bewildered face. They acted as though he wasn’t there. Normally, they would bend their hips at his entrance.

“Do you want to die?” Enduma shouted in anger.

He would have kicked them all had he not decided to leave the farm.


The chef brought a finger to her mouth and pointed towards the second floor.

“Hm!” Enduma grunted with difficulty.

It meant that the master was angered, so he should walk up silently. He had made his own interpretation of the gesture. The remainder of Enduma’s life was about to go downhill due to a single misjudgment.



“Come in.”

The butler opened the door. Once he entered the room, Enduma became confused. He had prepared for a sound scolding, but the scene inside the room was foreign.

There was a stench of blood, a lump of meat abandoned on the bed, and a small human glaring at him with shining eyes, holding a golf club. Enduma glanced at the butler.

“Barongo, where’s the master?”

Why’s that man acting so weird?

The butler was smiling senselessly. Suddenly, all the hairs on his body rose.

Ah, it’s that guy.

Enduma, who realized the situation a moment too late, hurriedly reached for the Lee-Enfield on his shoulder. Sun WooHyun, who had been sitting on the sofa, closed the five meters between them instantly. He shoved the rifle aside with his left hand and kneed Enduma’s chest with his iron-like knees. A crack and a shout echoed together.


Enduma fell forward. His chest had collapsed with a single hit.


A satisfied smile appeared on Sun WooHyun’s face as he raised the seventh iron. He’d been told to keep Nick alive, but he hadn’t been told to do the same for Enduma.



The seventh iron had its own unique purpose aside from its intended purpose.


“Ah, agh!”

“Agh, agh, argh!”

Enduma screamed and struggled like a pig on a chopping board. Sun WooHyun cautiously paid his attention to the rhythm and strength of the impact. He wanted to increase and lengthen the amount of joy as long as he could.

10 minutes passed. The smell of ammonia and vaporized sulfur dioxide had filled the room.The human on the floor had disappeared, leaving only a shell.

“This dirty b*stard. Butler, check on him.”

Barongo had several grudges against Enduma, who was violent and rude on average. Barongo moved as though he was flying and kicked the man’s side, before pressing his ears to Enduma’s chest.

“He is still breathing.”

“What a tenacious b*stard.”

Sun WooHyun threw the golf club aside. His face was shining brightly, as though he’d gotten rid of the burdens he’d been carrying for the past decade.

“Butler, heal these b*stards.”

“Should I call the tribal priests if there’s no doctor?”

“Whatever you want.”

Twilight had come after all kinds of chaos. Sun WooHyun laid down on Nick’s bed. A good kind of tiredness washed over him.

“Sir warrior, are there any other orders?”

Sun WooHyun opened his eyes, which were about to close.

“Butler, do you like Miss Edel?”

“Of course. We were most happy when the first master was around. Master treated us like humans. He treated our illnesses for free, gave us food, and sent the children to school. Miss Edel is an angel. She ate the same food and slept in the same rooms as us. Hell began when the second master took over after the first master’s gruesome death. We couldn’t eat properly and had to work to death. Those who had resisted or complained were sent to prison. Some had their hands chopped off while others were killed. The 20 francs we received as wages were reduced to 10 francs. Even that wasn’t given properly.”

“10 francs? How do you survive on that?”

Sun WooHyun frowned. Even if Chad’s market was cheap, 10 francs wasn’t enough for a family of four to survive in a month.

“We either ate once a day or starved. We’re only praying for Miss Edel’s safe return since that’s all we can do.”

“I see. Miss Edel’s a beautiful, wise, and hardworking woman. She should be loved by everyone. Of course, there’s a human who doesn’t think so…”

“What…what kind of damn b*stard doesn’t like our lady?” the butler frothed at his mouth.
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