Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 75

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‘So it’s related to this matter.!

Nolan’s eyes could not help droop.

‘Not only does Maisie deny that the woman from six years ago was her, but she also watches out for
me and resists me. So all these were because of Willow?

‘No wonder she despised and abhorred Willow so much at the beginning. She was framed by Willow
back then. If the hotel manager didn’t get the wrong room card that night, I’m afraid that the man Maisie
slept with that night would be Sergio Baldwin.’

Nolan’s eyes became a little cold upon thinking of this.

“By the way, Sir, I’ve also investigated the incident in which Ms. Vanderbilt’s drink was spiked at the
lounge that night. Ms. Willow was the person who took her there, and the person whom they met there
was Sergio Baldwin.”

Quincy knew that Nolan seemed to think that Sergio played only an insignificant role, but Quincy had
investigated Sergio’s affairs out of caution. Everything would have been kept hidden if Quincy did not
look into Sergio, but he was shocked when he did so.

“Sergio Baldwin and Mr. Vanderbilt had a business relationship for a period of time. I heard that Sergio
is an extremely perverted playboy. His ex-wife divorced him because he was cheating on her by having
affairs with many other women, not to mention he only chose young girls as his targets. I guess he
already had his eyes on Ms. Vanderbilt back then.”

Nolan put the information down, his eyes looking a little cold. “From today onward, Baldwin’s Imperial
Real Estate is redundant in Bassburgh.”

On the sixteenth floor, at “Soul” Jewelry Studio….

When Nolan came to her office, he saw Maisie standing in front of a mannequin, sorting out its clothes.
The design of the clothes on the model was of retro Gothic style, and it looked very simple.

He squinted his slanted eyes slightly, and his gaze was fixed on Maisie’s back.

“This woman looks really eye-catching when she’s in her game face.’

Even though her figure had been covered by the long dress, he could not deny that her figure looked
exceptionally sexy and hot while she attended the party that night. Upon thinking that other men had
had their eyes on her, Nolan’s jaw tightened, and his eyes lit up when he was staring at her.

Feeling that someone was behind her, Maisie did not think much.

“Uncle Kennedy, please get me a measuring tape…” Maisie looked back, and the first thing that caught
her eyes was Nolan’s gaze. Her expression froze for a split second. “It’s you?”

‘Jesus, why is it him again!?’

Maisie looked outside, then stared at him vigilantly for a moment. “Mr. Goldmann, is there anything that
requires my attention?”

“What do you think?” Nolan stared at her.

Maisie wanted to step back, but she thought that she might provoke this neurotic man if she were to
avoid him subconsciously.

‘I should come up with a way to make him deject me.’

Maisie raised her eyebrows, took a step toward him, raised her arm, and lifted his chin.

Seeing the man’s eyes turned gloomy, her lips curved upward. “Mr. Goldmann, have you really gotten
attracted to me? Plus, it’s only natural for men to be tempted by a gorgeous and glamorous woman like

me. If you want it so badly, I can always…

“What’s more, being able to get into your bed with you also shows that I’m a woman of means and

Nolan’s expression turned indifferent in an instant. “Maisie Vanderbilt, does your shamelessness know
no limits?”

“I don’t know what shame is, or do you care to teach me more about it?” While Maisie smiled, her
fingertips had already landed on one of the buttons of his suit.

Maisie wanted to disgust him. ‘He probably doesn’t like a woman who’s proactive and shameless, does
he? Then I shall take

the initiative to act all shamelessly.’

Her hand that was unbuttoning his suit was actually trembling. She was not good at these things, but
since the play had already started, she had to go through the entire thing and get t o the end of the

‘I don’t believe that he’ll allow me to continue to do this to him.

Nolan grabbed her hand abruptly and asked lightly, “Why are you so nervous?”

Maisie looked up at him, only to see that he suddenly leaned over to get close to her and moved her
hand onto his belt buckle. “Isn’t this a faster route?”

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