Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 120

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“She’s one of the Vanderbilts too. She’s my half-sister, and she’s my stepmother’s daughter.”

Mrs. Santiago looked up at her. “What do you plan to achieve by coming here to see my daughter?”

“I can provide your daughter with a chance for redemption, provided that your daughter is willing t o
repent. Judging from the popularity of this news, it is estimated that it’ll continue to trend for quite a while.
Everyone thinks that your daughter has fallen out of her own will, but I believe that you want everyone to
think that your daughter was wronged, am I right?”

The idea obviously moved Mrs. Santiago.

‘Yes, Pearl is in the limelight now. How can she meet anyone in the future if she can’t get past any of
these limelights?

‘Instead of allowing the public to think that Pearl is a problematic lady, it’s better to make everyone
believe that Pearl had been framed. The sympathy that originates from the public’s empathy could at
least save Pearl’s innocence and chastity.

‘Being framed is a totally different story from degenerating willingly. Although this incident has already
happened and it’s impossible to completely erase it, as long as Pearl can keep her reputation, it’s
definitely better than being pointed out for the rest of her life.’

At this time, Maisie received a notification from Facebook and Twitter on her cell phone. She tapped on
the notification and saw the updates. As expected, Willow had pushed all the blame onto Pearl Although
the turmoil had not affected Willow, the latter’s quick reaction was an obvious effect of the Santiagos’
suppression that the Vanderbilts were facing at the moment.

“Mrs. Santiago, you should take a look at this.” Maisie handed her phone to Mrs. Santiago.

Mrs. Santiago’s expression changed when she saw Willow’s post. “This woman is actually shameless
enough to frame my daughter again!?”

Willow had won many fans because of the popularity that she gained through her recent designs, s o the
comment section was filled with comments from fans who supported her.

“Mrs. Santiago, don’t get too agitated. Just wait till the moment she slaps herself in the face.” Maisie

Mrs. Santiago looked at her: “Ms. Vanderbilt, I’ll thank you no matter what if you truly are able to help
Pearl. Pearl is in a very bad condition, so please help her.”

Mrs. Santiago had no choice but to believe her.

Maisie gave off a faint smile. “Don’t worry, I’m a woman of my words. But I hope that your daughter will
genuinely repent for what she’s done. Otherwise, don’t say that I didn’t give her any chance if anything
were to happen in the future.”

Mrs. Santiago paused.

‘How can I not get the meaning behind these words? She is making it clear that she might be willing to
help Pearl today. But she won’t show Pearl any mercy if Pearl were to do something to harm her again in
the future.‘

Her daughter was involved in the scheme in the first place and was caught red-handed by others, which
was very embarrassing to her. Hence, there was nothing else that she could say apart from making a
promise. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely educate my daughter after this.”

Ever since Willow had posted the posts, there were thousands of views, hundreds of shares, hundreds of
comments underneath the posts, and the numbers were still on the rise.

However, when all the public opinion was targeting Pearl, the clarifications of the several parties that
were detained in the detention center attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

In just a few hours, the title #Pearl Santiago Being Framed# had risen to become one of the top
searches on Google, gaining more than tens of millions of hits.

The several suspects that appeared in the #Clarification Video# all confessed that it was Ms. Willow who
had hired them to frame Ms. Santiago. They also mentioned that Ms. Santiago had been drugged at the
moment, just like all of them, and they had no idea what they were doing.

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