Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 121

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GrasssyGreeen#: She’s that new designer, right? I didn’t expect that she would do such a thing. It turns
out that masterpieces don’t really reflect the real personality of the designer. I’m never • buying
Vaenna’s jewelry anymore.

A huge group of netizens started tagging Willow’s Twitter and Facebook accounts in their comments
and even started a hashtag to condemn her.

Glazed Onion#: There’s no need to explain anymore. There’s so much concrete evidence, just
deactivate your Facebook and Twitter account.

SpicyFood4Life#: You actually call yourself a jewelry designer? You’re an insult to those jewelry

SexyV#: Isn’t it funny? A designer who came up with a collection of jewelry that pays tribute to the
Gothic design concept didn’t even know designer Dila. I heard that she was able to come up with such
perfect masterpieces after only a month of learning jewelry design. It’s a bit outrageous, don’t you
think? I doubt those works have anything to do with her.

At the Vanderbilt manor…

Willow was attacked by the netizens so much that she dared not look at her phone, and her mind was
about to break down again.

Leila walked up to her worriedly, picked up Willow’s cell phone, went through the vicious comments,
and asked anxiously, “How did this happen? Haven’t you clarified it?”

“I really didn’t expect that Pearl would have the ability to let those goons push all the blame back t o
me. D*mn it, Maisie Vanderbilt! That bitch is the person to be blamed! She should’ve been the one who
got all the spotlight last night!” Willow bit the nail of her thumb so hard that her nail was about to crack

‘The Santiagos have now begun to suppress the Vanderbilts, and I was afraid that Dad would suspect
me. That’s why I chose to go public and clarify the matter. Now great, Pearl has actually turned the
table and checkmated me!

‘D*mn, Maisie is the one to blame for all this. Had it not been because Maisie had Nolan covering her
*ss, would Pearl change her target and start to deal with me now?’

“Since that b*tch wants to rain fire and brimstone onto us, mother-and-daughter, it seems that we’ll
have to reveal our trump card now.”

Willow stared at her mother. “What trump card do we have now?”

Leila explained smugly, “Of course it’s to push all the blame to Maisie. Since she wants you to take the
fall for the incident, then how can we not put up a fight and make her life a living hell too?”

“Don’t forget, how did the person in the lounge turn into Ms. Santiago last night? Maisie must be the
b*tch who set up the whole thing. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Ms. Santiago hate her too? So as long as
we can push all the blame to Maisie, there’s no way she can escape this!”

‘That b*tch wants to witness from afar when my daughter and Ms. Santiago fight each other to the
death while she withdraws from this incident unscathed? Keep dreaming!

In the evening…

Nolan came to the 16th floor. Almost all the staff members on the 16th floor had gone off work, and
only the office’s lights were still on.

He arrived outside Maisie’s office, only to see Maisie lying on the desk asleep with a pen in her hand,
and there were also a few unfinished drawings on the desk.

Nolan walked up to her side, took the pen in her hand, put it away, and glanced down at the
unsuspecting woman.

‘She looks adorable only when she’s asleep.’

He picked up Maisie horizontally while Maisie only turned her head and leaned in a comfortable
position without showing any tendency of waking up.

“You do know how to sleep soundly in peace.” A hint of helplessness flashed across the bottom of
Nolan’s eyes as he looked at the woman in his arms.

Back at the Goldmann mansion…

Nolan was still carrying Maisie while he entered the door.

The three rugrats were sitting beside Mr. Goldmann Sr. eating dinner, and they were all dumbfounded
when they saw their mother coming in with their mother in his arms.

Nolan carried her upstairs, Colton wanted to catch up to them and have a look, but he was dragged
back by Mr. Goldmann Sr. “You little rascal, why are you following them?”

Colton responded immediately, “I’m going to see Daddy and Mommy!”

“You’d be like the cat among the two pigeons if you were to join them now,” Mr. Goldmann Sr. said
helplessly. “Your father and mother need to spend some time alone. Otherwise, how can your dad
chase your mom?” “Yeah, Mommy still can’t accept Daddy.” Daisie nodded her head slightly.

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