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Chapter 117

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‘How so! Why is it her!?’

“What happened?” Maisie slowly appeared behind the crowd as if nothing had happened before,
pretending that she did not know anything.

Kennedy stepped forward hurriedly. “Zee, where have you been? Why would they say that you’re—”

“I answered a call and went out. What’s the matter?” Maisie pretended to be puzzled.

Nolan stared at her. In fact, he already knew that it was not her when he heard the woman’s voice from
outside the room just now.

As for Willow, her hands that were resting on both sides clenched tightly into fists and trembled slightly
when she saw Maisie appear from behind the crowd.

‘Fck! It should’ve been this btch! How did it become Ms. Santiago? This is bad!’

After Pearl saw Maisie, her expression became distorted instantly. “It’s you! You’re the one who did this
to me!”

She got up to pounce at Maisie immediately but was stopped by the security guard who had just gotten
summoned to the scene by the staff members.

“You b*tch! You’re the one who set me up! I won’t let this slide. I’ll never let you go!” Pearl screamed and

Maisie tilted her head and gave off an innocent expression. “I’m the one who set you up? Ms. Santiago,
what do you mean by that?”

This is you reaping the fruits of your own actions, isn’t it? I’ve already given you a chance to repent and
give up on the idea.’

“It’s you! You should’ve been the one who suffers from all this, but you’ve set me up. You‘ve ruined me!”
Pearl had long lost her cool.

She had been ruined, completely ruined!

“Ms. Santiago, I’m curious now that you say so. What do you mean by ‘I should be the one who suffers
from all this’?” Maisie asked and then pretended to have arrived at a lightbulb moment.

“So are you saying that you were planning to cause me harm? No wonder there was a waiter who told
me that you were waiting for me in the lounge and asked me to come over.”

She took a glance at the crowd and saw the waiter who had lowered his head due to a guilty conscience.
She then walked up to the waiter and pulled him out of the crowd. “Young man, you’re the one who
asked me to come to the lounge, aren’t you?”

“I… I…” The waiter did not even know what was going on. He had just brought her to the lounge
according to Ms. Santiago’s instruction-all there was left was to confirm that she had entered the lounge,
but who knew that she was not there!

“I originally wanted to come over, but I picked up a call on my way here and left. I planned to come back
to meet Ms. Santiago after I answered the call. Who knew…”

Maisie looked at Pearl. “Ms. Santiago, I don’t remember being on bad terms, so why would you want to
do this to me?”

“You…” Pearl’s face was pale, and her body trembled as she heard the mockery, finger-pointing, and
discussions of the people around her.

‘Who would pity me at this moment?’

Pearl had always been an arrogant and presumptuous woman in the upper-class circle of Bassburgh
and had offended many people. Now that she had fallen to this point in life, it was very lucky of her that
no one was adding insult to her injuries.

Willow wanted to take the opportunity to escape from the scene, but Pearl saw her keenly.

‘That’s right! It’s all because of her horrible idea!’

“It’s you! Don’t you dare leave now! This is all because of your idea. B*tch, you lied to me!” Pearl rushed
toward Willow abruptly. Everything happened so suddenly that the security guard did not “Aah, it’s not
me! This has nothing to do with me…” Pearl was hauling Willow’s hair, and she almost lost her evening
gown to Pearl’s hands.

The security guards finally suppressed Pearl.

Willow was in a mess at the moment.

Facing everyone’s suspicion, she shook her head vigorously. “No, it’s not me, I didn’t…

“Nolan, you have to believe me…” Her heart skipped a beat as she gazed at Nolan’s indifferent

She was like a joker throughout the whole process. Facing the public opinion that was clashing against
her, she gave up on the idea of explaining or fighting back and straight-up passed out on the floor.

Seeing that Willow had fainted, Maisie could not help but mock her deep down,

‘Her acting skills are getting better and better by the day. She’s actually trying to escape everything by
pretending to have blacked out.’

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