Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 49

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Now that I think of it, doesn’t Ms. Hills know Ms. Vanderbilt? When you got me to send Ms. Vanderbilt
home, she seemed to be staying at the beach villas. Would she happen to know the children?”

Quincy was pondering when Nolan got up and walked out.

Quincy was surprised but followed along quickly. “Mr. Goldmann, where are you going?

On the 16th floor…

“Uncle Kennedy, you can start here tomorrow. I’ve notified all the employees that Vaenna has fired.”

Maisie was making a call in front of the window and smiled when Kennedy said something i n reply.
“Alright, don’t worry, I’ve made arrangements.”

After the call ended, Maisie held the phone in her hand. When they got there tomorrow, it would be the
time to start coming up with a name for the jewelry brand. She turned around and was startled by
Nolan, who had suddenly appeared behind her.

“Mr. Goldmann, you–”

Nolan walked up before Maisie could finish, cornered her against the window, and looked at her face
calmly. “Do you have children?” 1

Maisie was a little stunned and suspicious. “What does having kids or not have anything to d o with
you?” She tried to walk away.

Nolan moved to block her. “So do you?”

Maisie’s face darkened. Why was Nolan suddenly asking her about this? Had he… found something?

“I’m not even married, so why would I have kids? Mr. Goldmann, if there’s nothing else, I need to ask
you to leave.”

“Who are Waylon and Daisie Vanderbilt to you?” Nolan stared straight at her. He was waiting t o catch
a hint or something from her expression.

Maisie shuddered, eyes looking down.

How did he know about Waylon and Daisie?

Nolan pressed his palm on the window behind her, leaned in, and said, “Answer me.”

Maisie calmly looked him in the eye but was actually breaking out in a cold sweat.“ Unrelated.”

“Don’t let me go ask your friend Ryleigh.”

“You-“Maisie almost burst out laughing. She gnashed her teeth and smiled. “Go then. I was curious
why you came to me instead. What makes you think I have children?”

Maisie looked calm. She couldn’t be frazzled or anxious. He must not suspect anything.

Nolan took a long look at her, still doubtful.

Ryleigh knew those two kids, and the kids were both Vanderbilts. The woman who had spent a night
with him six years ago was Willow..

If Willow had been pregnant, the children would be their age, but what he was most concerned about
was that Maisie had been kicked out of the family back then.

He had never suspected Willow until the two children showed up. Now, he had to start questioning the
events from six years ago because even his father believed that the children were his.

Maybe he should reinvestigate what had happened that night.

Maisie raised an eyebrow and scoffed. “You are acting weird. If you want kids, just ask Willow for

Nolan pressed his lips together tightly.

“You think they’re related to me just because they’re also Vanderbilts? Why don’t you suspect that
they’re related to Willow instead?” Maisie flashed a hollow smile.

“I know it wasn’t Willow.”

“That’s too bad then. I don’t have children. Stop testing me.”

“I hope for your sake that they’re unrelated to you and that you aren’t the woman from six years ago, or
else…” Nolan lifted her chin, “You won’t be able to handle the consequences.” 1 After Nolan left, Maisie
balled up her fists, her forehead breaking out in a sweat.

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