Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 84

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“Willow has nothing to do with me. She lied to me for six years and even had the guts to drug me last
night. Mr. Vanderbilt, how do you plan to settle this account for your daughter?”

Maisie was stunned.

‘Did Willow drug him last night? No wonder he was so anxious and violent last night. I almost became
the victim of that scheme.’

Stephen’s expression changed slightly. “How would Willie”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to resolve it yourself, but please be reminded that the outcome will
be different when I go to her personally.” The sentence was an obvious threat.

Stephen’s expression became one of embarrassment, but he could not say anything else. “If it truly is
Willie’s fault, I’ll definitely teach her a lesson when I get back home.”

Nolan’s tone sounded indifferent. “I don’t want to listen to the word ‘if’.”

Stephen knew that Nolan was a man who would do anything. He really would not let Willow g o if he
did not provide him with an explanation.

He responded and pleaded, “Okay, I’ll give you an explanation after this, Mr. Goldmann. So please
show Willie some mercy and let this slide this time around.”

Upon hearing that Stephen was still defending Willow at this moment, a touch of self deprecation
flashed across Maisie’s eyes.

‘If I were to be the one being discussed now, would he beg others to let me go?’

Stephen left the office, and Kennedy and the others also left because Nolan was there.

After realizing that she and Nolan were the only two people left in the office, Maisie’s attitude was still
as unconcerned as always. “Mr. Goldmann, you didn’t even show your former girlfriend any mercy. I
wonder if the people who don’t know the details of this incident will think of you as a man who
abandoned his previous lover just because he’s found a new one.”

As soon as she said that, Nolan walked up to her and lifted her chin. “Now that things have turned out
like this, don’t you think you have to bear some of the responsibility?”

Maisie was dumbfounded for a split second. “What responsibility do I have to bear?”

His tone sounded faint. “Willow wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to take advantage of the incident if
you didn’t run away six years ago. And if all that hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t even be a thing today.”

If he were to have found out that Maisie was the woman from that night when he went to the Vanderbilt
manor six years ago, the woman who had been staying by his side all this while would not be Willow.

Maisie pushed his hand away and smirked. “That being said, are you saying that you blamem e for
providing her with the opportunity? But weren’t you a rather content man when you were defending

Nolan’s eyes dimmed slightly while his lips pressed into a cold line. ‘Does she care about those
instances in which I misunderstood her while defending Willow?’ Nolan could understand her mindset
thinking of this, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised. “I can also defend you.”

“Hehe, I don’t need that.” Maisie pushed him away and was about to leave.

Nolan turned around and hugged her from behind. Maisie’s expression changed slightly as she tried to
pry his hand open. “Nolan Goldmann, what are you doing!”

The arms that were wrapped around her waist were tight, and the man lowered his head and pressed
his lips against her auricle. “Bring the children and move in with me.” “Impossible!” Maisie’s expression
was distorted.

‘He wants me to move in with him? Keep dreaming!

“Maisie Vanderbilt,” Nolan rubbed her lips with his fingers, “If you want me to persuade you, I don’t
mind trying another way.”

He then kissed her neck with his cold lips. Maisie shrugged in fright. “Wait… At least give me a few
days to think about it!” Nolan let her go, squinted his eyes, and gave off a grin. “I’ll only give you three
days.” After Nolan left with satisfaction, Maisie could not help but clench her hands into fists, her eyes

Apart from that night from six years ago and that the kids were his, she had no feelings for this man.

‘I must admit that Nolan isn’t only breathtakingly attractive, regal, and elegant-looking, but he’s also a
well-known, powerful, and influential aristocrat in Zlokova. The various conditions that he possesses
make him the ideal partner in the eyes of many celebrities and socialites.

‘But Dad’s extramarital affair has created a barrier in my heart ever since I was a kid.’

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