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Chapter 113

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Maisie changed into the evening gown and walked out of the restroom to the banquet with Nolan.

The two of them were dazzlingly captivating when they appeared at the banquet. Nolan was still as
indifferent and expressionless as usual, and Maisie did not dare to look at him anymore after witnessing
the “spectacular” scene.

I’ve done nothing. Aaah, can I suffer from amnesia starting from what happened just now!?’

“Zee.” Kennedy walked toward her, looking all worried. “Is your injury okay?”

“It’s okay. It’s a puny injury, and it’s been dealt with.” Maisie smiled.

Nolan wrapped his arms around Maisie’s waist and smiled faintly at Kennedy. “Don’t worry, M I. Fannon,
I’ll take care of her now that I’m here.”

Standing i

he crowd, Willow tightened the grip of her hand that was holding a wine glass.

‘Everyone’s attention is on Maisie and Nolan.’

She gnashed her teeth bitterly while listening to the enviable remarks of those around her.

‘I should be the one who’s standing next to him. Maisie shouldn’t have come back. Or perhaps, she
shouldn’t have existed.’

A hint of murderous coldness flashed across her eyes as she thought of something. She then turned
around and disappeared into the crowd.

Maisie noticed Willow’s departure and thought of something, so she pushed Nolan’s hand

away. “I need to go to the restroom.”

“Do you need me to come with you?” Nolan squinted.

Maisie turned her head and glared at him-the word “pervert” could clearly be sensed from her

Nolan could only respond with a smile.

Willow came to the corridor and saw Pearl on the phone. She smiled and walked up to her. “


Pearl was still exasperated about being driven out of the party, so her facial expression turned even
more enraged instantly when she saw Willow.

She hung up the call and asked with a sharp tone, “What do you want? Are you here to make fun of

“You’ve misunderstood me, Ms. Santiago. I’m here to help you.”

“You’re here to help me?” Pearl looked at her suspiciously. “Heh, aren’t you her elder sister? Why would
you be so kind?”

Willow bit her lip and explained, “My relationship with her isn’t as good as you think it is. We’re just half-
sisters. To be honest, I hate her as much as you do.”

Pearl whispered, “You said you could help me. What can you do then?”

‘Would I be chased out of the banquet if it wasn’t for Mr. Goldmann? D*mn it, I didn’t expect that woman
to be Mr. Goldman’s girlfriend!

“Isn’t Mr. Goldmann the only person that she can rely on? Would Mr. Goldmann still want to b e with her
if she were to lose all her standing and reputation?” Willow raised her eyes, and a trace of complacency

could be seen beaming from the bottom of her eyes.

Pearl paused and looked at her. “What’s the plan that you have in mind?”

Willow curled her lips. “She won’t be able to escape her fate tonight as long as we work together. It’d be
very exciting if she could make it onto tomorrow’s headlines.”

Standing behind the wall, Maisie heard the scheme of the two in the corridor. Her eyes turned cold and
gloomy as soon as she heard what they were discussing.

‘I knew that Willow wouldn’t leave so easily. It turns out that she’s come to Pearl for help.’

Maisie took out her cell phone and sent a message to someone.

‘It seems that there will be a great show tonight.’

Willow returned to the banquet hall again and saw that Maisie was not with Nolan.

‘It’ll be a piece of cake if Nolan isn’t by her side.

‘But I know that Maisie won’t believe in me, so I can only wait for Pearl to take action. She should be
making the arrangements now.’

She received a text message from Pearl on her cell phone while she saw a bartender walking toward
Maisie with a wine tray.

The bartender came to Maisie and whispered something to her. After listening to what the bartender had
to offer, Maisie put down the wine glass in her hand without any doubt and left the hall with the bartender.
Willow felt smug deep down when she saw the outcome.

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