Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 64

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‘Leila Scott, Willow Vanderbilt, you’re the ones who drive me into a corner in the first place!

At the Goldmann mansion…

A car drove slowly on the green trail. Both sides of the trail were full of parasol trees, while the sculpture
fountain located in the center of the circular square was faintly visible.

And behind the sculpture fountain, a European-style mansion that looked like an ancient castle stood in
the middle of the courtyard, giving off an outstanding grandeur.

“Mister, you live in such a big house by yourself?” Daisie looked at the luxurious mansion, which was
much bigger than their home!

Nolan’s eyes moved around. “Well, you can stay here if you want.”

‘Anyway, it’s just a matter of time.’

Waylon turned his head away. “We won’t want to do so.”.

Nolan smiled and said nothing.

The car stopped outside the front door, and the butler who was waiting outside the door stepped forward
and opened the back seat door. However, he was astounded all of a sudden when he saw the two
children in the car

The two children got out of the car one after another. The butler stared at them, then took a glance at
Nolan, who had just gotten out of the car, and then gazed at the two kids again.

“Mr. Goldmann, they…”

Nolan did not answer him but went into the house with the children first.

Quincy walked up to the butler. “Mr. Cheshire, you’ll get it sooner or later. There’s no need to ask too

The butler, Mr. Cheshire, seemed to have only a hazy notion.

In the mansion, the huge white lobby adopted a duplex layout. There was also a luxurious and retro
crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the hall.

The maids standing in a row were shocked when they saw the two children beside Nolan.

‘Mr. Goldmann has children!’

Daisie leaped onto the couch and sat on it with her little feet dangling off the side. Nolan turned around
and said to Mr. Cheshire, “Get the kitchen crew to make some food.”

Mr. Cheshire nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Waylon looked around, saw that the cabinets and shelves were full of expensive antiques,

and gave them the cold shoulder. “The decorations are not as practical and cozy as ours.”

After hearing this, the maid on the side did not dare to even breathe.

Nolan chuckled, “Yes, the mansion lacks a mistress, so the layout looks a little crude.”

The maid was stunned.

‘Is this considered crude?’

Daisie leaped off the sofa and approached Nolan with a pair of watery and brilliant eyes.“ Mister, then
you should come to our house. Our house lacks a master!”

As soon as Daisie said so, the smartwatch on her wrist flickered. At first glance, it was “Her Royal
Highness” who called!

Nolan looked at the caller ID that was flashing on the tiny screen of the little smartwatch. His slanted
eyes narrowed slightly as he grabbed her arm and answered the call.

It was too late for Waylon, who wanted to stop Nolan, to do so. Fortunately, Daisie, who was stunned for
a split second, could still respond. “Mr. Goldmann, it’s very rude for you to listen t o other people’s calls
like this!”

When Maisie was speaking, Daisie spoke at the same time, so the voices from both sides overlapped
each other, and Nolan could not hear the woman’s voice clearly.

Listening to the sound that was coming from the other end of the call, Maisie was astonished for a few

‘What did she just say, Mr. Goldmann? Nolan Goldmann!’

“Mommy, we‘re all right. Mr. Goldmann has rescued us. Hello… Hello, hello… Mommy? Are you there?”
Daisie raised the watch closer to her ear, listened to it, and then ended the call on purpose.

She then said with an innocent expression, “Mister, the place where Mommy is at doesn’t seem to have
a good signal.”

Waylon breathed a sigh of relief. ‘That was a close call. Everything almost got revealed.’

Nolan pressed his lips tightly and did not say anything.

Maisie’s heart, which had been racing all this while, was finally at ease.

‘At least, it can be confirmed that Waylon and Daisie are now safe. But how did Nolan know about them?

‘In any case, this incident has taken place once, and there will definitely be another one. I’ll absolutely
not provide Leila and Willow with another opportunity.

At Vanderbilt manor…

“Sht, sht, sh*t. The call just won’t get through. Willie, you said that they called and asked for a raise.
They won’t really kill the kids, will they?”

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