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Chapter 56

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

“Given Mr. Goldmann’s status, it would be extremely weird if he really did work with Willowt o frame you
six years ago.”

Ryleigh’s words silenced Maisie, and she continued. “Furthermore, if he knew about what happened six
years ago, wouldn’t he have known that the three rascals are his children? He wouldn’t need to get a
paternity test.”

Maisie looked down. “I know what you mean. He probably wouldn’t be interested in working with Willow
to frame me, but he’s still Willow’s boyfriend. I’m not interested in anything that’s related to Willow.”

The corner of Ryleigh’s lips twitched. Maisie was just being picky! 1

Ryleigh seemed to have remembered something and smiled. “Why don’t you consider my cousin then?
Seeing how much he dotes on Waylon and Daisie, I’m sure he’d be happy.”

‘Haha, you’re dragging your cousin into this?” Helios’ fans would tear her apart if they heard this.

Ryleigh laughed, her shoulders shaking.

“Do not tell Waylon and the rest about anything that happened today. I’m going to drag you in mud if
you spill anything!”

Ryleigh waved. “No way! Don’t worry, my lips are sealed!” 1

“This involves the children. No one can know. Willow is already suspecting me, and I think she might do
something to Daisie and Waylon.”

“What!?” Ryleigh was anxious. “Should I get Helios to keep an eye open?”

Seeing that Maisie was suspicious of her, she patted her chest and said in a serious tone, “If you think
that I’m unreliable, Helios will at least be reliable, right?”

Maisie picked up her bag and got up. “Thank him for me then.”

That night at the Beach Villas…

The three rascals were in the corner, reflecting on their mistakes. Maisie sat cross-legged on the
couch, looking at them. “Think hard about your mistakes, or you’re going to bed without dinner!”

Daisie turned around. “Mommy, that mister just wanted to buy Waylon and me some food.” “He bought
you over with just some food?” Maisie crossed her arms. “Are you going to sell me off if he buys you
big lobsters?”

Daisie pouted. They really did have big lobsters.

“What did I say? Don’t talk to strangers. If you were to be kidnapped one day, don’t say I never warned

“Mommy, we wouldn’t be kidnapped. We’re not dumb,” Colton murmured.

“Stand up straight.”

The three stood up straight, looking at each other. They knew that their mother must have watched the
news and found out that they were secretly in touch with their father. She must have been furious.

Their father being with the woman that their mother hated the most was the nail in the coffin.

If they didn’t get rid of that horrible woman, their mother wasn’t going to accept their father!

A thought flashed through Colton’s mind. He smiled and looked at the other two as though he was
telling them his plans.

He whispered something to Daisie, whose eyes shone. She immediately turned around and cried.
”Mommy, that mister smells just like Daddy. We never had a father, so we just wanted t o feel what it
was like to have a dad when we went to eat with him.”

She sat down and started crying after saying that. Maisie was stunned. How would she not feel bad
while seeing Daisie crying so sadly?

She stood up but kept the urge to coddle her under control. She frowned and said, “Daisie, I know all of
you want a father, but that man really isn’t-“

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