Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 110

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Willow got excited when she saw Nolan walking over.

“Nol-“But when she started to speak, Nolan walked past her as if she didn’t exist.

He walked to Maisie under watchful eyes.

Pearl was stunned.

Why was Mr. Goldmann there? How was that possible?

“Mr-Mr. Goldmann, who is this woman? Why are you—”

Nolan looked at her through the corner of his eyes. “Since you touched my woman, I don’t think you wish
to continue surviving in this business.”

“Mr.Goldmann’s woman!” the crowd murmured.

Mr. Goldmann had never announced his love interests, but today, he did so!

Many socialites’ hearts shattered on the spot.

Willow’s face slowly started to turn pale. Her nails dug into her palm while she shot daggers at Maisie.

Why? Why was Maisie so charming that she could make Nolan admit to their relationship?

She had been by his side for six years, but he never openly admitted to their relationship. She couldn’t
accept that!

The PR manager carefully explained, “Mr. Goldmann, I’m sorry, we didn’t know-”

Nolan carried Maisie in his arms and stared at them. “Get your organizers to come to see me.” He then

Pearl’s legs gave out. She would have collapsed on the floor if others didn’t hold onto her.

When the crowd dispersed, the discussions continued.

“Ms. Santiago has gotten into big trouble.”

“Exactly. That was Mr. Goldmann’s partner. La Perla definitely offended Mr. Goldmann this time.”

“I guess Ms. Santiago will not be on the invitation list for the next socialite party.”

Nolan carried Maisie into the VIP lounge.

Maisie’s eyes were looking downward. She lightly pushed him. “Put me down, please.”

Nolan walked to the couch and let her down. When he saw the cut on her arm, his eyes grew dark.

“Wait here,” he commanded.

Seeing Nolan walk to the crew and ask for a medical kit, she quietly said, “It’s just a small wound.
There’s no need to worry.”

“Shut it.” Nolan sat down in front of her. “Hold your arm out.”

Maisie held out her arm.

He probably pulled on her wound when he tugged at it, and she let out a low groan in pain.

Nolan looked up at her. “Do you feel pain?”

“I’m not a machine. Of course I feel pain.” After saying that, she looked at him suspiciously.” Why are you

Nolan applied some ointment and looked up. “If I didn’t show up, you’d probably be thrown out already?”

Maisie laughed. “We don’t know that.” Nolan raised his head. “You never let yourself get bullied. Why
were you bowing down to these people?”

“I wasn’t bowing down.” Seeing that he was done bandaging, she pulled her arm back. “If I was bowing
down, I wouldn’t have caused a scene.”

She had only wanted to pick on Willow initially, but Pearl wanted to join in. Since she was wandering
around without her brain, Maisie just played along. Nolan squinted. “So you hurt yourself?”

“Pearl is the favorite daughter of La Perla. Mr. Santiago has coddled her too much. What’s wrong with
giving her a lesson and scaring her a little?” Nolan’s eyes turned cold upon seeing that Maisie said all
that so calmly.

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