Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 78

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The sound of camera shutters coming from the other side of the door made Willow panic. She looked
up and saw that the door was slightly ajar.

No, she had been photographed!

Willow clenched her jaw, put on her clothes, and went to look around outside. Who was taking

She had finally been able to add something to Nolan’s drink, and she was so close to getting him, but
someone interrupted them!

She heard a noise coming from the stairwell. She got them now.

She went through the emergency exit but didn’t see anyone around. Suddenly, something hit her
behind her neck, and she collapsed on the floor.

Colton put down the stick, clapped his hands, and said, “This woman isn’t worthy of Daddy.”

An evil idea flashed across his mind when he remembered how this woman had framed his mother. He
ran toward a server with a tray and said, “Mister, my aunt fainted because she has low blood sugar.
Could you help bring her to a room, please?”

The server helped Colton bring Willow to a guest room. Colton turned to the server and said,” Thank
you, Mister.”

When the server left, Colton searched around and found some tiny cards. He dialed with Willow’s
phone, lowered his tone, and said, “Hello, Grand Imperial Room V3033, come quickly.”

Colten snickered. That was how she had framed their mother six years ago. It was time for

him to ‘take revenge’.

He called Waylon to inform him about their father. After Waylon hung up, he suddenly stared at
Ryleigh, who was enjoying her food. 2

Seeing the way Waylon was staring at her, she felt suspicious. “Waylon, why are you looking a t me like

Waylon smiled. “We need your help.” Ryleigh was rendered speechless. Waylon smiled, and she had a
bad feeling.

At Beach Villa…

Ryleigh got two of her bodyguards to bring the unconscious Nolan to their home.

Oh no! Zee was not going to let her get away with this!

She had turned into an accomplice and helped these three rugrats kidnap their father!

Daisie swayed her body from side to side, “Don’t worry, we wouldn’t betray you!”

Ryleigh laughed dryly. “How could I be doing this with you?”

It was her fault! She shouldn’t have done this to Zee!

Ryleigh looked at her watch and said, “Your mother is coming home. I need to leave.”


“Do not expose me!” Ryleigh yelled while on her way out.

“Don’t worry!” Colton gave an OK gesture. Nolan was left in the cold bathtub. His temperature was
alarmingly high, so Waylon added ice to the water he was in. Daisie felt his forehead. “He’s still burning
up. What should we do?”

“That woman did this to him!” Colton replied.

Waylon stood up and said to Colton, “Bring Daisie out. I’ll help Daddy change.”

“Hey, why can’t I watch!?” Daisie pouted.

Colton put his hand to his forehead. “You’re a good girl. You’re not supposed to see a man’s body. Go
outside!” He pushed her out. 1 Colton and Waylon took off their father’s clothes together and left him
with only his pants on.

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