Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 76

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Maisie blushed. She had been tricked!

She shook off his hand and said, “That’s not fun.”

She turned around to leave, but Nolan pulled her back and pinned her to the wall.

Her hands that were trying to push him away were constrained. She looked at him, alarmed.” Nolan
Goldmann, if you touch me”

“Weren’t you asking for lessons?” Nolan got close to her, and the hand that was behind her waist
moved to the clasp on her back and released it

As the cold palm glided over her skin, she shuddered and clenched her jaw. “Nolan!”

Nolan lowered his head to kiss her, not giving her a chance to speak.

No! Maisie squirmed. Her clothes were no longer in place, but the worst part was that her body was not
rejecting this.

Seeming to anticipate Maisie’s bite, he moved his lips away, making her almost bite her own lips. In
that short moment of separation, Maisie raised her hand, ready to give him a slap.

Alas, he grabbed onto her wrist.

He put his hand behind her waist and pulled her against his body, his words seething through his teeth,
“Do you still want lessons?”

Maisie realized something, looked down, and bit her lip. “No, I’m sorry. Please let go of me.”

Seeing that she finally gave up, Nolan let her go and helped her put her clothes back on.” Don’t try
talking to a man with that tone ever again. You can’t handle it.”

When Nolan left, Maisie sank to the floor with her back against the wall. She was very afraid. She was
afraid that he would get what he wanted.

‘Does he do this to Willow too?’

She didn’t have a purity complex, but when the thought of Willow being part of this came across her
mind, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

In the shower…

Nolan stood with one hand on the wall under the cold shower, the water streaming down his chiseled

His lips were pressed together, his eyes dark. He had almost lost control in the office.

He had a tough time getting the taste from six years ago off his mind. He couldn’t feel the same way
with Willow, only her.

Nolan walked out of the bathroom with a bathrobe on. His phone vibrated just when he was putting on
some clothes.

He walked to the table and picked up the phone. His eyes died a little when he saw that it was Willow.

At nighttime, in The Grand Imperial…

Ryleigh brought the three rugrats for a lobster meal at the restaurant. It was tough for a single woman
to bring around three children.

“Godmother, we plan to kidnap Daddy!” Ryleigh almost spat her drink out. She looked at Colton,
shocked. “Your… Daddy?” I

“Godmother, here’s a secret. Uncle Goldmann is actually our Daddy,”Daisie said happily.

Ryleigh was the person they trusted the most, so they told her.

Ryleigh was stunned. No way, would that mean that Zee did all that for nothing?

Ryleigh asked, “How did you find out so soon that Mr. Goldmann is your dad?”

Waylon calmly replied, “We just have to check. We took a DNA test, but you can’t tell Mommy. Mommy
probably doesn’t know yet.”

Even if their mother knew, she wouldn’t be happy about it.

Ryleigh awkwardly said, “The truth is,” She lowered her head and sighed. “Your Mommy knows.”


The three of them stared straight at her. Colton said, “Godmother, why didn’t you tell us!?”

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