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Chapter 90

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“Mother, Willie is doing so for the Vanderbilts.” Leila smiled, trying to make Madam Vanderbilt feel
satisfied with herself and her daughter.

Everyone knew that Madam Vanderbilt had always valued a grandson more. If it weren’t for the fact
that Stephen did not have any son, Madam Vanderbilt would not even bother to care about the mother-
and-daughter pair.

Madam Vanderbilt had two sons, one was Stephen, and the other was Yorick.

Yorick was Stephen’s elder brother who lived in the ancestral mansion of the Vanderbilts because he
had given birth to a grandson for Mr. Vanderbilt Sr.

Madam Vanderbilt had always attached great importance to this eldest son. If it weren’t for the
improvement that Vaenna was showing right now, Madam Vanderbilt would never comet o the
Bassburgh in person.

“Hmph, this might be good for the Vanderbilts, but after all, she’s not a man. Son, in any case, the
family business has to be inherited by a man. This daughter will eventually become the daughter of
another family once she gets married to a man.”

Stephen and Leila’s expressions looked extremely awkward after listening to Madam Vanderbilt’s

“It’s better to hand Vaenna to your nephew, Hector. Hector is now 23 years old and is the only heir of
the Vanderbilts.”

When Leila heard that Madam Vanderbilt was going to hand Vaenna to that son of a b*tch, how could
she be reconciled with that idea?

“Mother, you might not know this, but Willie is the one who convinced this designer Freddy t o
collaborate with Vaenna. In other words, Freddy is willing to collaborate with us only because he knows
about the relationship between Willie and Mr. Goldmann.”

Stephen frowned. “What does this have to do with Mr. Goldmann?”

Leila explained with a smile, “Dear, don’t you know? The other day when Freddy went to Vaenna to talk
to Willie about the collaboration, he told Willie that he knew about her only because of Mr. Goldmann.”

“The person that you’re talking about… Which Mr. Goldmann are you referring to?” The name seemed
familiar to Madam Vanderbilt.

Leila looked at her. “Of course it’s Mr. Goldmann of the Blackgold Group.”

Madam Vanderbilt was astounded. She then gazed at Willow with a straight eye. “Wow, young lady,
you’re quite capable. You actually managed to win the heart of the young Goldmann. Now tell me more
about this Mr. Goldmann. I heard that he’s extremely prestigious and

influential. It would be an honor to the Vanderbilts if we could get into wedlock with the Goldmanns!”

Leila knew that mentioning Mr. Goldmann would definitely be useful. The originally tense relationship
between her and her mother-in-law had finally eased up, and they could even discuss Mr. Goldmann

Stephen, who was sitting at the side, got up and left with a gloomy expression.

Madam Vanderbilt could not care less about him. She thought of something and then looked a t Willow.
“Willie, since you have such a good relationship with Mr. Goldmann, you should know all the rich and
influential entrepreneurs who surround Mr. Goldmann. If you do, do introduce one of them to your
cousin Linda.”

Seeing that the old woman had even changed the way she addressed her, Willow was somewhat
satisfied. “Don’t worry about that, Grandma.”

‘Hmph, compared to Maisie, Linda is just a foolish and unruly girl.

‘But it’s great that she’s the dumb one. She is now the person that I need the most. It would be great if I
can use Linda and deal with that b*tch with her.’

“That’s nice to hear. You’re definitely worthy of being one of the Vanderbilts. Then I’ll ask your cousin to
come over tomorrow.” Madam Vanderbilt was certainly happy to see that Willow was willing to help her
cousin out.

At noon…

Maisie flipped through the list of ingredients.

Xander sighed helplessly. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Jade Mountain Co. is facing a shortage of rare rough stones.
We can’t purchase rough stones like aquamarine, tanzanite, golden emerald, black opal, and topaz
from them.”

Maisie closed the list and looked up. “Aquamarine and golden emerald, we can order those from
Millennial Gemstone Inc., the price that they can offer is more or less similar to Jade Mountain Co. As
for the black opal and tanzanite, only Taylor Jewelry has them.”

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