Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 52

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Nolan’s father, Mr. Goldmann Sr., had started as a fan of Natasha’s, and because of her, he had
purchased Royal Crown with a huge sum of money and managed to take her home.


It wasn’t just Mr. Goldmann S… Helios’ father had been smitten by her as well, and this was something
that everyone talked about for a long time back in the day.

“Mr. Goldmann, how nice of you to visit us,” Mr. Mayweather, the director of Royal Crown, greeted him.

“Didn’t you sign two children? Where are they?”,

Mr. Mayweather was stunned but smiled and answered, “The two had been getting endorsement deals
ever since they made a name being on the magazine cover with Helios.”

Nolan squinted, “Endorsement deals from which company?”

Mr. Mayweather answered, “An advertiser under Snowflake.”

After finding out where the children were, Nolan went to the advertiser.

The two children’s manager, Angela, was with them at the location of the shoot. Helios had introduced
her to the children, and since they had their breakthrough just by appearing in a shoot with Helios
before their official debut, it was evident that they had potential.

Waylon and Daisie were in matching outfits and finished shooting an ad with the direction of the crew.
They were highly praised.

The two not only had a great presence, but they also worked together perfectly, getting the script right
in one take.

When Nolan showed up at the set, the crew was in shock.

Daisie turned around to look at him. She hopped over to him and looked up at him. “Mister, what brings
you here?”

Nolan patted her head and grinned. “To see you.”

Angela was stunned.

‘Mr. Goldmann himself showed up to visit the kids!? Hold on! Why do they look so much like Mr.

Waylon walked over to him too. The entire crew was in awe of their strong resemblance.

No one would believe it if someone said these two weren’t his children!

Nolan looked at them. “Do you want to grab a meal with me after the shoot? I think I owe you ”

Daisie’s eyes shone. “Yes, please!”

Waylon shot her a look but agreed after seeing her eagerness.

“Mr. Goldmann, but they=”Angela felt that something was off. How was she going to explain this?

Nolan looked at her. “Go back and tell them that I’m taking them out. I’ll send them back after our

At a high-end restaurant..

When the server brought out two platters of Australian Lobsters, Daisie happily bobbed her head,
waiting to dig in.

After Waylon helped her roll up her sleeves, he picked up the cracker to help her remove the shell.

Seeing how familiar Waylon was with this, Nolan squinted and asked, “Did your mom teach you this?”

“Yes, Mommy loves lobsters, just like Daisie.”

Waylon caringly removed the flesh and placed them on Daisie’s plate. Daisie was swinging her legs
under the table. It was time to dig in.

Nolan looked at them with his chin on his hand. He was wondering who their mother was and how she
had managed to bring them up so polite and mature.

“Who is Ryleigh to you?”

Daisie dug her spoon into the lobster pile, looked up, and said, “Our godmother.” Waylon kicked her
under the table, and Daisie realized her mistake. She beamed at Nolan. “Why do you ask?”

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Chapter 52

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