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Chapter 88

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Maisie, who originally wanted to get into the front passenger seat, was rendered speechless. As soon
as she sat down in the rear passenger seat, Quincy turned to look at her and gave her a wide smile.
“Good morning, Mrs. Goldmann.”

Maisie gnashed her teeth. “Mrs. Goldmann your as- Drive!”

She would have completed the impertinent sentence if it weren’t for Colton’s presence.

Quincy pouted his lips.

‘Ms. Vanderbilt is rather hot-tempered. Mr. Goldmann will have a lot to bear in the future.’

Nolan turned around and glanced at her.

Maisie’s fashion sense had always been good. She was wearing a professional suit, but she managed
to bring out a unique fashionable style.

It seemed monotonous to wear a pure black basic blouse in a buttonless black pattern suit, but the
blue-black gradient and the irregular lace split skirt contrasted sharply with the burgundy heels.

It made the overall look not only less monotonous but also more fashionable. And the earrings that
were in the same color as the heels had also become a dazzling embellishment. Maisie saw the man
beside her kept staring at her with his scorching eyes and felt a little uncomfortable sitting down. When
the extremely conspicuous Maybach stopped at the main entrance of the Royal Academy of Music of
Zlokova, it attracted the attention of a lot of people. Some parents who sent their children to the
academy recognized the owner of the car’s license plate number at a glance.

“Isn’t that Mr. Goldmann’s car?”

“Oh yeah!”

The owner of Bassburgh’s stratospherically-priced 9999 plate number could only be Mr. Goldmann. Not
only that, but they also knew that the number plates of the silver Rolls-Royce and the limited-edition
Pagani sportscar that Mr. Goldmann owned also cost a fortune.

‘It’s our luck to be able to witness it in person today!’

Looking at the gazes that came from outside the car window, Maisie rubbed her forehead.

“Being with this man is a flashy thing to do.”

Colton got out of the car, turned around, and said, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m going in already!”

Maisie forced a smile.

At this time, she received a text message on her cell phone,

Before she had the time to take a glimpse at it, Nolan snatched the phone.

“What are you doing!?” She leaned over, wanting to grab the phone, but Quincy suddenly braked the
car at that moment, which caused her leaning body to lose balance and fall into Nolan’s arms,

Maisie got away from his body and then glared at Quincy, “Do you know how to drive a car?!”

“We should always wait for the red light, shouldn’t we?” Quincy explained softly, Are you asking me to
step on the throttle and run the red light without braking?

Nolan looked down at her and raised his eyebrows slightly, “Are you taking advantage of me?”

“Hehe, I wonder who’s the person who’s taking advantage…” Maisie lowered her head before she
could finish speaking, Her hand had ended up on a very inappropriate body part, which was extremely

Nolan came nearer to her, his eyes full of mockery, “How does it feel?”

Maisie retracted her hand, turned around, and sat back down. She did not want to be taken over, so
she responded indifferently, “Not very good.”

Nolan did not say anything but smiled when he saw her flushed ears,

He then glanced at the screen of Maisie’s phone, saw the message, and his eyes turned slightly cold,

“Mr. Goldmann, can you give my phone back to me already?” Maisie stretched out her hand without
looking at him,

“Who’s the dbag that you’re talking about?” Nolan glanced at her gloomily,

Maisie’s heart skipped a beat, She snatched the cell phone from his hand and glanced at the message,

Crap, I replied to Ryleigh’s text message before going to bed last night, and this woman actually replies
to me at the worst time imaginable!

Looking at Nolan’s murderous eyes that were about to swallow her whole, Maisie thought of something,
She raised her hand, grabbed Nolan’s collar, approached him, and let off a faint smile. “Dbag is an
Internet term and has another meaning when used in such a context. Women would address someone
as a dbag when they have a good impression of that someone. It expresses closeness.” 1

Quincy was holding back his smile, and his shoulders began to tremble.

Nolan turned his head and gave him a cold glare. But he heard some commotion coming from

behind while doing so. He then turned around and saw that Maisie had already opened the door of the
car, had gotten out of the car, and had run away without looking back.

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