Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 58

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

Maisie slowed down, and a frown slowly formed on her face. Nolan made public the paternity test?

She turned and looked toward the staff in front of the elevator. They were too engrossed in the
discussion and didn’t notice her. “Is that true? Don’t spread rumors.”

“Quincy confirmed it. Why would he lie?”

“But isn’t it weird for Mr. Goldmann to go all the way to Coralia to run a test? Doesn’t Bassburgh have a
Bureau of Justice?”

Maisie froze in her tracks, and her hands balled up.

What was going on? Did he not believe that the report was real?

Joe had been very careful. Nolan just wanted proof. Anyone who saw the negative results would have
just let it go.

If he really was going to get a test at Coralia, she had to do something. She took out her phone and
hesitated. Was she really going to send someone to intercept it at Coralia?

Wait a second! Maisie stopped. It was suspicious for Nolan to make the test public.

He had already run a test. If he didn’t believe that the results were real, it meant he knew that a switch
had happened. Now that he was going to run another test and had made it a public matter, she would
walk straight into his trap if she sent someone to stop it.

Hah, she was going to play along.

She saw a male colleague walking over, so she smiled and walked over. “Hello, my phone is out of
battery. Can I borrow yours to send a text?”

The man stopped. He was willing to help because she was a beauty, so he handed her his phone. 1

“Thanks.” Maisie went through her contacts, sent a message to Leila with his phone, and immediately
deleted it.

When she returned the phone, she patted his shoulder and said, “It was a message to my ex who
cheated on me. You can ignore it if he replies.”

At Vanderbilt Manor…

Leila was cooking in the kitchen. She had to start eating healthy in preparation for the pregnancy and
seal her place in the Vanderbilt fortune when she gave birth to a son.

Her phone vibrated. Leila lowered the fire and walked to the side to read the message sent from an
unknown number. She was flabbergasted.

Mr. Goldmann was going to run a paternity test at Coralia!? Did he think that those b*stards were his?

That wasn’t good! No way! She had to inform her daughter!

“Willie, you need to come back immediately. There’s something I need to tell you!” 1

“Mr. Goldmann, the entire company is talking about the news. I’m guessing everyone knows now.”

“Did she hear too?”

Quincy was caught off guard. He looked at Nolan, who was going through some documents. Was ‘she’
referring to Ms. Vanderbilt?

“I guess so. Everyone’s talking about it.” Quincy’s reply was but a whisper. He couldn’t be sure if she
had heard.

Nolan shuffled the documents into a stack. Maisie must have heard about the news, but what would
she do? He wanted to know.

On the 16th floor.

“Zee, I helped you apply for an official jewelry website. Once the authorization is confirmed, it’ll
probably start picking up some traction. Have you come up with a name for the brand?” Kennedy

Maisie thought about it for a moment. “Let’s call it.

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