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Chapter 87

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Ryleigh sent her a text message. It was obvious that the three rugrats had leaked the secret to her-that
was how she knew about Nolan’s plan to stay here for the night!

Sensing the expectations that Ryleigh showed through her message, she replied, “What’s on that filthy
mind of yours? Dbags can only be allowed to sleep on the couch.”

She then turned her cell phone off.

*All I can do now is to avoid him for as long as possible!

A tall figure came to the edge of the bed in the middle of the night. He slowly sat down and looked at
the woman who was sleeping soundly on the bed. He propped his hands against the bed, leaned over,
and covered her lips with his own lips.

“Umm…” Maisie’s eyelashes trembled, and she raised her hand and waved gently. “Ugh, stopi

Her languid and coquettish voice was accompanied by a hint of nasal resonance. She also frowned
slightly as if he was disturbing her sweet dreams.

Nolan stared at her unsuspecting appearance, and a touch of tenderness flashed across his eyes. He
then rubbed the corners of her lips with his fingertips. “Maisie, I’ll make you accept me willingly.”

The next morning..

Maisie opened her eyes and woke up, wondering how she had gotten to sleep so soundly and
comfortably last night.

‘Sure enough, it’s because the dbag wasn’t there.’


She got up and walked to the door. The door was still locked. ‘Hmph, it’s fortunate that all the spare
keys are with me.’ She walked to the living room in her nightdress, stretched comfortably, and as soon
as she turned her head, she saw the three rugrats sitting at the dining table staring at her.

Nolan walked out of the kitchen with breakfast at that moment and looked at her too.” Awakened

Maisie froze in place.

She almost forgot that this man had stayed here last night!

“Mommy, you’re up. Daddy has made breakfast for us!” Colton waved his tiny hand at her.

Maisie couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘What’s with the sensation of déjà vu that I’m feeling, what’s going on?

‘No, I must be hallucinating.’

Maisie turned around and walked back to her room.

After seeing her mother get into her room, Daisie asked Nolan softly, “Daddy, did you secretly sleep in
Mommy’s room last night?”

Nolan squinted his eyes and placed his index finger in front of his lips, giving off a shushing motion.

Daisie nodded with brilliant eyes.

Nolan had not spent much time on the couch last night but slept with his pretty little wife for five hours.
He really did sleep very soundly when she was by his side.

Fortunately, he had set the vibrating alarm on his watch to wake him up, left her room before she woke
up, and locked the door with his spare key.

After Maisie freshened herself up and changed into her clothes, she walked out of the room again.

‘Yes! This is truly not an illusion.’

“Daddy and Mommy, Waylon, and I are heading to the company. Miss Angela is here to pick u s up
already. Bye!” Daisie took a small backpack with her and went out with Waylon. Colton jumped off the
chair and walked to Maisie. “Mommy, I need to go to the music academy today too. Will you and Daddy
send me off?”

“Okay, when Uncle Quincy drives the car here, your mother and I will bring you to the college.” Nolan
did not care whether Maisie agreed to the plan or not and promised Colton on her behalf.

Colton nodded and ran upstairs to grab his schoolbag.

Maisie gradually returned to her senses and bumped into Nolan as soon as she turned around. She
then raised her head. “You…”

“Finish your breakfast first. Colton and I will be waiting for you in the car.”

Nolan really took Colton out first when Colton came back downstairs.

Maisie turned her head and looked at the breakfast on the table.

‘He even prepared my share, and…

‘How could such an egoistic man make such a delicate and loving breakfast? Not to mention, it’s made
by the legendary Mr. Goldmann of the Goldmanns!?’

Colton and Nolan waited in the car for fifteen minutes, only to see Maisie walking out of the


Colton slid the window of the front passenger’s seat. “Mommy, hurry up!”

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