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Chapter 57

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Maisie couldn’t deny that she lied. Even if she knew that the man from six years ago was indeed Nolan,
she couldn’t accept it.

The kids getting so close to Nolan would give Willow a chance to attack them.

Waylon turned and looked at her. “Mommy, why are you afraid that we’d get close to that mister?”

Maisie didn’t answer. Was she afraid that Nolan would find out these were his children or was she
worried that Leila and Willow would do something to them?

“Mommy, your brows are pointing upward from the inside. It means you’re worried or afraid, confused.
Is that man related to us?”

She downright denied it. “You’re not related!”

Waylon shrugged. “Mommy, your tone sold you out. You’re feeling guilty!”

“I–”She was caught.

How could she forget that this boy preferred psychology books over fairy tales even though h e was
very young? Even if she could fool Colton and Daisie, she couldn’t fool Waylon.

She took a deep breath to calm down. She had to change the subject. “Let’s get some takeout. How
about some lobsters?”

Daisie, who was crying out loud, suddenly sat up and said, “Yes!”

Waylon and Colton stared at her. She really was easily bought over.

The next day, at Blackgold Group…

Quincy got the report from the Bureau of Justice and gave the information to Nolan. When he opened
the results, his gaze was dark. 1

Quincy gulped upon seeing his expression and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, what’s the outcome?”

Nolan put down the results after being silent for a moment.

Quincy walked over and picked it up. It showed a negative result, no blood relations.

He sighed. “Mr. Goldmann, you definitely over-worried. Those children aren’t yours.”

They just looked like him. Mr. Goldmann was probably just getting a bad case of baby fever.

Nolan put down the document and said, “Look at the date.”

Quincy paused, picked up the document, and looked at the date on the left upper corner. That wasn’t
the date that Mr. Goldmann had visited. It was two days earlier!

“This report isn’t yours!” Quincy was shocked but then said innocently, “How could the Bureau of
Justice make such a huge mistake? I—”

Nolan coldly scoffed, “Do you really think that the bureau made a mistake?”

How could they make a mistake like this? Quincy shook his head. He didn’t believe it.

If it wasn’t an error, then someone must have messed it up on purpose and switched the report.

Only he and Mr. Goldmann knew about them going to the bureau..

“Mr. Goldmann, this report,”

“Leave it. Get someone to secretly run another test in Coralia.” 1

Quincy nodded, turned, and left.

“Hold on.”

“Anything else, Mr. Goldmann?”

Nolan looked at the report on the desk and calmly said, “Let the information leak and send someone to
observe. If someone tried to stop it the last time, then they would do it again.” 1

Maisie got to the office and walked past a few employees who were talking about the news from the
other day.

“Does Mr. Goldmann really have children? The resemblance is mind-blowing.”

“There’s some other woman aside from Ms. Vanderbilt? Why else would he openly run a paternity

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