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Chapter 124

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Nolan held her in his arms and sat down on the chair. “Now tell me.”

Maisie no longer had the strength to struggle and could not resist this man’s various tricks.

‘He actually did something so childish to force me to talk!

She took a break to catch her breath and grabbed his hand for fear that he would tickle her again all of
a sudden. “I’ve known him since a long time ago, but I don’t know the relationship between m y mother
and him.”

‘After all, how would I already know the one thing that I want to find out too?’

Nolan saw that she did not seem to be lying anymore, so his tightly pressed lips were slowly opened as
he said, “Don’t you know his identity?”

“I don’t care what Uncle Erwin’s identity is. Anyway, he’s the best relative that I could ask for besides
my mother.”

Although they were not related by blood, she had already regarded Uncle Erwin as her relative,
perhaps because he was the only person who could remember that her mother existed.

Nolan’s eyes drooped. Maisie did not seem to know about the Metropolis, so she probably did not know
that her mother was from the de Armas.

“I’ve told you all that I know. Can I continue to eat my ramen?”

Nolan only smiled and let her go.

Maisie waited for Nolan to get up before sitting back down and continuing to eat her ramen.

Nolan looked at her. “Grab some rest after finishing the noodles.”

He then went upstairs.

Maisie turned her head, gazed at his back, and could not help but think for a moment, ‘Could it be that
he’s found something?’

The next day…

When Maisie arrived at the company, she saw several employees gathered together, discussing
something. After seeing her, one of the female employees then subconsciously put away her cell
phone. “Ms. Zora…”

“What’s the matter?” She smiled.

“Ms. Zora, it’s the matter with Ms. Santiago. According to some posts on Facebook and Twitter, it has
become related to you,” the female clerk replied embarrassingly.

Maisie took out her cell phone and took a look, only to realize that Willow had pushed all the blame
onto her.

“Zee.” Kennedy came over, so the staff members dismissed their short gossip session and went

back to their respective workstations to work.

Maisie then turned around and smiled. “Uncle Kennedy.”

“Have you scrolled through your Facebook or Twitter?”

“Yeah, I just went through them. Willow has pushed all the blame on me.” Maisie was still calm.

Kennedy’s eyebrows were creased. “I think Willow has been driven into a corner and desperately
wants to make things worse. You’ve promised Mrs. Santiago to help Ms. Santiago, but we’ll put Ms.

Santiago in a very vulnerable position if we release that recording now.

“If we choose not to help the Santiagos and release the recording now, everything will end right here
and right now.” He sighed as he did not understand why Maisie had to help the Santiagos.

Maisie smiled. “Uncle Kennedy, helping the Santiagos is just a way to curry favor with them. After all,
the Santiagos are also in the jewelry industry. I don’t want to offend them and make another enemy.

“What’s more, if Leila were to ask the Santiagos to join forces with them again, it’d be very detrimental
to us.”

Kennedy paused for a bit and suddenly smiled in embarrassment. “It seems that I’m too narrow
minded. I didn’t even think of this.”

‘Currying favor with the Santiagos will make it easier for us when we run into them again in the future. If
we were to drive the Santiagos into a corner too, it would truly not be beneficial for Soul Jewelry’s
future development.’

“How are you narrow-minded? You’re just anxious. Don’t worry, Willow should’ve asked for my
permission first before she decided to point fingers at me.”

Maisie returned to her office, turned her laptop, and logged in to her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Willow knew how to evade the accusations while she was cruising around the posts and comment
sessions. She then managed to talk a huge group of netizens into believing her words in just a few

All these had to be credited to the photo that showed Pearl pushing Maisie and causing her to fall i n
public the other day.

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