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Chapter 36

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Kennedy looked up. “But your father already gave the shares to Willow. It’s going to be hard to get her
to give them up, and on top of that, “that person” is behind her.”

“That person” was Mr. Goldmann.

Maisie’s lips curled. “I’ve been observing their relationship ever since I returned. Even if Nolan is
protecting Willow, how long would he be able to do that for?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nolan and Willow have been together for six years, but he has no intentions of marrying her. Even
though I don’t know the reason, one thing is possible to conclude.”

Maisie’s eyes slightly turn cold. “He’s not keen on the idea of marrying Willow, which means he’s not
planning on marrying her. Willow can only stick to him for a short time. It wouldn’t b e hard for Nolan to
find a woman who’s better than her. It’s just a matter of time for me to take back the shares of Vaenna
from Willow.”

Kennedy knew her words were true, but he was still worried. “There’s no guarantee to this. What if Mr.
Goldmann does marry her in the future?”

If Willow became Mrs. Goldmann, she would be in a different class. It would be impossible to get the
shares back from her then.

“The Goldmanns should have a higher standard than that. To be able to be Mrs. Goldmann, the girl
probably needs to be a few classes higher than us, Vanderbilts. Probably the heir of a huge corporation
or royalty.”

Kennedy looked confused. Mr. Goldmann had never mentioned those requirements. They weren’t
trying to pick a queen. Why did she sound agitated, like she was the one who was picking a wife for Mr.

“Alright, let’s not worry about this just yet. The issue about time that I mentioned is to build m y own
jewelry brand in a short period.”

Kennedy was shocked. “You could do that in a short time?”

She looked up and smiled. “Yes, but what if I could get people in the Board of Directors to think that this
title belongs to me?”

– “The board believes that Mr. Goldmann is behind Willow. In their minds, Willow is the best

person for that title.”

The Board of Directors had let Willow off because Stephen had given all the shares to her and because
Mr. Goldmann was backing her up.

If it were another company, a senior executive that was as useless as she would have been

kicked out of the Board of Directors.

“Other than bringing a man in, what other benefits could she bring to the table? Vaenna has been
suffering losses. Would Nolan be willing to pay to cover the hole and support people who are not under
his company?

“If that’s the case, I don’t want to work anymore either. I’ll be happy being paid for nothing.” Maisie
couldn’t wait to just wake up with money in her bank every day. 1

Kennedy laughed. “That’s true. But what do you plan to do?”

Maisie pushed a document in front of him. He was shocked after reading it.

“You’re trying to get a partnership with Taylor!?”

Taylor Jewelry was the biggest jewelry company in Zlokova. It was bigger than Vaenna and any other
jewelry company.

Taylor Jewelry had an international market. It stood at the peak of the fashion jewelry industry along
with Luxella and Majestic from Stoslo. International models would wear jewelry from these three big
brands on the runway.

If Taylor partnered up with Vaenna, Vaenna would be able to have a breakthrough in reputation in
Zlokova. That would be equal to having Taylor as their “face” from then on.

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