Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 70

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Willow was mad with jealousy!


Nolan slowly let go of Maisie, and his expression turned dark. Hah, that was why this woman kissed
him back.

He turned and looked at Willow. “Why are you here?”

Maisie rubbed her lips, wiping off her lipstick which smudged on her face, making her look provocative,

She held onto Nolan’s collar, raised her brows, and smiled. “You need more practice on kissing.”

Nolan’s face turned dark. Was that a complaint?

Maisie was getting ready to leave but froze when Stephen suddenly showed up behind Willow

Stephen’s face went pale upon seeing her looking ‘messy’ while being in the same room as Nolan and
his bleeding lip.

“Maisie, how… how could you-” Stephen’s rage got to his head, and he fainted and collapsed o n the


Upon seeing Willow run to her father’s side, Maisie’s feet felt as though they had been glued t o the
spot where she was standing.

Maisie leaned against the wall of the hospital corridor, looking lost.

She would admit that she lost her mind because of Nolan’s actions, and she did want to make Willow
angry on purpose, but she didn’t expect her father to show up.

“Maisie, your dad is asking for you.”

Leila came out to get her.

Maisie looked up and walked into the room. Willow was sitting by the bed, pretending to be a good
daughter taking care of her father.

Stephen’s face immediately changed when he saw her. “You horrible girl, kneel!”

“Are you sure you want me to kneel?” Maisie didn’t move.

Stephen picked up the cup on the table and threw it at her, and it hit her square on the


Maisie was stunned for a second but recovered quickly.

Stephen turned his head away. “You know what you did. You knew that Willie is with Nolan, but you…
I’m so disappointed.”

“When have you not been disappointed in me?” Maisie couldn’t feel the pain on her forehead, she was
numb. “I’m used to you being disappointed in me. I don’t mind if it happened one more time.”

“Maisie, could you show a little remorse?”

“Who’s the one who should actually be remorseful?” Her words were aimed at Leila. If she was a
remorseful person, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with a married man.

“At least, I didn’t climb into Nolan’s bed.” “You”

“Mr. Vanderbilt, I don’t know what I did is considered wrong. When someone tries to frame m e for
something, I just do what they do and pay it back tenfold. What happened today was nothing.” Maisie’s
gaze slowly turned to Willow, her eyes cold.

Willow was stunned. She lowered her head and clenched her jaw. No, she wasn’t going to give up.

“Zee, Dad just wants you to return to Vaenna.”

“You don’t have the right to speak.”

Willow’s face drained of color upon hearing Maisie’s retort.

Stephen took a deep breath and said calmly, “Zee, if you want Vaenna’s shares, I can give them to you.
Enough with the games.”

Maisie burst out laughing. “You chose a time when Vaenna is just an empty shell to give it back to me?
So that I can clean up after your b*stard daughter?”

“Maisie, where have your manners gone? Willie is your sister!”

“My mother only had one daughter,” Maisie was leaving, but she paused, turned around, and said, “By
the way, I meant what I said. I’m no longer part of the Vanderbilt family. If you like this daughter of
yours, you should appreciate her.”

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