Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 51

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Willow thought her mother was right, but she couldn’t wait for her mother to give birth to a son.

The two evil kids were a huge threat to her. She had to find out who they were and get rid of them!

At Beach Villa…

“Mommy, aren’t you going to eat? Why are you just watching?” Colton asked while biting down on his
spoon after noticing that his mother hadn’t touched her food but instead was just staring at the three of

Daisie and Waylon thought that their mother was a little off too!

Maisie asked Daisie and Waylon, “Were you in contact with some weird man recently?”

‘Which weird man?”

Maisie looked down, “Nothing. If someone approaches you and asks you anything, ignore them. Good
children don’t speak to strangers, alright?”

Waylon seemed to have understood who this “weird man” was. He gave Colton and Daisie a


Daisie sat next to Maisie. “Mommy, we just met Uncle Boucher, no other men.”

“Why did you meet him?”

“Mommy, don’t be mad. He doesn’t know who our mommy is, and we didn’t tell him. He’s Godmother’s
cousin, so he’s not going to do anything to us!” Daisie said in a baby voice.

Maisie took a deep breath and patted her head. “Didn’t I say that the entertainment business

isn’t good for you? You’re putting yourself out there, what if,”

What if Leila and Willow, or even Nolan, did something to them?

“Don’t worry, Mommy. Uncle Helios will take care of us, so nothing is going to happen,” Waylon said.

Maisie was agitated. Helios was friends with Nolan. Didn’t the children just put themselves u p for

“No, you’re not getting into showbiz.”

“But we‘ve signed the contract. The penalty for a breach of contract is very severe.” Daisie pouted.

Maisie was rendered speechless. She was going to implode.

Colton came to her side and hugged her. “Mommy, please don’t be angry. Waylon and Daisie just
wanted to help you out, and no one will be able to bully them with their wits.”

“Go on. Wasn’t your sister slapped-“Maisie stopped upon recalling something while staring a t the three

“That’s odd. How did you meet Willow and Leila?” She had never thought about it because she was
angry that Daisie had been slapped. Now that she thought about it, how did the three find out about

The three looked embarrassed.

Daisie smiled and said, “Godmother told us. Willow and that old woman bullied you, so we despise

Maisie was again rendered speechless. Ryleigh just kept “selling her out”!

“Mommy, please agree to it.” Daisie moved her body from side to side.

Maisie was helpless. “You three little rascals, how dare you work together to corner me!?”

They had learned to shoot first and ask later!

The three rascals all gave a huge grin. The next day, at Royal Crown…

Nolan went to the company, and the higher-ups all came to meet him. Royal Crown was the
entertainment company under the Goldmann Group. Everyone knew that.

Nolan’s mother, Natasha Knowles, had been one of the biggest stars of Royal Crown of her time, the
fairest of Bassburgh.

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