Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 16

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Maisie did not say a word.
‘They poured all their thoughts to get me home for dinner. They even invited Nolan here and are now
insisting on wanting me to stay for dinner. Then I must stay here to see what this mother-and-daughter
pain plan to do.’

She then raised her head and chuckled. “Okay, then I’ll stay here for dinner.”

Willow and Leila did not expect she would agree, but everything was going according to their plan.

Maisie only bowed her head and ate without talking during the entire meal. Stephen and Leila were
almost silent throughout the dinner, probably because of Nolan’s presence.

Nolan did not eat much. He had wanted to refuse Willow’s invitation when she asked him to
accompany her back to the Vanderbilt manor, but Maisie was mentioned.

Since Willow had said that Maisie was the one who invited him to the Vanderbilt manor, he would have
to see what Maisie had up her sleeves.

“Zee, how have you been all these years?”

That was probably the only time when Stephen would think of showing care for this daughter.

Maisie did not even raise her eyelids. “I did have a great time, thanks to you.”

A hint of embarrassment stagnated on Stephen’s face for a moment.

Leila hinted to Willow with her gaze. Only then did Willow begin to express herself in front of her father.
She fetched some food into Nolan’s bowl. “Nolan, you should have more.”

Leila smiled immediately and added, “Mr. Goldmann, thank you for taking care of Willie throughout all
these years. Willie has always been a thoughtful and well-behaved child, but please show her some
patience if she were to give off any shortcomings.”

Maisie lowered her head and almost burst into laughter.

Nolan noticed something, raised his eyes, and looked at Maisie. “Miss Vanderbilt seems to have
something to say about this?”

This sentence directed the attention of the other three people on the dining table onto Maisie.

Maisie could not help but respond, “What can I say? But I’m only a little curious. Mr. Goldmann, you’re
in your 30s, and the both of you have been together for six years. It should be about time for you to
marry our thoughtful and well-behaved girl.”

She emphasized the phrases “thoughtful” and “well-behaved” earnestly as she had seen through the
Vanderbilts’ underlying plan.

With this sentence, let alone Leila, even Willow’s expression turned a little rigid.

Not to mention Nolan, who was glaring at Maisie as if he was going to skin her alive.

Willow was afraid that Nolan would overthink, so she added immediately, “Nolan, Zee is just joking
around, don’t take it to your heart.”

However, Maisie did not care about the consequences and continued asking, “Willow, how should I put
it into words? Mr. Goldmann is your boyfriend, but why do you sound so polite when you’re talking to
your boyfriend?”

Willow’s expression changed slightly, and she glared at Maisie furiously.

Seeing that Stephen’s expression was not looking too happy, Leila smoothed things over immediately.
“Zee, look at you. What are you talking about? This isn’t a blind date.”

‘Dmn it, this btch could’ve brought up anything, yet she chose to talk about their marriage. Is she doing
so deliberately to embarrass us?

‘Although we’ve asked Willow to bring Nolan back so that we could make a match out of them, it’s
impossible for us to talk about it so blatantly. And there’s no way that we can force the whole marriage
matter onto him.

‘We’re doing so in front of Maisie just to make her know her place and give up fighting for Nolan, so all
we need to do is just deliver the message implicitly. But who could have thought that she would
eradicate the whole play!?’

Maisie was not a fool. The mother-and-daughter pair had both come to her and warned her not to have
any thoughts about Nolan, and they had now invited Nolan to the manor and insisted on keeping her
here for dinner. Their intention was so obvious to begin with.

That being the case, she must match them up even more diligently.

Maisie ignored Leila and continued to stare at Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, please don’t tell me that you’ve
never planned to do so.”

Maisie pretended to be surprised upon seeing that his expression turned gloomy. “How is this the right
thing to do? A woman’s prime shouldn’t be wasted, not to mention Willow is already 26 years old. She’s
no longer young. It’s time for her to get married.”

Willow’s expression turned more and more embarrassed, but she did not dare to look at Nolan.

Maisie raised her eyebrows. “Or, Mr. Goldmann, are you playing with my sister’s feelings?”

“Maisie Vanderbilt!” Stephen smacked the table flusteredly and exasperatedly. He could no longer
consider Nolan’s presence. “Sh*t your trap! How can you comment on Mr. Goldmann!?”

Maisie chuckled playfully. “You’re getting all worked up just because I told the truth? Father, even Mr.
Goldmann isn’t furious about this, so how can the magnanimity of someone like you be smaller than
Mr. Goldmann’s?”

If Nolan wanted to get back at her at this moment, that would only prove that he was an unforgiving

“You!” Stephen was so ferocious that all the veins on his face and neck became extremely visible.

‘This wicked daughter! I would’ve never let her come back if I knew that Nolan would be here with
Willow today.’

Maisie put down her silverware and got up. “It seems that there’s no way that I’m welcome to stay for
this meal anymore. I was just helping you guys to tell the truth out of kindness, but you guys just went
into reverse all of a sudden. As expected, I’m still an outsider in the Vanderbilt manor. I’m leaving
already. Please do enjoy your meal.“

Stephen was trembling with wrath, while it was only natural that Leila and Willow’s expressions did not
look much better compared to Stephen’s.

Willow glanced at Nolan cautiously. “Nolan…”

Nolan stood up with a cold face, and Willow, who sensed his anger, did not dare to utter a single word

Seeing Nolan leave the dining area without looking back, she sank her teeth into her lip.

Stephen had naturally lost his appetite as Nolan had left the scene unhappily. He threw his silverware
on the table, got up, and went upstairs.

Both the mother-and-daughter pair hated Maisie to death!

Maisie walked to the side of the road and was about to grab a cab, but a hand pulled her back abruptly.

Maisie stumbled for a split second, found her balance, and glared at Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, what do
you mean by this?”

Nolan gnashed his teeth. “Did you do that on purpose?”

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