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Chapter 97

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In comparison, Mr. Santiago was a lot friendlier than his daughter,

Kennedy smiled helplessly. “I guess La Perla had the same intentions as us when they sent M s.
Santiago over to negotiate for a partnership.”

“They’re trying to get Taylor’s source?” Maisie raised her brows.

Kennedy sounded worried. “I wonder what condition La Perla will bring to the table. I’m afraid that
$12,000,000 won’t be enough.”

Just access to the source of tanzanite would already cost around $12,000,000. Since Taylor was the
only company that had the right to work with Beaumont, monopolizing the import channels alone would
have cost Taylor an obscene amount of money.

They waited there for almost an hour before the staff appeared again. “I’m sorry, Madam Nera said that
since your studio is newly established and not listed yet, she doesn’t know how good you are. Thus,
she wishes that you will come back when you’ve become more established.”

Kennedy got up. “Did Madam Nera really say that?” The staff looked troubled. “Mr. Fannon, that was
what she said. I’m just the messenger.”

Maisie calmly sat in her spot, not turning around. “What conditions did Madam Nera give?”

The staff paused and said, “It’s not about the conditions. Your studio isn’t stable yet. Our chairman was
just thinking about the possibility of a long-term partnership.”

Maisie looked down, slowly got up, and walked toward the staff. “Alright then. I hope that Madam Nera
will keep her word and won’t let us wait for too long.”

She smiled and left the VIP lounge with Kennedy but bumped into Pearl.

She laughed upon seeing them getting rejected and said, “I told you. You’re lucky that Taylor even let a
small, unknown company like yours get an appointment, let alone get a partnership.”

Maisie looked at her. “Which channel did La Perla get?”

“Hah, we of course got the channel for Black Opal. You probably don’t know what that is.” Pearl
arrogantly walked past her.

Kennedy looked like he was going to lash out.

“I thought they’ve gotten the source for tanzanite,” Maisie said after they left. Kennedy stared at his
feet, seemingly blaming himself. “It was probably because our company is new. I wouldn’t be surprised
if Madam Nera would take future profits into consideration.”

“Uncle Kennedy, could you have a little more pride?”

Maisie looked at him and smiled.

Kennedy was stunned. “What’s on your mind?”

She laughed. “We can’t leave if Madam Nera won’t see us.”

Madam Nera picked up the coffee and took a sip. When the staff came back to report, she looked up
with fierce eyes. “You said they haven’t left?”

“Yes, they’re still downstairs.”

Madam Nera looked down. “They’re not even a listed company yet, but they are already brave enough
to discuss a partnership for the source of tanzanite with me? I’ve seen confident ones, but not
someone that cocky.”

The staff said, “Do you want me to escort them out?” She put down her cup. “If we escort them away, it
will look like we mistreat our guests.”

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