Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 61

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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by desirenovel

“Mister, can you tie me a bow?” Daisie started crying again as teardrops began to roll down her cheeks.

“Stop crying!” the man roared so loudly that his voice became hoarse.

Daisie, who was startled by the man, pursed her lips as she wept silently and stared at him without
uttering another word.

The man tied her a bow, stood up, and walked behind the man with a brush-cut. “Do you think that Ms.
Vanderbilt has lost her mind? She’s actually going to pay the both of us $ 80,000 each just to kidnap
these two…”

“Why, is that too much for you?” The man with a brush-cut took out a cigarette and lit it while
interrupting him, “You can get the fck out of here if you don’t want to proceed with this. I can fcking deal
with these two puny b*stards by myself!”

“Of course I’m in. How can I say no to this job? I’m just saying that this is way too easy for the money
that we’re about to get.” The man grinned from ear to ear.

‘Two children are worth $160,000. Won’t we get paid $320,000 if we were to abduct four of them?

Waylon heard what they were discussing and raised his eyelids. “Hey, is the Ms. Vanderbilt

that you were talking about Willow Vanderbilt?”

The two men turned their heads and stared at him.

The man with a brush-cut did not say a word, and the man standing behind him swallowed his saliva
out of fear. “Bro, what should we do? This kid seems to know…”

The man with a brush-cut glared at him, stepped forward fiercely, and glared at Waylon
condescendingly. “What do you know?”

“Hehe, we’re child celebrities, and we’ve appeared in fashion magazines with an award winning actor,
and she’s only paying you $160,000 for the both of us. Isn’t that a huge loss from your perspective?”

After hearing this, the man stepped forward and said to the man with a brush-cut, “He has a point, bro.
It seems that we’ve lost a lot of money this time around!”

The face muscles on the man with a brush-cut twitched as he smacked the man’s forehead. “F ck off,
you dckhead!”

Waylon raised his head and looked directly at the man with a brush-cut. “$160,000 is definitely a loss
for you. We’re at least worth $800,000.”

The man with a brush-cut looked at him suspiciously. “Rascal, are you trying to fool me?”

“Each of us is worth $800,000, so kidnapping the both of us should earn you $1,600,000. It’s up t o you
to figure it out if we’re worth it.” Waylon shrugged.

The man who had just gotten slapped covered his forehead and walked over with a grin as he said,
“Bro, that’s a great deal!”

The man with a brush-cut leaned over and glared at him. “Believe it or not? Another word from you,
and I’ll kill you first!”

“The car you drove has a GPS, and I reckon that someone will be able to locate it soon. Even if you
were to kill us, where can you go with only $160,000?”

The expression of the man with a brush-cut changed slightly.

They did not know if there was a GPS on the car, but it was always wise to play it on the safer side.

The man panicked and said hurriedly, “Bro, if that’s the case, then we’re truly at a loss. We have to ask
for more compensation!”

The man with a brush-cut straightened his posture, bit the bullet, and gave the order, “Call her and ask
for a raise.”

The man walked to the side and made a call. He then turned around after a short conversation that no
one could hear the content and exclaimed, “That b*tch is rejecting our demand!”


“She’s Mr. Goldmann’s girlfriend. Asking her to pay us $1,600,000 is a waste of time. It’s better for you
to ask Mr. Goldmann for the money directly.” The rope that was tying Waylon’s hand was already
halfway from being cut. He had grabbed a sharp object from his pocket earlier when they were still in
the car and held it in his hand.

The man with a brush-cut took a glance at the man.

The man responded helplessly, “I… I don’t have Mr. Goldmann’s phone number.”

“I know his number. I’ll give it to you. It’s +1650265..”

The man pressed the number and dialed out. The call actually went through after a while. Daisie burst
into tears all of a sudden. “Boohoohoo, I want to go home, I want Mommy!” The man was affected by
her crying and yelled at her after forgetting that the call had been connected, “Shut up, you crybaby!”

Nolan’s face turned gloomy in an instant when he heard the commotion on the phone call, so he got up
and asked, “What do you want?”

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