Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 47

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Helios stepped out of his office. “What’s happening?”

He was surprised when his gaze fell on the children.

Ryleigh let Daisie down, got up, and walked toward Helios. “These two are my niece and nephew.
Royal Crown just signed them, so I brought them here to see you.”

Waylon walked forward, holding Daisie’s hand. They bowed and said, “Hello, Uncle Helios.”


Helios looked at them for a long time, squinting. These children’s faces… He half squatted to be at their
eye level and patted Daisie’s head. “What are your names?”

“I’m Daisie. This is my brother, Waylon,” Daisie answered, beaming.

Helios looked at Ryleigh. “Since when did you get a niece and a nephew?”

Ryleigh smiled while she scratched her face. “They’re my best friend’s kids. They call me’ Godmother’,
so they’re pretty much my niece and nephew.”

Helios stood up straight. “Your best friend’s children?”

“Yes.” Ryleigh laughed.

“Come in.”

Ryleigh walked to the kids and held their hands to walk into the office.

Helios crossed his legs and sat on the couch. He chuckled while looking at the children next t o
Ryleigh. “Who’s their father?”

Waylon looked at him. “We don’t have a Daddy.”

Helios was stunned, and his beautiful eyes squinted.

Ryleigh sighed. “Helios, their mother is a single mom. It was tough for her to bring them up by herself.
That’s why they signed with Royal Crown. They wanted to help their mother make some money.”

Daisie and Waylon looked at Ryleigh at the same time. They didn’t know that their godmother was a
drama queen too!

Helios picked up the coffee cup and took a sip. His lips curled. “Navigating the entertainment business
isn’t easy at all, especially when they’re so young. Did you bring them to see me because you want me
to take care of them?”

Daisie and Waylon looked at each other. The actor was even more clever than Ryleigh! This was going
to be fun.


Ryleigh laughed dryly, lowered her head, and said, “You knew.”

Helios put down the cup. “Did the kids put you up to this?”

Ryleigh was surprised, but Helios calmly continued. “I grew up with you, so I know you too well. You
wouldn’t usually come to me for help unless someone asked you to. Did their mother ask for this?”

Waylon’s expression changed when he heard that. “It was our idea. Our mom doesn’t know about this.
She didn’t want us getting into the industry. We wanted to come.”

“Godmother, you don’t need to lie for us anymore.” Daisie tugged on her arm and pouted. “We just
asked you to bring us here because we know you’re Mr. Boucher’s cousin.”

She stood up after saying that “Uncle Helios, we’re not insisting that you take care of us. If you’re
unwilling, we won’t impose. Waylon, let’s go.”

Waylon looked at Helios and got up, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Hey, Daisie-“Ryleigh got anxious when she saw them leaving.

Helios lowered his gaze and smiled. “Come back.”

Ryleigh looked at Helios in disbelief. Did he agree to it? Daisie and Waylon turned around, walked
back, and took their seats.

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